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Kari goes to the concert, and crosses off another item

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The rest of the day went by painfully slow for Kari. She had been in the principal's most of the morning after fighting with Rachael but after she had explained what started the conflict she was allowed to go back to her last period.
As soon as the bell rang signalling the end of it, she grabbed herbags and rushed to meet Ross who was taking her home.

"Hey Kari, you excited about the big concert tonight?" he asked her as they climbed into the car. She nodded with excitment as it drew closer.

"So your going to meet Dana there and her dad is fetching you guys home right?"

"Yeah, thats the plan" she lied.

They got home and Kari rushed straight upstairs to get ready for the concert, she only had an hour to get there. She showered and dressed in her black skinny jeans and favourite MCR shirt. It was black and had 'My Chemical Romance' on the front and 'Three cheers for sweet revenge' on the back. Both in blood red lettering. She applied some eyeliner and lipgloss and she was ready to go.

"Mom Im going to Dana's now" she called running down the stairs. her mom came into the hallway and handed her the tickets.

"Be careful okay, stay with Dana and dont get into any trouble, I want you b ack in one piece" she said, kissing her on the forehead.

"Bye mom love you" she called running out of the door.

She sprinted to the train station just in time as her train pulled up. It was jam packed when she got on and she had to stand next to a sweaty old man. The train ride took about 30 minutes and she was glad to breathe in fresh air when she got off the train.

The line for the concert was enormous and she had been waiting in it about 40 mintues when a seedy looking man approached her.

"Hey sweetheart what's your name" he croaked. Kari simply ignored him, gripping onto her tickets.

"Why you got two tickets?" he asked pointing at them in her hand. She still ignored him just staring ahead.

The man pulled out a wad of cash, "I'll buy them off you" he told her. This time she looked at him, "I dont talk to strangers" she simply told him. Her heart rate slwoed when he walked

away. Byt the time she was at the front of the line her feet were already aching, she handed in her tickets and got inside. Only to be greeted by the same man, she wondered how he got in before her.

"You again, wanna come with me?" he asked her. She looked around nervously and saw a security guard walking by. The man saw her glancing at him and he grabbed her arm, "Come on,

it will be fun" he grinned, showing his yellow teeth. Kari shook away from his grip and ran to follow the security guard. She was so close behind him she was suprised he didnt turn around.

She kept stealing glances behind her to see if the man was following them, he wasnt.

She didnt notice the man in front of her and she banged into him, causing her to fall to the ground. She looked up at the hand offering her help. She had just banged into Frank Iero.

"Oh shit, I mean sorry, Erm I wasnt looking, Did I hurt you, Oh fuck, I mean Ooops" she mumbled embarrasingly as he heped her up.

Frank just chuckled, "Im not the one who ended up on the floor"

She looked at the ground nervously. He stook out his hand, "I'm Frank"

"Yeah I know" Kari said, shaking it. He smiled at her then he noticed the hat she had on, it wasnt covering hair. Just her head.

She noticed him staring. "Cancer" she told him. His eyes snapped up to her gaze, "Sorry what?"

"Its cause of Cancer" she said pointing to her head. He just nodded "Oh Im sorry"

Kari smiled and shook her head, "I dont get why people say that. Not like you gave it to me" she chuckled. Frank smiled at her, "So whats your name pretty lady" he asked.

She blushed, "Im Kari"

"Well it was great meeting you Kari, but I gotta go. I will see you out there" he smiled and waved goodbye. Kari's heart fluttered as she made her way into the audience.

The show was great, everyone was singing and getting into the music, jumping around. The openeing notes of 'Cancer' started to play and the crowd cheered. Frank took Gerards microphone and started to speak,

"I met a really nice girl today, her name is Kari and she has this terrible illness. I want this song to go out to her"

A tear rolled down Kari's cheek as she smiled, that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. And she could cross off number nine from her list.

A/N- Told ya I never break a pinky.

Enjoy xo.
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