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What Happens in Vegas

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Is it love or just a fling?

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I couldn’t believe myself. I had always considered myself a pretty straight edge when it came to life. I never did anything that I shouldn’t do. I never drank, did drugs or even took a sick day at work when I wasn’t sick. At 22 years old, I had never even gone to Victoria’s Secret for more than a bottle of lotion. Yep, I’m a good girl.


Or at least I was…

I look over to see the biggest mistake of my life smiling and trying to catch his breath. I rolled my eyes, purely disgusted and stared up at the blank white ceiling. Here I am, in a room located in some nameless hotel, slightly intoxicated and naked with some guy whose last name I didn’t even know. In fact, I’m not even sure if I remember his first name. Brandon, Brian…something like that. What had I just done? It’s funny how we never realize what we’ve done until it too late. I wished I could rewind back to the moment he brought me to this room and stopped it all. I should’ve stopped him when we were on the dance floor and he was whispering all sorts of dirty things in my ear but instead I just closed my eyes and kissed him.
In my defense, he is pretty cute. He has the sexiest brown eyes and soft full lips. And there was something about him, which I couldn’t put my finger on but it made him absolutely irresistible. Still, that didn’t comfort me. I looked over at him again, feeling disgust wash over me again. I guess this is who I’ve become. It seemed like hours passed and I couldn’t force myself to sleep. All I could do was lie awake with my mistake.

“So…what brought you to Vegas?” his voice caused me jump slightly.
“I just needed a vacation.” I said. My eyes never left the ceiling. I couldn’t stand to look at him.
“A vacation? Vegas seems like an odd place for rest and relaxation.”
“Yeah well, it was the cheapest flight I could find.”
Why was he even talking to me? Aren’t guys supposed to fall right to sleep after sex?
“Huh…you don’t strike me as cheap.”
“I shouldn’t strike you as anything.” I emphasized my words hoping he’d get the message and shut the hell up. You wouldn’t be in a conversing mood either if you’d just had sex with some complete stranger
“I’m just trying to be nice.”
“Have you ever had a one night stand before?”
“Good! Then you should be aware of the rules. You don’t talk to the person, you fuck, you sleep, you leave. That’s how it goes.” I sarcastically said.
“Wow you’re rude!”
“I don’t even know you.” I said.
“Well that doesn’t make you look too good now does it?”
That little comment tore my eyes away from the ceiling. I stared at him searching for some type of adequate comeback.
“Doesn’t make you look good either” was all I came up with.
“Yeah, but you’re a girl. It makes you look worst.”

Sadly, it was the truth. This situation made me look like a totally whore. I felt my eyes tearing up and so I looked back at the ceiling, wishing for that rewind button.

“So what brought you here?” he asked again. His tone was warm and caring but had a hint of “I win” in it.
“Getting over some bad luck.” I said, knowing that would only cause him to press the issue more. Maybe that’s what I wanted. Maybe I had been looking for someone to talk to.

“So you came to Sin City?”
“Yeah…I wasn’t thinking at the time.”
“Tell me about it.”
I turn my head. Was this guy serious? My eyes met his curious and yet dangerous gaze and something in me flipped. I wasn’t the type of person to just trust a person, I had made that mistake before, but like I said there was just something about him.
“Oh come on, you can’t be shy, now. I’ve seen you naked; some minor details of your life won’t do any harm.”
That did make sense. What was the point in trying to hide anything now?
“Well let’s see…I broke up with my fiancé, I lost my job and my ex put a video of me and him having sex on MySpace and YouTube. I don’t even know how he managed to record that but it’s all over the internet now.”
“Wow…and I thought I had it bad.”
“What happened to you?”
“I proposed to my girlfriend and she said no and then dumped me for another girl.”
“What did you do wrong?” I said while trying not to laugh.
“I’m not exactly sure. I’m better then a girl in bed, aren’t I?”
“I really wouldn’t know…I’ve never been with a girl…and I never want to be either.”
“But I am good, right?”
“Better than your fiancé?”
“Why are we having this discussion?”
“I don’t know, you were the one talking about how amazing I am. I mean, thank you but calm down.”
I glared at him, arrogant guys irk me. It’s such a turn off. He looked back at me before smiling.
“Just joking.”
Rolling my eyes, I turned over on my side away from him. I just wanted to sleep and forget about this until the morning. With a quiet sigh I shut my eyes.
“You know…you seem like a really nice girl. Why don’t we get up and go somewhere?”
“That’s the same question you asked before we ended up here.”
“Well this time we’ll keep our clothes on.”
“C’mon…we’ve already fucked…what’s the worst that can happen?” he added.
“Have you ever seen ‘What Happens in Vegas’?” I asked.
“That’s the worst that can happen. Stop talking please.”
He said nothing more; instead he just got up and started getting dressed.
“Where are you going?”
“You said stop talking.”
“But I didn’t say leave.” I was surprised at the level of panic in my voice.
He finished getting dressed and then sat next to me and kissed me.
“I’ll meet you downstairs in the casino.”
“No you won’t!” I said defiantly.

After he left, I got dressed and left but as I walked down the hall I couldn’t stop thinking about him…I think his name was Brendon…yeah that’s it, Brendon. I got in the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor, the casino. The ride seemed to take forever but finally the doors opened.

“I told you so.” He smiled.
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