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Eplaning To The Rents

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Since of course Frank would never throw a party without a supervisor, his mother had found him, along with everyone else, making out with gerard in the closet. His mother had cleared everyone out of the party. The only two that remained were Gerard, Frank, Frank's mom, and soon Gerard's mom. Now even though everyone knew Gerard was gay, his mother was clueless. And this just came to a shock with Frank's mom as for everyone else. Gerard's mother had finally arrived.
"Mom, I can explain!" Gerard had said as soon as his mom walked in.
"Well it had better be a good explination, mister, 'cause let me tell you when your father finds out about this ohh you're going to be in a world of trouble!" his mother had yelled.
"Mrs. Way, I love your son! That's right, I said it! I love you Gerard Arthur Way! And I don't want anyone standing in our way!" Frank had suddenly yelled.
"FRANK!!" Mrs. Iero exclaimed.
"I think we need to have a long chat mom, Mrs. Iero..." Gerard offered
So the four of them had headed off to Starbucks to talk about everything that had happened. Gerard and Frank had tried explaining to their mothers that they were in fact gay, and in love with eachother, but their mothers were just so homophobic that they could not except it. Gerard and Frank were furious with their mothers, so they had just got up and left.
They did not go home that night, they wanted to wait until things would die down at home. So until that thought it was safe they were staying with a local friend, Matt.
After living with eachother for about a week, Gerard and Frank had decided that they liked spending so much time with eachother. They liked it so much, that they had saved up enough money and had bought a cute one bedroom apartment together.
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