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A Mirror Can Break Fantasy Into A Thousand Shards

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Gerard's voice can be heard, even in utter darkness

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The days all merged into one, the seasons melted into each other, but Aimee’s condition did not change, nor did Gerard’s position at her side.

He was eventually persuaded to go to school, but spent his days writing in his notebook, or sleeping; he was still sneaking into Aimee’s room by night; one nurse, Beth, had found him, and now left a pillow out for him.

The doctors said that they had removed the drugs keeping Aimee in her coma weeks ago, but she did not wake up. The only explanation, they said, was that her own mind could not cope with the trauma, so retreated inside itself.

All Gerard knew was that Aimee was getting better physically, she just needed help mentally; so he spent his time talking to her, or singing the songs he had composed at her bedside.

One rainy Sunday afternoon, Gerard was dozing in his chair, when a gasp jerked him out of his reverie. He turned his head slowly, holding his breath, afraid of what he would see. Green-hazel eyes met the liquid orbs of his best friend. He was dimly aware of tears falling into his lap as he just stared at Aimee, half believing he was dreaming.

“You’re songs are beautiful Gerard. You’re voice is so incredible. Thank you for singing to me” Aimee croaked, she reached her scarred hand to Gerard’s cheek and gently wiped away the tears that left rivulets in his skin. He raised his own hand and covered hers, noting the flinch as her not fully healed skin brushed his calloused hands, but she didn’t pull away. She smiled slightly, and then winced as her lip split and her face tightened.

“Oh God, how bad is it?” Aimee raised her hands to her face and explored the pits and furrows of her ravaged face.

“Bring me a mirror”

Gerard hastened to do as she asked, brushing past the doctors who were accumulating outside her door. He returned with a stolen mirror and held it to Aimee. The silence was broken by Aimee’s screams.

She screamed and screamed, and even when the doctors anesthetised her, the scream continued, until Gerard realised it was his voice too. He watched Aimee’s horrified rictus relax into an expressionless mask and dropped the mirror, letting it shatter into a thousand pieces on the floor. Beth the nurse helped him clean it up, and gave him something to calm him down. He picked up the shards of silver, mindless of the cuts in his hand

“Beth, will Aimee be the same? Will she ever truly be ok?”

“I don’t know Gerard, time will tell I guess.”

“Thanks for telling me the truth” Beth nodded and left Gerard with Aimee again. Her mum and his family had all been by, upset at Aimee’s first response after waking up. Gerard slept curled at the foot of her bed, still clutching a bloody, razor sharp piece of mirror.
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