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Through the window

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Only in the morning did it occur to me that we had a small problem... If Gary had had a nervous breakdown and was determined to have Bob locked up then wouldnt he have followed Bob here? Or if he hadnt, could Bob ever return to his home in England? I knew Bob was worrying about this, it didnt seem like Gary had followed him but just yesterday he had told me his heart was in England, and I knew he would soon be homesick yet he was unsure as to whether it was safe to go back.
I voiced these concerns at the table during breakfast and Bob looked guiltily away, nodding to show I was right, and Franks eyes filled with panic.
"Shit... I didnt think of that. Do you think Gary'll be waiting for him to go home?" He asked. I shrugged and we looked at Bob for the answer, he met our gaze and sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair.
"I dont know either... Its a 50/50 chance. I dont know whether he targeted me specifically or whether he'll be doing the same to other men. I wish I could go back home, I dont want to be intruding. But I am worried that he'll manage to get me arrested."
"Your not intruding Bob." Said Frank before I could. "We're happy to have you here, arent we Gee?" I nodded my agreement and Bob offered us a small smile. I returned it but inside I was going crazy, I desperately wanted to know what Gary was doing, what he would do if Bob returned to England. Why he had reacted in such a way to Frank leaving in the first place. There was a hundred and one questions in my head and none of them would be able to get answered, and Frank and I's perfect life had been dumped into a load of trouble for the second time. If only I had killed the bastard when I had the chance.

That day Bob helped out in the pub and all the customers were interested to know all about this new man. I think Bob was surprised by all the conversations he found himself being roped into, and also flattered by all the attention he was receiving. I was relieved it wasnt all being directed at Frank for once as it meant subtle touches would go unnoticed, as would our flirting. I could walk past him to get another glass and casually squeeze his ass, making him start and wack me on the arm, he could brush a hand across my back and give me a seductive smirk that made my heart flutter and no one would be the wiser. Except for Bob maybe, who kept grinning at me as if he knew exactly what me and Frank were doing. The day went by surprisingly quick and I didnt worry nearly as much as I had expected to, Bob turned out to be a very funny guy, and I was laughing constantly.
Mikey stopped by with Ray in the afternoon and I told them about Gary causing Bob to flee from England, they were as horrified as I had been and both asked if they could help in any way. I wished they could have but there was nothing I could think of them to do so they left with the promise that if we needed anything to just let them know.
By the time the last customer left and we were ready to close the pub I was feeling slightly foolish for every worrying in the first place, of course Gary hadnt followed Bob. Even if he had we could handle him anyday, in fact, Bob could go back to England whenever he wanted - Gary was nothing to be feared, surely.
"Thanks - see you again!" Frank called out the door as the last customer, a regular, left. He waved cheerily before gently closing the door and bolting it. Bob and I were putting the chairs on the table, the glasses having just been washed. Frank whistled an unknown tune to himself as he sauntered over, a smile on his face.
"Today was a great day." He commented, wrapping his arms around me from behind. I twisted awkwardly to kiss him on the nose, making him giggle.
"Yeah, the customers sure like you Bob." I smirked. Bob blushed with a smile on his face, flipping his fringe out of his eyes with a shrug.
"Everyones freindly around here." Was all he said. I laughed and Frank walked over to him, punching his arm lightly as he said.
"I think some of the girls fancy you ya' know." Bob punched him lightly back with a fake annoyed expression.
"Do not! They were all flirting with you!" He insisted.
"Nu uh, they were flirting with YOU!" Frank retorted, a grin on his face. I rolled my eyes as they continued like this, acting like children. I wanted to laugh and join in but someone has to be mature around here, well... at least until all the windows have been locked. THEN I'll join in. I smirked to myself as I crossed over to the windows, checking the locks and drawing the curtains. As I got to the last window a movement caught my eye, my hand was on the lock as I spotted a man stood on the other side of the street, looking at the pub. He didnt see me in the window and began to walk away as my heart beat increased rapidly, I couldnt be sure but I was certain it was... no, he wasnt close enough for me to be sure - I wouldnt let myself panic.
"Gee, are you okay?" Frank startled me when he laid a hand on my shoulder, I jumped and he took a step back looking worried, I took one last look out the window but the man was gone. I turned to look at Frank and Bob who were watching me anxiously, I forced a smile and an uneasy laugh.
"Yeah I'm fine, I just thought I saw erm... a dead animal on the road, but it was just some mud." I tried to sound convincing but I couldnt tell whether they believed me or not. I announced I was going for a bath and hurried away, I tried to convince myself that who I saw was just a stranger, but even if he was it had caused me to realise I shouldnt be naiive enough to think Gary was not to be feared. Sure I had fought with him many times, but if he had gone a little pyscho then who knew what he would do, and he could hurt us. It had taken Frank a long time to bury the pain Gary had caused him, and I'm sure just the sight of that man would dig it all up again.
From now on, I would have to be on my gaurd.

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