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A notebook capable of bringing lovers together.

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Harrow here dudes hi this is another story that i have decided to grace you with. Although it is in the my chemical romance section it is starring bill kaulitz from the band tokio hotel and his woes in highschool from being an exchange student from germany to belleville new jersey. Please read and review this because while this story is being typed i'm taking a short break from all my others so enjoy!:.

Here goes a link if you don't know who bill kaulitz is ( shame on you ! ):

Here goes a link for his brother too:

" Uggh! " he moaned sitting upagainst the wall of his bedroom with the windows wide open and a hot washclothe placed over his forehead " Do you think that'll work? " the boy said turning to his brother who laughed at him then said " No it sounds like your having sex or something ". The boy on purpose was pretending to be sick so that he wouldn't have to go to school today, that's how bad his school life was.

The boy was named bill kaulitz and he was german in origin, him and his brother tom kaulitz had came from madgeburg germany in a student exchange program to the united states. They were transferred to belleville high in newark new jersey where tom was in the 11th grade by extra credits and bill was in the 10th, their both supposed right grades. It had been 3 month's since they had started school and bill hated it already.

Besides living with a woman and man who was not his mother and father, bill was picked on horribly mostly because of the fact he would wear black clothes, pale makeup and mascara, and those emo belts and gloves. But the 2 most things that excluded him from everyone else was his spiked white and black hair and his habit with cutting.

Bill was a cutter by nature he would cut whenever something got to bad for him, or whenever someone would hurt him which was always. Bill was chronically and diagnosed as depressed no matter what he did, or who he did it with bill was always sad. But his brother was his medicine, whenever he was around tom bill would be happy, giddy, and free, he would smile and laugh and simply enjoy life but that was because he loved him so much.

Bill had fell inlove with tom, who was his twin and older brother by 5 minutes when they were the age of 12. They would kiss and hug one another and would perform oral sex upon each other, there was nowhere that tom could go that bill wouldn't follow. Bill depended on his older brother to be normal and without him bill would die, he surely said so.

Bill had tried to kill himself when they were in germany, when tom had went on a small vacation with their dad. Bill had cut both his wrist really deep to the point the bone showed and soaked himself in hot water, where he fell asleep. The mom had noticed that it had gotten really quiet in the bathroom so she kicked down the door and found her son, naked and laying in a bath tub of his own blood.

He was then tooken to the hospital where they restored him and diagnosed his behavior as suicidal and angstily depressed. Bill was tooken to counseling where he fell apart more, and when he attempted to do it again the counselor said that bill should travel the world and go to school where he wouldn't be teased for his incest and wouldn't be viewed as so different, but that didn't work where he moved was only worst.

Tom on the other hand was very popular, now that he lived in the united states. He was viewed as one of the " cool kids " of his school and ran with so many different crowds and hung with all types of people. Tom had this look of punk rock hip-hop kid gone emo with his stylish doo rags and stocking caps, but he also had skull gloves and tight black clothes and plus he wasn't so obviousily gay.

Unlike bill who oozed " i'm a homo! " tom was more masculine looking being very strong and so tough that he was idolized in school, and with all this attention bill and tom rarely hung out anymore. The woman that they lived with was named Katrina but tom and bill called her " Missy nina ", she wanted them to call her mother but they wouldn't it wasn't like they were forever staying.

Missy nina had a daughter named haley williams and her 3 brothers jeremy, josh, and zac, they liked tom but hated bill and would pick on him when tom wasn't around which was often now they all went to the same school.

Bill and tom had been talking when all of a sudden there was knocks at the door " Tom and bill are you up and ready for school? " came missy's voice " Yes! " tom said walking over and opening the door to let her in. " Good tom...and bill what are you doing? " she asked " I'm sick " bill whined putting his hand to his head and breathing loud " No bill that won't work i have let you miss for the last 3 days it has been long enough your going to school ".

Missy then came over to bill and pulled him up on his feet " Be ready in ten " and she kissed him and left out, " Aww man " said bill kicking the floor " I had the fever this time ". After spiking up his signature hair, and adding the makeup to his face, and eyeliner and mascara to his eyes bill was ready so he met tom and haley and her brother's downstairs.

When haley and her brothers were finished with breakfast, they offered tom a ride in their wonderful car but tom decided against it when he said that, he'd rather walk with bill instead haley only snickered and left without another word. After haley and her brothers left and drove off tom and bill walked out the door, saying bye to missy, when they were outside tom and bill beganned talking trying to keep something said to take bill's mind off the bullying ahead.

Harrow here this is only the introduction this story gets better i have decided to put people from other bands in this story along with bill, tom, and gerard if you love rock as much as me you should recognize their names. Anyway dudes review alright and tell me what you think so far i wanna hear what you have to say.
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