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Truth Or Dare

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Just a one shot about the guys of MCR. Frank/Gerard, and a mystery couple....not really, it's pretty obvious. No actual sex, but some other stuff. READ!

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Read on my pretties, and see that sleepovers can be very fun indeed...

I got home from work just to hear my phone ringing.
“Hello?” I answered, throwing my bag down.
“Finally, I’ve been trying for like an hour.”
“I just got home from work, Ray. What is it?”
“You want to come over to mine tonight? I’m having a sleepover!”
“Didn’t we grow out of sleepovers in like, high school?”
“Collage kids can have sleepovers too. It’s to celebrate our first year in NYC. You in?”
“Who’s coming?”
“Right now? I don’t know everyone’s sexual activities front to back so I can’t say.”
“That’s fucking disgusting. I meant who will be there?”
“You, me Gee, Mikey, Frank and Bob.”
“Cool. I’ll be there as soon as I get changed out of these scrubs.”
“See you in like half an hour then.”
“Bye.” I hung up and went to my bedroom to get changed.
When I was ready I headed to Ray’s house, which was only about five minutes from my own. I was the last to arrive and I greeted my best friend Gerard as soon as I went in the door.
“How was your day college boy?”
“God, how was yours, working girl?”
“Nothing to write home about.” I sat down in the circle that had formed on the floor. It went in this order; Me, Mikey, Bob, Frank, Ray and Gerard.
“What do you guys want to play?”
“Truth or dare!!!” Frank yelled.
“Haven’t we outgrown that?” I asked.
“Nope. Let’s vote. All in favour of truth or dare?” all hands went up apart from mine.
“Out-voted!” Frank chirped happily. Ray started.
“Mikey, truth or dare?”
“Dare.” Stick your finger in the peanut butter and let your brother lick it off!” a chorus of laughter and ‘that’s wrong’ sounded up. Mikey did the dare however since the penalty for wimping out was a wedgie from Ray, the he-man of NJ. Next it was Gee’s turn. He turned to Ray evilly.
“Ray truth or dare?”
“Truth.” Gerard thought for a minute and then his face lit up.
“Have you ever had a sex dream about another guy, or had actual sex with another guy and if yes, who?” Ray’s olive skin went pale.
“Yes and yes.” We all cheered and his face went from white to red.
“Who?” Gerard asked, bouncing up and down like a kid in his excitement. Ray murmured his answer just loud enough for us to hear.
“Mikey.” That was a surprise.
“What?! You and my brother! When? Why didn’t I know about this?”
“A few times in high school high school. I’m sorry Gee, we were really drunk and I knew you’d kill Ray if I told you.” Mikey babbled
“Well, I did not see that one coming. Domino it’s your turn.” Ray looked at Gerard.
“You’re okay with it?”
“Of course I am dufus.”
“Frank, truth or dare?”
“Dare.” I grinned. It was payback time for our last game of this.
“Put your hand down Gee’ boxers for five whole minutes.”
“What?! I’m not doing that!” the others were rolling about laughing, apart from Gee, who was very red…Frank and I were the only ones who noticed this and I reminded Frankie of the dare he made me do the last time, and of the punishment if he wasn’t going to do it. He just groaned and the others stopped laughing to watch him. Gerard kneeled up to make it easier for him and shot Frank an apologetic look as he made his way over.
“You’d better not have cold hands,” he warned
“Don’t worry, there’s not one bit of me that’s cold right now I'm so fucking embarrassed!”
“Sure, you’re hot because you’re embarrassed!” Ray mumbled loud enough for me, Frank and Gerard to hear, and to our surprise, Frank got even redder. I got out a stopwatch as Gerard unbuttoned his belt and his jeans.
“Do you have to wear such tight clothes?” Frank asked him. Gerard just looked at him and said
“Well if I’d know your hand was going down there I would have dressed for the occasion!”
“Sorry…I promise I won’t look.”
“I think in about five minutes we’ll be past that don’t you. “
“Good point. You ready to start the timer?” I nodded,
“Get ready.” Frank kneeled in front of Gerard and Ray and I moved beside them to make sure they did it properly.
“GO!” Frank reluctantly put his hand down Gee’s boxers, who gasped quietly at the sudden contact.
“Your hand isn’t cold.” He said, blushing furiously. It was a good thing Frank was in front of him and Ray and I were blocking him from Mikey and Bob’s view because he was now, quite obviously, hard.
“Help!” he whispered. I shot a quick glance at Frank, whose eyes were as wide as saucers. The only possible way to help Gee would be to get him off in 4 and a half minutes. Discreetly, and without Bob and Mikey noticing. Frank, Ray and I moved to block Gee completely form view, by making it look as if we had pins and needles from kneeling up. Frank whispered ‘sorry’ and moved his hand so; presumably, it was around Gee’s member. Ray and I watched as Frank moved his hand as un-noticeably as possible. Just as my timer got to 4:57 Gerard bit his lip hard and Frankie gave a sigh of relief, and a slight look of pride that was not lost on Ray, Gerard or I.
“Okay, time’s up. Frank, you can go wash your hand.” Frank nodded and Gee zipped up his jeans and when he re-buckled him, there was no bulge visible. Frank returned and after another round, we decided to take a break. When we got back, we started with Mikey.
“Faith, truth or dare?”
“Who in this group…would you most like to fuck?”
“I can’t answer that!”
“That means you do! Tell us!!!” I lowered my head and murmured
“Bob. There I said it okay? Happy now?” oh my god, I just realised it was his turn next.
“Faith, truth or dare?” I had picked truth the last time, so now I had to chose dare,
“You know I have to pick dare.”
“In that case, kiss me.” I looked up and saw he was being serious. There was no trace of mockery or joke on his face or in his pale blue eyes. I moved forward and sat on his lap with my legs on either side of him. He smiled and put his hands on my waist.
I leaned in and felt the cold metal of his piercing against my lips as I kissed him. It was a strange sensation and I noted him playing with my tongue ring with his own tongue. We pulled apart and I slid back to my space.
“Well then, we all know who won’t be lonely tonight.” We both blushed and giggled a little,
We played another few games and then decided to just call it a night. Frank Ray and Mikey all slept in their rooms, while Bob, Gerard and I would sleep in the living room. There were two, three setter couches in the living room. Bob and I shared one, while Gerard lay down in the other. I went to sleep peacefully in Bob’s arms after making-out with him for a while till we were tired enough to sleep.

Bob fell asleep soon after Faith, I could tell from his soft snores. I, however, couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of Frank’s dare. After another tormented half hour, I decided to talk to him about it. I got up from my sofa and went along the corridor to Frank’s bedroom. His door was slightly open and I could hear hushed voices coming from inside,
“But Ray, what if he never talks to me again, I couldn’t stand it if he did that!”
“He will Frank. You can be sure of that. He might just need some time is all. You two did something earlier that should have been loving and intimate and personal to the two of you. But instead it was just a necessity performed in public to stop Gee being mortally embarrassed.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
“And he might still be embarrassed he got hard while you hand was down his pants! I don’t think I’d get over that one quickly.”
“Unless it was Mikey...”
“I could never go out with Mikey. I could never date my best friend’s brother; it would get too messy if we broke up.”
“But you would have no intention of breaking up. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other when you think the other isn’t looking. And I know you heard him calling out your name last night too.” I could practically feel Ray blushing. I was so proud to have such a loyal friend as him, and so guilty that I was obviously the one stopping him being with the one he loved.
“Look Frankie, just try to get some sleep okay? And don’t worry, it’ll all work out I promise.” I heard Ray get up off the bed and I hid in the shadows until he closed Frank’s door. I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered,
“Gerard what are you doing…oh. Wait, did you hear that last part?”
“Yeah. If you really like him then go for it. You have my blessing.”
“Really? Thanks man. That means a lot.”
“You're welcome. Wish me luck?”
“Good luck!” he whispered and walked down to Mikey’s room while I tapped on Frank’s.
“It’s open.” I heard him call sadly from the other side. I took a deep breath and pushed it open.
“Gerard! I thought you were sleeping. What is it? You okay?”
“No. I can’t sleep.”
“How come?”
“All I can think about is you, and that dare. I think I just want to set the record straight.” He nodded
“It never should have happened, blah blah blah. That sort of thing?”
“No. I’m glad it happened. I can’t sleep because I’m confused. ‘Cause I want it to happen again, I want to do the same to you, and hold you, and kiss you, and even…have sex with you. But I don’t know if you feel the same way, or if I’m just holding on to a dream that’s never going to come true.” Frank looked taken back at this new information. He studied my face for a few minutes before saying ‘in that case’ and moving from the bed, striding over to me and pulled me into a deep kiss. Our hands found every inch of body they could and Frank’s quickly found my nether regions.
“Ready for round two?” he asked. I grinned as he removed my T-Shirt, his own and my boxers. His eyes flicked down and widened for a second at the size of my erection.
“My ass is gonna hurt like hell in the morning!” I laughed and noted the –large- bulge in his pants.
“So is mine!” I whispered, nodding to it.
“You bet it is bitch.” He moved his hand down to my erection then placed them on my hips. He then lowered himself and took me into his warm wet mouth. He moved my hips in motion to him and I quickly spilled into his mouth. He rose back up to my mouth and when he kissed me I could taste myself on his tongue. Amazingly, not gross.
“Where the hell did you learn to do that shit?”
“Boy scout camp...” I laughed and pushed him to the bed. He took off his remaining piece of can guess the rest.


When I woke up, Gerard wasn’t in the sofa next to us. I went through to the kitchen and the hallway but he wasn’t there either.
I pushed open the first bedroom door – Ray’s – but it too was empty. The next was Mikey’s. I pushed open the door to reveal Ray and Mikey in bed. They were lying fully clothed on top of the covers with Ray wrapping his arms protectively around Mikey. I shut the door quietly and went to Frank’s room. They were lying sleeping. Entangled and very naked under the covers. Frankie was snuggled up under Gee’s chin and looked very content, as did his new lover.
I went back to the living room and saw Bob was awake, but still lying where I left him.
“You find Gee?”
“Yup.” I answered. He sat up so I could sit down and I lay my head on his lap, looking up at him.
“You want breakfast?” he nodded and I got up and got up both a bowl of fruit loops. The others came through one by one. Bob and I were sprawled on one of the couches so Ray and Mikey sat on the floor while Gerard and Frank took the couch.


I woke up and Frank was nestled under my chin and our bodies were so tangled up it was hard to figure out what belonged to whom. He looked so peaceful but he had to wake sometime and I was kind of hungry.
“Frank? Wake up.”
“I’m hungry mommy feed me!!!” I whined.
“Ew, you really are a mother fucker.”
“Aw shut up.” He grinned and propped himself on one elbow beside me. I looked at his tattoos and noticed a new one on his arm.
“When did you get that?” I asked
“About a month ago, I thought I showed you.”
“Nope, I’ve never seen that one before.”
“Sorry, must have slipped my mind.....Gee?” he asked quietly
“Yeah? You okay?”
“I’m fine don’t regret last night do you?”
“No! Why do you?” he looked horrified.
“No! I’ve wanted that for a long time. I was just making sure, so that....” I relaxed
“So that what?”
“Will you be my, like, boyfriend? I know it’s corny, but I wanted to ask. You don’t have to.”
“Are you kidding? I’d love to be your boyfriend!”
“Really?” I nodded and kissed him.
“How could I not want to be with you? You have such a great personality, you’re brilliant in bed, you make me laugh till it hurts, and you have to be the most beautiful human being on this planet.” He blushed and said
“You really think all that stuff about me?”
“Yeah. Being your boyfriend would make me the happiest man ever. What I don’t is why you’d want to be with me? You could do so much better Frank, you really could.”
“Are you serious? You’re all I could ever want in a guy. You’re like the best artist I know, your voice makes me want to melt, or bone you, depending on what mood I’m in, I can talk to you for hours on end without getting bored, I can tell you anything I like and I know you won’t judge me, we have great fun together and you’re not so bad in the sack either.” I smiled at my new boyfriend’s flattery, thanked him and kissed him till we got hungry enough to stop and get up. As we walked past Mikey’s bedroom, we heard Ray’s voice,
“Do you think we should tell gee first, I know he already told me he was cool and everything but...”
“Look, Gerard will be fine with us dating. If he’s not, then I’ll talk him round, and if I can’t then he’ll just have to deal with it. I love you Ray, and that’s all that matters okay?”
“I love you too Mikes.” We heard smooching noises and I turned to Frank,
“If I ever get that mushy, shoot me!”
“Ditto.” He pecked me softly on the cheek and at that precise moment ray and Mikey came out of the room.
“Gerard! What are you doing? Were you eavesdropping?” asked Mikey suspiciously
“No, we were going to the kitchen to get food and overheard you talking...and stuff.” Mikey relaxed, but Ray looked weird.
“We didn’t do anything by the way Gee I promise.”
“That makes two of us” murmured Frank. I grinned and nudged him, but the others hadn’t heard.
“I already told you dude, I don’t mind you two being together. If you two love each other then who am I to argue.” Mikey grinned from ear to ear.
“Really gee, that’s awesome. I love you you’re the best big brother in the world ever.” He broke hands with Ray and jumped on me, causing me to let go of Frank’s hand.
“You sound like I’ve just gotten you a new toy, not given my blessing.” I laughed
“But that’s where you’re wrong dear brother of mine,” he said, going back to Ray’s arms, “By giving your blessing, you did give me a new toy!”
“EW! Too much information Mikey!”
“Hey, that made me sound like your bitch, I’m bigger than you.”
“You’ve compared sizes? That’s just weird” said Frank mischievously and Ray glared at him,
“I meant taller dumbass.” I took Frank’s hand again and we started to walk down the corridor. For some strange reason or another, Mikey took a deep breath.
“Why do you smell like sex? Why are you and Frank holding hands.....oh.....Ew!”
“You are so blonde sometimes Mikey.” Said Frank as we walked into the living room where Bob and Faith were sitting o one of the couches. Faith was finishing off a bowl of fruit loops and Bob had an empty bowl beside him and was skimming the headlines of the newspaper.
“Shut up!” retaliated Mikey, smacking the back of Frank’s head with his palm.
“Hey, don’t hit my boyfriend!”
“Boyfriend?” said the three other boys, Bob looking up from his newspaper. Faith, as usual, continued to eat her cereal.
“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” Frank said. I smiled at his protectiveness.
“No, I mean it’s not like we didn’t see it coming.” Ray said
“Yeah,” Mikey added, “Even I figured you two liked each other.”
I just didn’t think you’d jump into bed at the first minute though.” Ray mumbled.
“What?! Why does nobody tell me anything?” Bob wailed. Faith finished her last spoonful and patted him on the back lovingly.
Frank and I sat on the couch and Ray and Mikey sat on the floor with Mikey between his legs and Ray’s arms wrapped around him.
We hung out for the rest of the day, I finished collage, and we formed a band called My Chemical Romance, and the rest as they say....

Okay, did you like it?
Did you not?
Tell me either way, i promise not to be offended at how crappy this was. :)
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