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Comfort Cinimon

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L meets Sabine and is emidiatly atracted to her. but will his case or her boyfriend get in the way? LXOCC in future chapters.

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Mirangue Moved around her desk and leaned on it. "mr. Yagami..." she began. but she wasn't sure what to say. It seams L had requested to work with someone with contacts in the underground kira investigation. someone to tell him about the new break the criminals were suposed to have. She wanted desperatly to be apart of the kira investigation. "I think I will" she said excitedly. Raito Yagami looked releived. She'd been their first choice. She was a detective and therefore was a little more trust worthy than any of their other choices."will i get to come work with L?" she asked. Raito looked quietly at her. "L will be in contact with you." he assuered her. Then he walked out.


Sabine neatly set her cupcake on the table and reached in her bag. She pulled out a bag of birdseed and through some out for the robins that were early for the year. She was in her favorite spot. under the oak tree by the school. Her phone wrang and she picked it up. "yes" she answered.

"guess what!!" her sisters voice sounded excited.
"please dont make me." she said turning to her cupcake.
She was just about to take a bite when her boyfriend came around and swiped it up.
"you shouldn't eat sweets they'll make you fat" he commented sitting down in front of her and taking a big bite of it. She made a face at him and turned away in anoyance.
"I'm on the kira case!!!" Her sister almost yelled.
"thats great" Sabine was unamused
"alright i'm waiting ona call so i'll get you back later siss" she said angrily.
"bye Babbs" Sabine said hopefully. Her sister had a way of talking consistantly.
"call my Mirrangue remember" her sister hissed.
"bye Mirrange" Sabine corrected. Then she Hung up.
"so now what do I eat?" she asked turning to her boyfriend. He shrugged.
"try eating salads" he sugested. Sabine rolled her eyes. Luckily they werent alone for too long as Light apeared in the distance and came towards them.
"hey Light" her boyfriend greeted. Light sat next to Sabine and greeted him back.
"heading home?" sabine asked.
"yes I have a test to study for" he saud calmly. Sabine moved her long black hair out of her eyes. "Good luck." she said. She stood up and walked away heading home to eat in private. Leaving Light with her food hog of a boyfriend.

hey guys!!!
i know it's short. but what do you think? i want the good and the bad. and any suggestions you might have. thanks
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