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Chapter 24

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The Stupid Boy and the Outsider Chapter 24

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Author's Note: I am so tired of editing this chapter. I must have done it a hundred times! At least it feels like it. Haha

As for the song, after realizing that I already had the song on my youtube I decided not to upload the full song. Haha You're just gonna have to miss out on the last chorus, which is the same as the others. Haha You can just turn it off after the chorus after the second verse. -_- After that it's just instrumental. I just wanna let you guys year the song if you haven't heard it before. So you don't have to listen to it, but here it is anyway. :D

I do not own "Flying With Angels," nor do I own/know Na Leo. I also don't own Ricado's.

Chapter 24

We were in the boys' bathroom trying to figure out how to get past the janitor when Jackie took the pocket watch from my hands and started to clean the fingerprints off of it. She's so weird sometimes.

All of a sudden I saw her shoulders tensed and she stopped cleaning. She looked over to the door, so Idid too. I could hear it now. It was the janitor's bazillion keys and the sound of his pushing trash can thing. We are so busted.

Jackie stuffed the watch into my pocket and just stood there. Why is she just standing there? She should hide or something. All of a sudden she grabbed my face and kissed me. Surprised? Yes I was. Stopping? Absolutely not. It just felt really good. Is it wrong for me to be enjoying this? Well, I don't care. I ran my hands from her sides to her lower back and it felt right. She fit perfectly in my arms. Her lips were so soft and gentle, nothing like Kristine's kisses.

I wanted just a little more, deepen it a little. So, I ran my tongue along her bottom lip. Mmm... strawberries. As soon as I did that she pulled away. I guess I went too far. Crap.

"Oh, sorry," she said, but she wasn't talking to me. She was looking toward the bathroom door.

She pulled me out of there and that was when I saw the janitor. I didn't even hear him come in.

"Hormonal kids," he grumbled as we passed by.

When we were finally out of the bathroom and alone in the hallway she didn't say anything. She didn't even look at me. Just look at me! Let me know every things okay.

"Ummm... we should get that watch back," she said before walking to the main office.

Okay, the important stuff first then.

We walked to the office. After making sure there was no one in the hallway that might get suspicious, we walked inside. The main office seemed empty.

"I'll go put it in his office," I said before hopping over the front desk.

I ducked behind every desk and looked around every corner to be sure no one was there. I felt like I was on a secret mission. It was exciting.

When I finally got to Mr. Miller's office door I got a little nervous. What if he was hanging out inside waiting for the contest? Was he even going to the contest?

I reached for the door knob and started to turn it slowly so that it wouldn't get anyone's attention if there was someone on the other side... but I couldn't turn it. I tried again, but it wouldn't twist. It was locked. So, I snuck back over to the main desk.

"It's locked," I said. Jackie just sighed. "All this for nothing."

Jackie looked over to the side. She then took the watch from my hand and walked over to the wall of mailboxes for the teachers and staff. I jumped over the front desk, almost falling on my face, to get a better look at what she was doing. She pulled one of the mailboxes open and placed the watch, still wrapped in the paper towel inside.

"I guess that's it," she said.

"That's it?" She just nodded."That wasn't fun."

"Very anti-climactic, I agree."

We still had a little over an hour before the contest started. We were just standing in the middle of the hallway not knowing what to do.

"Sooo..." I wanted to talk about what happened earlier, but I didn't really know how to start.

"I should... get back to the auditorium," she said.

"Yeah... right." I was a little upset. "I'll just... wait in the bathroom again."

Jackie looked like she wanted to say something so I stood there and waited.

"I think... you could come in the auditorium too," she said. "Unless you need to use the bathroom," she added with a laugh.

"No, I already went earlier."

We didn't say much after that. We just walked to the auditorium and ended up just sitting there watching people set up the mikes on stage and some doing some last minute practicing.

I looked over at Jackie and she looked worried.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked her.

She slowly turned to look at me. "I don't know." She looked a little confused.

"Well, as long as you don't have a panic attack." She actually looked like she was about to have a panic attack when I said it. "Jackie?"

"I'm fine," she said in a high pitched voice.

"Okay everyone!" Ms. Hetrick yelled before someone handed her a mike. "Oh, thank you. Okay, so, contestants please come backstage."

Jackie made a little whimper sound before saying, "Bye."

"Good luck." She just smiled in return and walked away.

After a few minutes I saw my family walk in with the Mathews. JD, Jerby, and Berna came a little after them.

I wasn't really paying attention when the contest started. I was too busy thinking about that kiss. Why did she do it? So that we wouldn't get caught? Maybe that was it. If we were just standing there it would look a little more suspicious than if we were caught making out. So, she didn't do it because she liked me like that, but did she like it as much as I did? That's what I have to find out.

"You've got to be kidding me," Berna said from next to me. She had a disgusted look on her face while looking at the stage. Kristine was up there singing in a high pitched voice about cupid or something. "Out of all the songs in the world," she said without finishing her sentence.

"What is this song?" Jerby asked from the other side of me. He was cringing at the sound of her voice. Icould have sworn she sounded better. Maybe it was her song choice. It was a little too high.

"It's from the movie The Princess Diaries. Mandy Moore sang it," Berna explained. When the song was over she lightly booed. I could barely hear it, but I did, and from the smile on JD's face he heard it too.

A few acts later an all girl group just finished. They looked a little disappointed since their harmonies were a little off. I bet it was just nerves. I've heard them in the hallways afew times. They're usually really good. I hope Jackie doesn't let her nerves get the best of her too.

Ms. Hetrick came out and introduced the next performance before Jackie walked out to stand behind the mike. There was a short guitar intro before Jackie started singing.

Where are you going, inside your mind
I guess were always livin'
On borrowed time
Yes I will be here, to hold your hand

Just close your eyes and sleep
I understand
You're flying with angels
Above us all and I'll be here
To catch you if you fall.

Jackie took the mike off the stand and started to walk around the stage.

If others leave you, you know I'll stay
My dreams will whisper to you
And guide your way
So sleep my darlin'
One kiss goodnight
Another song awaits you
With rising eyes

You're flying with angels
Above us all and I'll be here
To catch you if you fall.

I could see some tears in her eyes, but that didn't stop her from putting up a good performance. For someone who's never performed before she knew how to work a stage... and she was singing a slow song. I was definitely impressed with her.

You're flying with angels
Above us all and I'll be here
To catch you if you fall

Oh I'll be here to catch if you fall.

Jackie wiped away a tear before heading back to the mike stand. She gave a little bow and walked off stage with a smile. She was great!

I guess this was one of her mom's songs. She must have been a great song writer.

I heard a little squeal next to me. Kevin, Nick, Maya, and Mrs. K, who were sitting in front of us, must have heard it too since they turned around. We were looking at Berna and we all could see she had tears in her eyes.

"That was so beautiful," she managed to say in a tiny voice.

I just laughed at her, but Mrs. K had tears in her eyes too and I could see mom and Mrs. M two rows ahead of us wiping away tears. I rolled my eyes. Women.

Forty-five minutes later all the contestants were done performing and the judges were done picking the winners. All the contestants and judges were on the stage now ready to tell us who the winners are.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen," one of the judges said into the mike. "If you've already forgotten I'm Andy Pacho. I'm one of the judges and the winner will be working with me as well as the other two judges, Quincy Thomas and Faith Larson, on his or her demo." There was some applause. "And now," he said, "we have the winner's right here in my hand. Faith would you like to reveal the third place winner?"

"I'd love to," Faith said taking one of the papers. "Third place goes to... Irene Grace." There was applause for her.

Irene walked up to the judges and gave them all handshakes before accepting her prize and a hug from Ms. Hetrick. It looked like a basket of... snacks or something.

I looked over at Jackie and she looked a little nervous, but still managed to have a genuine smile on her face.

"Congrats to Irene," Quincy said. "Second place and the winner of this great HP notebook goes to... Jackie Mathews!"

Our group cheered the loudest making it obvious we were only there for her. She stepped up shaking the judges' hands, hugged Ms. Hetrick, and got a basket just like Irene's and a box. I guess that was the laptop. She looked really happy.

"If Kristine wins you'll kill me right?" Berna asked me. I just laughed at her.

My eyes wandered over to Kristine. She looked really confident as she fixed her shirt and hair.

"Good job Jackie,"Andy said. "And now... the first place and the winner of studio time with Quincy, Faith, and me to create a demo that will be distributed to all the major record companies in the US is... Adam Owens!"

There was a lot of cheering, but I think Berna was a little too happy.

"What?" She asked after she saw us looking at her. "I'm happy for him. He was really good."

"And Kristine didn't win anything," Nick said quietly so that none of the adults could hear him.

Five minutes later the contest was completely over and Jackie came walking up to us with her basket and laptop. Her parents got to her first giving her hugs and congratulating her. The rest of us joined in after.

"Listen, how about we all go out to dinner. We can go to Ricado's," Mrs. M suggested.

"Mom, we don't have to," Jackie said.

"Of course we do," mom said. "It's time for a celebration."

"Will you kids be coming?" Mrs. M asked JD, Berna, and Jerby.

"I can't," Jerby said.

"Neither can I," JD added. He looked at his watch. "Actually I should be going now. My mom's probably waiting for us outside," he said looking at Jerby. They congratulated Jackie one last time, JD gave Berna a kiss goodbye, and they left.

"Ooooooo," Jackie and Maya teased Berna together. Berna just shrugged and we all headed out to the cars.

We were all in the main hallway when we heard someone calling Jackie behind us.

"We'll meet you at the car," Mr. M told us as and the other parents continued walking to the parking lot.

We all turned around to see Kristine, Francis, and Cindy walking towards us.

"So, how does it feel?" Kristine asked.

"You mean how does she feel knowing she got second place and you got... hmmm... what did you get? Oh right, you got nothing," Berna asked with a smile on her face.

"No, I meant how does it feel knowing you only got second place because people feel sorry for you?"

"The judges don't know anything about me," Jackie said.

"Wrong." Kristine stepped closer to get in Jackie's face. "I told Mr. Pacho everything. If I knew it would help you I wouldn't have, but I did."

"Don't listen to her Jackie. You were great," Berna said pulling her toward the parking lot. "And you were way better than her." We just turned around and walked away.

I can't believe Kristine. She says she wants to get back together with me, but treats Jackie like crap. Idon't understand how that's supposed to work.

When we got to the restaurant we got two tables. One for the adults and Frankie and another for the rest of us kids. I was lucky enough to get a seat next to Jackie. I could tell she was still thinking about what Kristine said.

"Hey," I said to get her attention. "You really were great. I'm sure Kristine was lying about telling that judge about... whatever she told them. I mean she could have been lying about all of it."

She gave me a half smile. "Thanks."

Before we could say anything else the food came and we were about to pray. I could see that Jackie was hesitant to hold my hand during the prayer, so I just grabbed it and held it firmly in my own hand. I really wasn't paying attention to what dad was saying. I could only think about how soft her hands were. They were just as soft as her lips. I didn't realize I was stroking the back of her hand with my thumb until she whipped her hand away. It was like there was a jet pack attached to it. Apparently Jackie didn't feel what I felt when we kissed.
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