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“Why did you have to come with me” jed said “I never asked for your help”

JED: (pronounced j-ie-d) had spiky, dirty blonde looking hair and wore a cap half way showing his hair in the front which stuck up.
He wore a green shirt with black shorts, black shoes with a red stripe trailing across them and nothing to eye captivating.
He had very light brown eyes, almost grey as it seemed. He also was the one carrying the knapsack on this mysterious journey they were attending.

“Well I never wanted to!” kargra yelled sticking her face in his face “I just came because I either felt bad or was forced too!!”.

KAGRA: (pronounced ka-ger-ra) wore a deep blue shirt with a light blue circle on it.

She had deep blue jeans jeans which fell only ¾ of the way showing off a bit of her calves.
She had dark navy blue eyes, which stuck out like large diamonds because they were one of her best features.
Her hair was always in a ponytail holding her long, dark black hair together neatly.

The boys were always watching her and when she would see one she liked she would blow a kiss and wink. For know reason the boy she did that too would get all in his thoughts wile wearing a stupid expression. She loved this with a passion.

“Well then go home” jed said plainly

“no way, not when were this far out” kagra said “besides it keeps me out of trouble”.

Jed looked over at her and gave a small laugh. “Out of trouble?” jed said.

“yeah!” kagra said sounding confident.

Kagra speed up on her Hover cycle leaving jed in her dust. Jed speed up to catch up with her again.
The road was vacant with occasionally one or two cars passing by. The clear blue sky washed over them with minor clouds in it. It was a pleasant ride to them, which ment a good future in there belief.

“So tell me, why are we going out looking across the planet for a couple of stupid letters that we cant even read and were bewitched and flew away?” kagra said.

jed looked at her and turned to face the road again.

“i hate it when you do that, who the heck do you think you are?” kagra said.

“you never shut up do you” jed said “father already told us why.”

“Ya and why?” Kagra asked with a girly mock in her voice

“because Im going to find out about me” jed said.

“well who cares about who you are, you look human and act it so why don’t you think your real mom and dad put that rock In your ball, its probably your first drawing or something” kagra said stupidly.

“Wow kagra good one” jed said “plus do you think a first drawing just gets up and fly’s away.”

“Well no” kagra said “but still like I said why do you care? What is this going to prove besides the fact that your not from here?”

“I don’t know but I have a feeling im supost to find out” jed said and the two blasted off towards a cut off were jed said he sensed a letter.

Back at mr.suki’s house:::::: Mr.suki was humming in the kitchen wile he was making his famous stir fry in the a pan. He looked out the window to see 3 hover cars fly by quickly.

“I wonder who that reminds me of” he said laughing as he turned back to his recipie book on the square table and read the ingredients. “I added one cup of water, wait that not right, it says add also with the water the soya sauce in the same cup” mr suki said.

he took the soya sauce and poured one cup into the pan and added the vegetables right after. “Let sit for two minutes and wait for water to vapor, stir occasionally” he said “but wont it stick to the pan?”

Back on the outskirts in a desert.

“Wait jed, we haven’t eaten wed better call dad at the pit center over there” kagra said with reason.

Jed looked over at kagra then over at a few floating and grounded signs. One of them read pit stop, 3 miles. Jed looked back at kagra and spoke.

“fine” jed said “but only for a bit, im really serious about this”

Then center appeared shortly after and jed and kagra raced over to it. Kagra parked her hover cycle on the window of the center wile jed followed the parking indications. Kagra walked inside followed by jed who held the door open for her. kagara went to the phone.

This was a device that could teleport things from one place to another by turning an object into a form of light and making it travel threw the ki net( name for the net). Kagra went up to it and it spoke as soon as it sensed her.
“Please insert the community card” the phone box said.

kagra took out a silver card with small holes punched at the bottom of the card and inserted it into the card slot.

“Thank you please hold” the phone box said. a few moments later the phone was answered by mr suki.

“Hello?” mr suki said.

“hey dad its kagra” kagra said.
“and jed” jed muttered quietly.
“Is supper ready?” Kagra said.
“yes it is im sending you it right now” mr suki said “it might taste funny though.”

Mr suki brought the plate to a platform were the plate disappered into a white light and reapered infront of kagra on the platform.
“Well it smells good” kagra said.
“hope you enjoy” mr suki said “hows the trip?”
“Good” kagra said “were staying here for the night so ill call in the morning.”

Jed looked angry at the fact that they were staying overnight but he calmed himself down quickly.

“Alright but don’t forget” mr suki said “and jed.” jed cut infront of kagra.
“Yeah?” jed said.
“on your way youll notice a mountain with a big ring of gold with kar written on it, turn there hes good with books, he knows a lot about the gardians” mr suki said “he might even know a bit about your race.”
“Hurry up your plates getting cold!” Kagra yelled.
“goodnight jed” mr suki said “ill tell you more in the morning.”
“night” jed said and he pressed the red button and the screen shut off and the silver card popped out. Jed took the card and tossed it to kagra wile walking towards her. kagra caught it and slipped it into her pocket.
“Were going to have to check in” kagra said, “I didn’t do that yet.”
“Alright” jed said “now can you give me my plate.”

Kagra gave a sarcastic laugh because jed ignored her statement and slid his plate across the glass table. They ate and talked about there own things and how there trip is going and what its like to be where they are. kagra kept glancing at this guy across from her because he kept glancing at her. jed turned to look at what she was glancing at.
“Are you serious?” jed said.
“no eww” kagra said “its because every two seconds he keeps glancing at me.”
“Well go tell him to stop” jed said.
“no way im not like that” kagra said taking her elastic out of her hair and retying it.

the man eventually left the table and dissapered behind a door.

“Well that’s a relief” kagra said and she looked outside in the pitch black trying to find her hover cycle.
“Where my hover cycle?” Kargra said panicking.
“Don’t worry I parked it in a legal parking meter” jed said.

they finished there plates. Kagra was playing with her hair.

“Well wed better go check in before the booth closes” jed suggested.
“Right” kagra said getting up.

jed followed her to the registration. kagra spoke for them and the lady led them too there room were she asked kagra and jed to put there hands on the scanner. Jed and kagra did so and the door opened. The lady nodded and left. Jed put his bag on the floor of the hotel room and crawled into his bed as kagra went in the washroom and put her pajamas on. Kagra came back and went into her bed and plugged In a nightlight that was in jed’s bag. They bolth fell asleep quickly.

The moon reflected into there window occasionally with clouds crossing over it which block the light. Kagra’s covers were a mess around her and she occasionally grunted as jed lied quietly sound asleep. At around 2 in the morning jed sensed a presence. With the small nightlight in the corner A shadow ran by reflecting off the night light. Jed opened his eyes and got up strait in his bed and looked around with a drop of sweat dripping from the side of his head.

“Kagra” he whispered sharply staring right at the shadow.

“What” she said loudly and half asleep waving one arm out of the covers.

“We’ve got company” jed said.

SURPRISE!! Kagra yelled stupidly and with a deep sleepy voice

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