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Spencer got back

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Steph meets Jane.

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Her socks were high, and her shoes were... clunky. Her long, neat tie seemed to choke her throat and her dark gray skirt reached all the way down to her knees. Her hair was thick, curly and brown, and was tied back into a short stumpy plait. Despite her dire and dismal fashion choices (which I will admit are limited with school uniforms)her face was however, pretty- very pretty. And during those five seconds I spent studying the combination of her frumpy apparel and her squeaky clean smile, I had decided that I did not like her at all.

She beamed at me ‘You’re Stephanie Moore aren’t you!?’

I merely nodded, unfazed. Why did they have to stand so close? Their shoulders were touching.

‘I’m Jane. So you and Ryan are friends?’ She said, looking back and forth between us both.We exchanged brief glances.

‘Err, yeah’ I said 'I know him through Kate.’

I gestured to Kate beside me, who gave a small wave.

‘Oh!’ She said nodding ‘That makes much more sense'

‘What do you mean?’ I frowned, though I knew perfectly well what. Ryan Ross was a sensible, mature and intellectual straight A student. I was a prodigal layabout who most teachers harbored a loathing for. In other words, we were oil and water - we just don't mix.

‘Oh you know,’ she said looking sheepish ‘Err, different grades and such.’

I didn’t buy it, but bit my tongue from saying anything else. Like mentioning that his best friend was in a different grade from him too.

‘Your headband is so cute.’ She said, referring to the black bow headband I was wearing on my head, probably in a desperate attempt to change the subject.

‘Thanks’ I said uncertainly; surprised she was being nice to me when I thought for sure she would be the type to sneer. Who knows, maybe it was just an act in front of her new boyfriend that she’d drop as soon as he was out of ear-shot.

Ryan and Jane have been practically inseparable since their date Tuesday. I don’t really understand, he could do better. Sure she’s pretty, and sure, she’s smart...and sure she’s like really nice (even if it turns out it is only in front of him), but her socks, they were just too high for such a long skirt.

‘Well it was nice meeting you- Ryan and I should probably get going to English, shouldn’t we Ry?’ She said, smiling at him. He nodded.

‘Yeah, see you guys later’ He said, and they walked down the hallway, his arm casually placed across her waist, whilst Kate, Spencer and I watched behind them.

‘She seems really sweet.’ Said Kate.

I tipped my head and groaned into Spencer’s shoulder.

‘What’s wrong?’ He asked looking down at me.

‘Nothing. I’m just really bummed that we have math next.’

‘But we have drama’ He said.

‘Yeah...that’s what I meant.’ I shrugged.

‘...But you like drama.’

‘Whatever. Let’s just go. Bye Kate, have fun in French.’ I said, pulling Spencer along with me.

'I have Physics.'

‘And drama’s the other way.’ Said Spencer.

‘I know’ I said, turning around sharply.

_ _ _

‘But why does he suddenly decide to go out with her now if he’s known that she’s liked him for so long. It just makes no sense.’ I said, waving my arms up and down and turning around as Spencer copied.

‘I don’t know. I don’t think she’s actually asked him out before that. And they only really know each other cos’ they sit next to each other in their English class.’ He said, before puffing his cheeks out and pulling on his ears.

‘But if he likes her why didn’t he ask her out before?’ I asked, releasing my ears and rubbing my belly as Spencer did the same.

‘Maybe he only said yes to going out with her because he was too afraid to say no. Ryan’s like that. Such a sweet, gentle boy.’ Said Spencer.

'Like a pity date you mean? So you don't think he actually likes her?'

'I don't know, he might do now.'

'Who wears their uniform like that though?' I said, doing the Macarena as Spencer sighed and scowled at me before joining in.

'Most students, Steph, most students.' He said. 'Especially top students like Jane Seymour.'

He paused.

‘I am NOT doing that’

I was sashaying my butt side to side whilst making jab movements with my hands. ‘But you have to.’ I said with a smile, twirling around. It was part of this whole drama exercise Miss had us doing, where we got into pairs and mimed each others actions.

‘Miss Moore, adding some flavor there I see. Very good. Come on now Spencer.’ Said Miss Harp with a smile, as everyone giggled.

Miss Harp was cool for a teacher- and slightly insane. She had long frizzy hair and always wore a pair of sunglasses on top of her head. Her clothes looked like they came from the 70’s, and she always started her lessons with a personal yoga routine.

Spencer grumpily copied, everyone watching in amusement.

‘Woo, Spencer got back!’

‘I’m never partnering you again.’ He said, his face as red as Miss Harps lipstick.

‘Aw, be a good sport.’ I said, beginning some pirouettes and a few other made up ballet moves of mine.

He stopped and folded his arms.

‘The line is drawn.’
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