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Sweet Revenge

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Revenge never tasted so sweet.

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Smiling at his reflection, Frank straightened the jacket of his tux, admiring himself. He was looking pretty fucking good!
Wait, was it a sin to think of swear-words in a church?
"Dude, move! We want to use the mirror too!" Ray laughed, and he stepped to the side, grimacing:
"Why? Everyone knows I'm the only one worth looking at!"
Mikey, Bob and Ray all laughed, and he chuckled. They were all wearing tuxes similar to his, only he was sporting a golden pin on his chest, telling the world he was best man.
Gerard's best man.

Bitterly, he swallowed, fingering the pin.
Maybe this was Gerard's way of getting back at him. Making him the best man on his wedding day.
But what was he getting him back for?
The fact that they battled on the stage, seeing who had the most stage persona?
Because of the arguments over songs? Maybe because of the nights they'd spent together, in cheap hotel rooms, after shows for years.
Why would Gerard punish him for them? They were over a long time ago.

Everything was pretty fucking dandy for three years. He'd actually thought they were in love. He'd even planned their coming out, and was just about to ask Gerard, when the bomb had dropped in his lap.
Gerard had met a girl.
And she was amazing.
He could still remember the feeling of his facial muscles freezing because he didn't know how to react. Finally, he'd punched Gerard's lights out and left.
Of course, that only gave him a reason to be with her, so that she could tent to his 'battle wounds'.
And about three weeks later, everything was as it used to be. Gerard had talked to him, explaining to him that he was just acting like a retard and that he couldn't let the band suffer because he was still stuck in the past.
That he had to accept that they couldn't be together. It was wrong. And Gerard could see it now, and he was much happier with the girl.
And Frank had to accept and adapt.

Now he took his place by the altar, standing closest to the priest, who was smiling, happy over that he was to have a wedding in his beautiful little church.
Then Gerard came out from a door to the left of the altar, walking up to his spot, where he was greeted by his parents and the bride-to-be's parents.
They were all so happy.

Then, everyone took their seats, and with a rush of adrenaline Frank realised that the moment had come.
This was it.
And then the doors opened, and the small flower girls walked inside, followed by the bride.
Oh my god, she was stunning.
He smiled, a smile that he'd practiced for so long it wasn't even mechanical anymore.
He watched their hands link, watched their excited smiles, and their faces as the priest began his speech.
With a bitter taste of metal, he noticed that they skipped over the 'if anyone should have a reason for these two not to marry'-part.
His eyes filled up with tears as they spoke their vows, smiling still as the salty liquid started to fall from his eyes. Mikey, who stood beside him, squeezed his hand with a smile, in belief that he was happy for the couple.
He yanked his hand free in time to hand over the rings, looking into Gerard's eyes for a moment as he put the rings in his hand, folding it and holding it for a moment, trying to get the message through.
Gerard just smiled, then turned back to his bride.
Frank turned to Mikey, still smiling, only now a little wider.
That made up his mind.

"I do."
The last two words from the two rang out through the church, being met by countless sobs from friends and family.
The whole band was dabbing their eyes too, except for Frank, who didn't care about the tear streaks.
He watched the newlyweds walk out from the room, then followed with the train of people.
He felt his excitement and nervousness grow as they arrived at the mansion where the wedding party would be held.
The newlyweds stood the doorway to the ballroom as they arrived, and he happily congratulated them both.
Although he knew what he had to do.
If he couldn't have Gerard, that whore sure as hell wasn't.
"Here, have a drink! I made it, as a thank you!" She smiled, handing him a cheap drink. He accepted it, smiling widely:
"Thank you so much!"
You just made my job a whole lot easier!

Sipping on the drink, he walked into the ballroom and up to the guys:
"I got a fucking free drink! It's probably because I'm such a mind blowing best man!" The guys laughed, and he sipped some more on the drink, before walking off again, and into a corner. Making sure he was safely hidden behind a large plant, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small plastic pill. He broke it open, pouring the content into the drink, where it hissed before mixing with the liquid, becoming clear once more.
Then, he walked towards the bridal couple again.
"I just had to come back! Thank you for the drink, it's amazing!" He smiled, and she smiled widely:
"I'm glad you think so. I just wanted to thank you for everything." He smiled, and then said:
"How long is it before dinner?"
"About half an hour." She smiled, and he nodded. Perfect.

He started to walk around, mingling and talking happily, making sure to get as close to the purse that belonged to the rosy bride, by the dining table.
Unnoticed, he slipped the empty plastic shell into the bag.
Then, he took one last look at the guys, and started to walk towards Gerard and his wife, while sweeping the drink in one gulp.
He had a minute to live.
He stumbled up to them, and Gerard frowned:
"Are you okay, man?" He ignored him, but looked at the bride:
"What the fuck did you put in that drink?"
"What?" She said, eyes widening.
"I'm feeling... weird..." He felt his muscles start cramping, and fell to the floor. Several people screamed, and through a blurred vision he saw Gerard kneeling down beside him:
"Frankie?!" He had the distant feeling of his cheeks being slapped, and more people screaming, Gerard's yelling for them to call an ambulance.
"I- lo-ve you... Gerard." He stuttered, feeling his legs disappear from feeling.
Then he sighed, and just let himself slip away.

"Come on, honey. Everything's gonna be fine."
"How? Our best man fucking dies on our wedding day! And now I get to know you two were dating when you met me! You never fucking told me about him!" His wife screamed.
Gerard just sighed, and put his face in his hands.
He couldn't believe what had just happened.
Then, the door to the waiting room opened, and a police officer walked inside. He immediately rose from his seat:
"You know what happened?"
"You friend was indeed poisoned." The large man nodded, and then looked past him:
"Seize her." He gaped as two officers walked up to his wife and grabbed her arms, gently cuffing her, and telling her she was arrested on suspicion of murder, and that he had the right to remain silent.
"What?! Let her go! She hasn't done anything!" He yelled in shock, and the man in front of him said:
"We found an empty pill with remains of Aqua Tofana in her purse. That was the very same substance mixed into Mr. Iero's drink."
In a daze, he turned to his wife. She shook he head:
"No! No, baby! It's all a misunderstanding! I didn't put anything into that drink!"
He didn't answer, but just put a hand over his mouth as she was led away.

Frank's funeral was the same morning as his wife was sentenced to twenty years, and Gerard filed the divorce-request.
Kneeling by the fresh pile of dirt, he stroke the headstone in front of him, tracing the letters with his fingers.
He was too shocked to cry.
He couldn't believe what had happened.
Loving son and friend.
Frank never got the time to manage to fit 'father' and 'husband' onto the cool surface.
He sighed, and looked at the message below.
'Rocking on until we meet again.'

He smiled, then got up and left the cemetery, walking towards his car. When he got in it, he smiled a little at Mikey, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and Bob and Ray in the backseat.
"You okay?" Mikey nodded a little, and the other two shrugged.
"It feels weird." Bob finally said, and he nodded. Then he just stared out the windscreen, gripping the steering wheel tightly.
Then, Mikey reached out and touched his shoulder, and the second later, he was pressed against his chest, as he started to shake:
"I'm so sorry! I never thought it'd end like this!"
"Shh, it's okay. You didn't know." Mikey whispered, as Ray and Bob scooted forwards to comfort him.
"I'm sorry." He said again, only he wasn't talking to them.

Who said the dead can't smile?

make my day.
Jake x
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