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Izzy is bored and Steven entertains him.

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Dedicated to Bipolar_Brit on livejournal. On with the show.

Izzy groaned and flopped back down on the couch. Steven glanced over at him from the top of his drumming magazine. "Something wrong, Iz?"

"I'm bored and there's nothing to do." Izzy wrinkled his nose up and sighed.

"Where's Axl?" Steven asked. The frontman had been missing for some time now.

"He's with Slash and Duff. I don't know where they are. Why'd you ask?" Izzy looked over at the blonde.

Steven shrugged."You two always seem to be joined at the hip, so it's weird seeing you without him."

Izzy was about to make some smartass comment when he realized Steve was right. Damn drummer.

"Well, since Red isn't here, want me to entertain you?" Steven offered, throwing his magazine down on the coffee table.

Izzy weighted his options. Have Steven entertain him or get off his ass and find Axl. Yeah, he was staying here.

"Sure. What are we going to do?" Izzy sat up on the couch and faced Steven.

"Well, I hadn't actually got that far yet." Steven admitted, biting his lips, which Izzy thought was really sexy.

"We could do this." Izzy stood and walked over to the other man until he was standing in front of him.

"What?" Steven tilted his head up to better see Izzy.

"This." Izzy leaned down and pressed his lips against Steven's pink, pouty ones.

Pretty soon, both were in the bedroom on the bed, tangled in a intimate embrace.

A few hours later, Izzy lay on his side, tracing patterns on Steven's chest.

"You should get bored without Red more often." Steven chuckled.

"I'll have you entertain me every time." Izzy smirked.

"Hell, maybe next time we can get Red to join us." Steven opened one eye.

"Think we can?" Izzy asked.

"Totally. You know Red is a little slut." Steven snorted.

"True. We try next time, but in the meantime..." Izzy captured Steven's mouth again for a repeat performance.

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