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readreadreadread bitches >:D

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Hey guys just wanna say a massive thank you to the following people.

Moonshyne- Always gives me such a positive review and goes into depth, one of my very loyal reviewers. She is a very talented writer so it means so much to me when I recieve a complement from her. Thanks so much for your comments along the way, they all made my day!

lostmymindxx45- Your enthusiastic reviews always made me smile. Even when you thought my story got boring :O
Lol, Thanks so much for all your reviews!

dtng101- I like the fact you showed your hate for Rachael :D thanks for your great, kind reviews along the way!

Hoodiegirl86- Your reviews always made me laugh, they were so cute. Thanks so much!

ChemicalEllen- You have the same name as my best friend :D maybe you are her?! ;) Thanks so much for your awesome reviews, they made my day!!

x_vampire_angel_x- Cause you thought my story was pretty :) Thank you for all your reviews!

Julianne - Thanks for your erm, lets say interesting reviews.

llamallicious- Cause your review made me smile all day long! Nobody has ever said I have talent, you sure your taking your meds? Haha oj! Thank you so very very much!!

Dondon1827- Cause I apparently left myself a review... O_O

Im thinking of taking a break from writing for a while and working on some new ideas I have. Im gunna just read all the stories I have to catch up on cause there is some amazing writers on here, so just gunna catch up with all the things I missed. I will be back, probs sooner than I expect. I am slightly addicted to writing.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

All of my love, Dondon xo.
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