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A Friendly Love

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**A HANSON...YES HANSON...STORY...THEY DIDN'T HAVE A CATEGORY FOR IT, SO I PUT IT UNDER ORIGINAL*** Ashley and Taylor have been friends for years. When Taylor and his brothers hire Ashley as the...

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She was just putting her key into the door of her apartment when the phone started ringing. Ashley shoved the door open, threw her purse and jacket on the chair, and snatched up the phone.
“Hello?” she said into the receiver, a little breathless.
“Woah, hey there. You sound a little out of breath. Did I interrupt something?”
Ashley could hear the smile in Taylor’s voice, and had to smile right back.
“You only wish you did, Tay. I was just getting home from work.”
“Ah, your job.” She could hear his voice grown serious. “How’s that going anyway?”
“Horrible. As soon as I can find a better job, I’m quitting as the wardrobe girl at that local news station. I hate the way they all think their so superior because they are on TV every night. I mean, hello, they would probably go out there wearing something incredibly stupid if it weren’t for me.”
Ashley took a deep breath, then let it back out. She needed to find a new job, and fast.
“You know Ash, the offer still stands.”
He interrupted her before she could finish. “Come on, why not? Think about it. You would get out of that job, and get a better one. One where you get to travel all over the place and you get to do it with friends. You’re a great fashion consultant and we’d be so lucky to have you.”
“Tay, we’ve been best friends for so long. I would feel strange taking money from you and the guys. Besides, you and I together, we’d eventually kill each other and you know it.”
“See, that’s where I think you’re wrong. I miss you Ash. I hardly ever see you anymore. You’re my best friend, I love you, and I hate how our lives have taken us away from each other. I honestly can’t think of anything better than having you come and be our fashion consultant. Ike and Zac want you to do it too. Please?!”
Ashley could hear the sincerity in his voice, and knew he was serious. Truth be told, she agreed with what he said. They barely saw each other once a week anymore, and that was when the guys were in town. When they were on tour, it was longer, like months. She didn’t want to keep their friendship like that.
Taylor’s voice broke into her thoughts. “Ash, what do you say?”
She smiled at the nervousness in his voice. “I say, let’s do it.”

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