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Like a Tattoo

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A week after the attack. This is the end, my little emo children. But do not cry, there will be more soon.

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Like a Tattoo:

A week had passed after my sour-ending date. Katherine's ex-husband has broken my right arm and two of my ribs. My injuries weren't that serious. I would heal within three weeks. In the meantime, they put my arm in a cast and sling. It wasn't all that bad. I stayed in the hospital for a whole week. My boys, Pete and Duncan, stayed by me the whole time. Duncan told Keisha and Davis what had happened. Pretty soon, all of my family and friends were all crowded around me while I was in my bed. The nurses had to chase them back out when it got too much for me.

"She needs her rest now!" the nurse hissed before shutting the door. Vanessa drove me home the morning of my discharge. She kindly filled me in about what about over night.

"Psycho Wayne is in jail now," she informed me. "Right where he should be. They had taken him off of the police squad months ago due to his violent rage and murdering that little black girl back in '03." Back in December of 2003, fifteen-year-old Sophia North was found murdered in the back part of a bad neighborhood. What stuck Katherine, the others at BRM, and I as odd was Sophia was from a rich neighborhood. So what was she doing in the hood? We all knew the answer, but we had no proof. Katherine and all of us knew what Wayne was like based on the stories and numerous times that he came to harass and torment our boss. We all finally convinced her to get a restraining order against him.

"I don't get it," I said to her. Vanessa glanced over at me.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Why me?" I asked her. "Why would Psycho Wayne go after me for? I only went on one date with him. What does he have against me?"

"You're the star journalist," she informed me.

"Yeah," I replied. "So what?"

"In his mind," Nessie replied. "Kill the star, the whole company crashes to the ground. Revenge on Boss Lady is his."

"Oh," I replied. "I see. Anything else?"

"Yeah!" Vanessa replied. She shuttered nervously. I looked over at her in suspicion.

"What is it, Nessa?" I asked her. She stopped at a red light. My friend looked around pale. She leaned in close to me.

"Boss Lady and Duncan did it last night!" she forced out of her mouth. My eyes grew big in surprise.

"Really?" I asked her.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. "Now they are dating!" I was both happy and surprised. "So that was the woman you were in love with so many years! Who would've known Duncan and Katherine would be in love?" I thought.

"That's good!" I called.

"Ewww!" Vanessa yelled to me. I just laughed at her. Then the light chained to green and Vanessa drove off again.

"Panda and them went back to Chicago," she went once she was calm again.

"Aww, really?" I asked her.

"Yep," she said. "But, Pete took me to tell you bye and to give you a kiss for him." I smiled at her lightly.

"Thanks," I replied. "But you don't have to kiss me."

"I know," she replied. "It's a shame though." I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. Vanessa smirked at me.

"You and him didn't get together as a couple," she said. "You two would've been really cute together. Now, he has to get back to icky old Tart Simpson!"

"Shut up!" I said giggling at her. Then, I hit her with my left hand. Vanessa laughed as well. She drove me all the way back to me home. I looked around confused.

"Nessa," I said. "Why are we here? I thought that we were going to work." Vanessa looked at me like I was crazy.

"Rosie!" she called out. "You just got out of the hospital! Boss-Lady gave you sick leave. And besides, someone wants to say goodbye to you before they leave!" I looked at her confused.

"Huh?" I asked her. "What are you talking about?" Vanessa just smiled at me in mischief. She pointed up ahead at my porch. I looked ahead where she was pointing. My eyes widened in shock. Petey was sitting right on the bench on my porch waiting for me. Shock was all over my head. She reached over and unlocked my car door. I opened the door with my other hand. Vanessa reached over and closed the door. She locked it behind me.

"I'll leave you two alone now," Vanessa said with a wink. Then, she drove off. I was left standing alone in the driveway staring at my man. He... actually... came to say goodbye to me... in person! I just couldn't believe it. I slowly walked towards him. I made it up the stairs to him. Petey smiled at me warmly.

"Hey," he said to me. I stood there lightly blushing. I really didn't know what to say at first. Petey came to see me one last time before he left. He really must want me that badly! I just couldn't believe it.

"You're here!" I said at last.

"Yeah," he said. We still stood in silence.

"How's your arm?" Petey asked me. I quickly returned to earth.

"Oh," I said. "I'm fine. I should try to learn how to type with my left hand!"

"When do you get the cast off?" he asked.

"Next month," I answered.

"Come sit with me," Petey said to me. I cheered up quickly.

"Okay!" I said. I sat down next to him happily. He lightly put his arm around me. I felt so safe in his arms. I looked up at him sweetly. "So when are you leaving?" I asked him. Petey looked at me in pretend shock.

"Why?" he asked me. "Are you trying to get rid of me?" I shook my head smiling.

"No," I replied. "I want to know how much time I have left before my happiness is over." Petey lightly kissed me on the forehead. I felt all warm inside. He looked at me with those charming brown eyes of his. I felt my soul melt in delight.

"I'll stay as long as you like," Petey said to me. I was overjoyed, but I kept my fangirl joy down like professional dancer. I was in too much pain for that.

Needless to say, Petey spent the whole morning talking to me. We joked around and shared a few kisses. It was just like the times before my injury.

"Hey Rose," my love said to me at one point. "You mind if I signed your cast?" I really began to get excited again.

"Really?" I asked him.

"Yeah," Petey replied. I didn't know what to say at first. But then, I agreed. Then, Petey pulled out a pen he had in his hoodie and carefully removed his sling. The emo hottie signed on my cast and put my sling back on. I looked at his signature in my sling in deep bliss. Petey stayed a little longer until it was time for him to leave. I smiled at him sadly.

"You better promise to come back!" I told him in a jokingly angry way. "Otherwise, I'm gonna get pissed!" Petey smiled at me in a wicked way.

"I sure will!" he replied. Then we kissed for one last time at that moment. My love stood up, got into his Tahoe, and drove off. I sat there watching in happy bliss. Petey does love me after all. Vanessa is right, why don't I just drop Tony and get with Petey. But then a realization hit me hard and fast. He's still engaged to Ashlee and I'm still with Tony. But yet, Petey still wants me. I want him too. But what's he going to do about Ashlee and what am I going to do about Tony? Can I even leave my waste of space boyfriend? Will I have the strength and the good sense to do it? I slid back in my chair stressed. I sighed aloud This whole thing is doing my head in. I need... I need to take a rest for a while.

Good Morning

Author's Note: And so here we are, my little emo children. The end of the fic. Pete and Rose aren't exactly together just yet. If they were, I'd run out of things to write about with them. Anyway, thinking about making the second one a little more different than this one. Might add more of the Decaydance posse and maybe some fangirls. Just review me some suggests and I'll get the second show on the road.
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