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Author's Note #2 :/

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Oh no... :/

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2008-09-22 - Updated: 2008-09-23 - 210 words

Okay so this is just gonna be me talking for a bit...sorry if you're not okay with that or if you like freaked out because you thought I was actually updating. Please read this though.

So really, I have been thinking about this story. A lot. I'm coming up with ideas and stuff, and there's a lot more stuff floating around in my brain for other fics (which will probably never see the light of day...). I do feel absolutely terrible about leaving this story (and pretty much all the other ones) alone (again), but it kind of feels like three people are reading this. I have had a lot to deal with since my last update (what with school starting again and breaking random bones and my sister moving out and such things), and I might start writing on this one again soon, but I need to know that people will be reading it and telling me what they think. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing, so please please PLEASE tell me if you want me to keep doing this or if I'm just wasting my time.

That is all. Thanks for reading.
New chapter possibly up soon, depending on the feedback that I get.
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