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That's what you get when you let your heart win.

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Based on true events. A story about two people and how they're friendship began and how it ended... can this be it? This is currently being lived out and will have new chapters when available

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"This sucks!" I said as I cried and stared at the bright computer screen. I had just ended a friendship with the most important person in the universe to me. The light from the screen hurt my eyes as I continued to look at it with eyes full of tears. I looked up at the ceiling and remembered the last night I saw him...

flash back There I was... looking up at the sky... it was night and I could see no stars. I was at Pizza Kastle with a few friends. I felt very alone and empty. I did not want to go out... I looked around at others and watched a child let go of a balloon. The child cried. I looked up and watched the balloon fly of into space until I could not see it any longer. I looked back at the child. He was already happy and smiling again with a new balloon. I was sad for the balloon before it... It's not all alone in space... Forgotten and replaced so quickly. I cried for it. end of flash back

I started to cry even more. I was the balloon... and I still am. Everyone is a balloon... we find people and get so close to them and attach ourselves to them... after a while we get let go or the hurt us and we pop. We continue searching and wait for someone to want us. There is always a balloon bigger or a better color. He had found so many better balloons. I wasn't important anymore. I ended our friendship... not him. And I did it for him not myself. I wanted him to be happy and free once more. So I got rid of the problem... and in my eyes it was myself. I am a selfish person... I want him to stay with me forever and be my friend. I am not a good friend for that. I sat there at the computer thinking of all the time we have had... I thought back to the first time we hung out.

Flash Back "Why won't you fall?!" I screamed and yelled at Miguel as I was now being carried on his back. I had ran from behind him and jumped on his back in attempt to hurt him and make him fall. He said nothing to this just laughed and continued to carry me. We were walking to K-Mart with our friend Derrick and my younger brother Jason. We had went to a Bowling Allie with them and a few of Miguel's friends who were all girls. I swear Miguel pissed me off so much for some reason. The way he flirted with them all and made sexual jokes with them and just insulted and made fun of me. I didn't understand why I was pissed off and didn't even want to think of the possibility of me being jealous. In my eyes he wanted to be a man whore. We had already hit it off badly. He almost drowned me with Coke (long story), and he was just ugh. "Hey a buggy!" I shouted when I saw a shopping cart and started kicking to attempt to get out of Miguel's hands so I could jump in it. "Let me go! I want in the buggy!" I yelled at Miguel and he let me go. I ran to the buggy and got in it. "Push me!" Miguel walked over and started to push me into K-Mart laughing and saying something that I cannot recall. We rolled in and after a few min of pushing me around as I made faces at people he just left. "Wait what?! Come back! I can't get out by myself!" I said as I started to cry for I was afraid of getting hurt. He walked off and laughing and ignoring me. Jason helped me out. I went and found him and he was holding a bra up to himself "What do you think Derrick?" and he laughed then he held it up to my breasts "Stop it you perv! Oh my gosh!" I said and got out of the bra section. We left K-Mart and walked back to the bowling place and I threw a lollipop at him yet I missed. We pretty much continued to do stuff to each other the rest of the time there. It finally ended when I accidentally kicked him in the balls. End of flash back

"I miss him already... he read the myspace messages I sent telling him goodbye... he didn't reply... so I guess he's happy." I said to myself "Ugh... I'm just going to sign out and go to sleep..." I then signed off everything on my computer got Lexi my dog and went to sleep. My last thoughts were "Is it really over?" I suppose it is unless he does something about this.
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