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You Don't Have To Do This.

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"It looks like my plan is coming to fruition early"

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a/n- Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, my internet has been so mucked up! but it's fixed now. :)
Enjoy! This chapter is darker than the rest

“Aimee! Aimee!” Gerard yelled desperately, it was getting dark, and Aimee wasn’t answering. Then he heard a voice that made his blood go cold

“Hey there, girl. Why are you crying? Holy Fuck. Ted, will you look at this? Look at this ugly fuck, it’s Aimee. Hey babe, looks like I did a good evenings work huh? Betcha you’re just as humiliated as me now ain’t ya. Well, you fucking deserve it you whore!”

Gerard saw Jackson raise a hand and slam Aimee against a tree in a clearing. Roaring, he charged at Jackson, hurling him to the ground. He knocked him unconscious and turned to his crony

“Ted, is it? Yes, well Ted, I suggest you leave right now, and don’t you dare tell anyone about this little meeting in the woods, or else what’s about to happen to Jackson here will happen to you. Got it? Good, now fuck off.” Gerard snarled.

Ted scampered.

“It looks like my plan is coming to fruition early” Gerard muttered, before hoisting Jackson up and tying him to a tree with his belt and torn strips of his shirt. He turned to a stunned Aimee

“I’m sorry Aims, I didn’t mean it.” his voice was so soft, gentle, but then it hardened, and Aimee saw his eyes close off; Gerard was no longer there

“Now, I’m going to fuck this motherfucker up, and after it, he’s gonna wish he was dead” Gerard flicked out a butterfly knife and casually scored a line across Jackson’s cheek

“I think you should leave Aimee, I don’t want you seeing this.” His voice was dead, and it scared her. Shakily, she stood, planted a kiss on his cheek and whispered

“You don’t have to do this Gerard, not for me” to which he just looked at her with those dead eyes and shook his head.

Aimee left, not liking the cruelty that distorted her best friends features as he turned back to his trussed up victim. Jackson was waking up, and he looked terrified. Aimee broke into a run, blindly crashing about in the woods, trying to block out the muffled screams from the clearing, colliding with Frank and Mikey, and, without an explanation, they ran after her as she fled the park.

Long after they were safe at home, Aimee could still hear Jackson’s screams; still see Gerard’s merciless rictus as he raised his knife. She sat on her sofa, not speaking, whilst Frank and Mikey looked on in concern.

A knock at the door made her jump a mile, and Mikey went to answer it

“It’s…it’s Gerard!” Aimee turned slowly, and came face to face with Gerard, the Gerard she knew and loved, not the monster. She rose and buried her face in his shirt, it was a different one to what he was wearing in the afternoon, and his hair was wet, she realised he had showered, and shuddered to think why

“Hey, Aimee, don’t be scared now, it’s ok. It’s all over, you’re safe, he’s not dead, shaken, hurt, but not dead.” Aimee nodded, it was not ok, but she didn’t have the strength to argue.
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