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Chapter 19

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The gig

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I couldn't get into backstage because they had a strict rule that only the band and crew can have permission to go in. I sighed. This was stupid and I had to stand in the crowd which the boys called it 'the mosh pit'. I crossed my arms over my chest and hoped that the crowd didn't go any crazier than now. I made a noise that sounded like a little girl being scared. Gerard told me that the mosh was never dangerous when they played... I kinda hope they're right. They haven't gotten on the stage yet but the crowd kept cheering for them to come out already. I quickly noticed three girls in front of me. They all had fake coloured blonde hair and all wore the most skimpy clothes. They almost looked like clones.

"I can't wait for them to come out!" one of them exclaimed.

"Yes! I hope we're in front of Frank! He is so hot!" the other breathed dreamily.

I smiled at myself. Cute. Frank has admirers, I can tell him this.

"But we'll definitely be in front of Gerard!" the other one said. "I'm going to try and get in backstage or something! I wanna meet him... and maybe fuck him there." She giggled.

I gasped. She will never not when I'm still here. I frowned.

I decided not listen to them anymore and just admired the place that the gig is set in. It looked like a part bar and part stage for performances. The stage that was blue from the stage lights was medium sized. The drums were set at the back with big writings of the bands name 'My Chemical Romance'. Then there's stickers of some kinds and the only one that I could read was 'vegetarian.' That was definately Frank's idea. I silently laughed in time for the band to come out. They all came out and adjusted their instruments. Frank kept grinning and winking at the girls that called out his name. Gerard just plainly smiled at them.

"Oh my god! He smiled at me! Me! Oh my god!" the same chick said excitedly.

"He must think that you're hot," giggled the other girl.

I growled a little to loudly because they turned around to me with smug faces. I stood lifeless with wide eyes.

"What? You jealous?" the girl in the middle asked. It turned out to be the girl that likes Gerard.

"No." I said calmly.

She scoffed and they all turned back to the stage.

Gerard seemed to know the scene and gave that sorry smile and blowed a kiss to me.

I gleamed at him.

He mouthed the words 'I love you'.

I was going to reply to that when the girls turned back to be with awestruck faces.

I saw Gerard chuckle.

He crouched down. "Hello ladies." He greeted them.

They all seem to not breathe at all but one of them greeted him back.

"I'd like you girls to meet my girlfriend Mel." He pointed at me. "Don't let her get squashed eh?"

They all turned to me with shocked faces.

"Thanks Gerard." I said.

"You're welcome gorgeous," he grinned and got up to start the gig.

"Oh my god, you're really his girlfriend?" the girl in the middle asked.

I nodded.

"So cute!" the other girl squealed.

I giggled.

"Hey everyone, we're My Chemical Romance." Gerard started off.

Everyone cheered.

"This song is called 'Headfirst for Halos'" and they started to play.

After a couple of songs later from their album the crowd seemed to want more as they chanted 'one more'.

Gerard sighed and smiled. "Oh alright. Just one song," he looked down at me which made my heart flutter. "This song is written about my girlfriend and its called 'Demolition Lovers'"

I was so excited to hear the song again, the song that he wrote about me. The girls in front of me squealed for some reason, probably because it was cute.

"Hand in mine into your icy blues and then I say to you..." Gerard started singing.

My eyes never left his as he sang the song. I was completely happy. I just wish I should have met him earlier so we could be together for longer.

"As snow falls on desert sky until the end of everything..." Gerard sang.

I smiled at him and waved my arms in the air just like everyone did.

As he sang, Gerard's eyes widened in shock for some reason.

I looked at him confused and I was going to look behind me but I couldn't. Someone grabbed me by my waist and hauled me back.

"All we are, all we are is bullets I mean this." Gerard sang.

I turned to see Matt beside me with a nasty smirk on his face.

"Miss me hun?" he asked then chuckled. "So your boyfriends singing a song for you eh?"

My breath got caught in my throat. I was afraid why he was here.

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