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My Weakness

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Another story based on real life. Please read and review. It will get better as I write more I promise.

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-March 2008-
It was night and I was at the mall's food court entrance talking to my friends as usual if only I knew who was about to walk up. "Hey Amber isn't that your ex?" I turned around to look and see if it was or not and sure enough... it was him. "Oh no. Oh crap hide me. I cannot deal with him." I said to my friend who just laughed and walked away as the evil awful horrid person known as my ex also known as Jesse walked over and stood in front of me as he crossed his arms. "Hey." He said coldly. "Hi... Look I'm sorry but I did nothing wrong. You dumped me. That's your fault. I would try to be your friend but honestly I don't want to be." I said as I stared at the ground trying not to cry from the fear of him. That awful boy... I never liked him. I only ended up with him because I felt bad saying no. He stood there wearing his hat to hide his ugly curly brown hair and wearing the same Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie that he wore everyday along with matching gloves. He also had glasses. I never even looked at his eyes so I don't even know what color they are. He started to talk to me I payed no attention to him. I saw my way out. Amy was standing over by the bench talking to a girl and 4 other guys. I took my chance. "Hey Amy!" I said cheerfully as I walked over. "I'm Amber nice to meet you!" as I introduced myself to the girl standing in front of me. She was so gorgeous. A little short black hair with pink bangs. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. "Oh hey I'm Teddie." Oh my gosh... this was the girl. The girl that Jesse told me he wished I was while he and I were together because she was the 'hottest' girl on earth. Oh yes... here we go. "Oh Teddie okay... can I have your number?" she looked at me weird and we exchanged numbers. I looked around at the guys standing there. One of them looked very scene and had nice hair and wore make up. Another one looked well... not so attractive at all but reminded me of some celebrity. The other guy was short and looked Spanish or something and then the cute one out of the bunch. He was tall has brown hair almost shoulder length he was skinny and looked good in my opinion. I couldn't see too much other than that. "Oh my gawd I so love your hair can I play with it?!" I said as I walked over to the scene looking boy and he stared at me with a weird face "Uhh sure..." I started to pet him his hair felt so weird and gross full of hairspray. "I'm Amber by the way." he looked at me "Okay... Teddie who the hell is this girl?" "I don't know this dumb bitch she just started talking to me." oh wow that was rude. I stopped and just stood there for a while listening in on peoples conversations. Teddie and the scene boy seemed to be total jerks to each other and Amy had walked away. Then the not so attractive boy and I started talking. "Hello I'm Amber." I said as he walked over to me "Cool I'm -------." I looked at him weird. For some reason every time he'd introduce himself I never caught it. "Wait what's your name?" I asked "-------. But my friends call me Bert." I looked at him so weird "Why do they call you Bert?" He smiled at me "Oh because I look like Bert from the used!" I also found him ugly too even though I like his bands music. "Oh cool... I'm going to call you Panda." "Oh my gosh Panda is my favorite animal!" After that he and I had long deep conversations about animals and how he was a Vegan and how he doesn't like this and doesn't like that blah blah blah and how he was scene and blah blah blah. He was seriously boring me. But I continued to go along with him. Nodding at the right times and everything. Then he got my myspace and everything. And I somehow got away from him and walked over to the cute boy. "Hi I'm Amber." I said as I smiled at him. "Hey." that's all he said then he continued to gaze off into space. "Uhm... what's your name?" I asked smiling once again. "I'm Allen." And once again he gazed into space. He's was interesting and different. Bert or Panda whatever you wish to call him showed up once again and talked over and over about stupid stuff I once again didn't care about. They came over and hung out with me at my friend's and I's normal hang out. And well that was pretty much the end of the night. Allen never said a word to me. Bert wouldn't shut up. The other two were just there. That was it. I exchanged number's with the scene kid who's name is Mike. And I figured I'd never see them again. Well that very weekend Bert stayed the night. It was awful and he had kissed me. He left early and has never been back which I'm not upset about. Other than random texts and calls from Mike that was it.

-4 months later-
-beep beep beep- my alarm was going off. I was going to be staying with Teddie for the first time tonight. I was nervous. Her and I had kinda grown closer but we still never hung out. But anyways she was going to be cutting and dying my hair and taking modeling pictures for me. I had got dressed and ready and got in the car as my friend drove me to the mall where I waited for her to get there. She eventually got there and text me asking where I was. I was in the Hot Topic admiring a shirt with The Joker on it and wanting to buy it so much but I couldn't because I had to pay Teddie to fix my hair and for pictures and everything. She walked in and I noticed she had a boy with her. He looked familiar but I couldn't figure it out. Then outta no where it hit me. He was Allen.
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