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Hail To The Queen

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Introducing Kylie Tosca.

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Whenever Kylie Tosca was in a bad mood, you knew to stay clear of her unless you wanted your eyes gouged out. It was pretty much a given that the high-strung queen of the junior class took no shit from anybody, no matter their size or gender. Kylie Tosca was the girl who dished the shit out.

Which was why, when said queen slammed the school doors open one morning, the hallways cleared out like someone had just yelled "Rats!"

Kylie Tosca's long, eternally straight blonde hair whipped out behind her. Her black kitten heels made a rhythmic clicking noise on the school's tiled floor. The jean miniskirt that hugged her small waist was barely appropriate for the school dress code, but really, no teacher would ever dream of calling Miss Tosca to the office to change. The daughter of Middletown's most prominent lawyer was not to be messed with, even among the faculty.

Kylie stopped for a moment to straighten the straps on her hot pink spaghetti strapped top before swinging her Coach bag over her shoulder and continuing her march to her locker.

Already waiting for her there was her only best friend and confidante, Sonia Laski. Sonia was pretty much like Kylie in every way, save for her curly brown hair that always seemed to look like it was an actual living thing.

The moment Kylie huffed up to her locker, Sonia crossed her arms and said, "You look happy."

It was a statement meant to force Kylie to talk. Rather than explain why she was in such a bad mood, Kylie twisted her locker knob with a vengeance and slammed the door open.

Sonia shrugged. "You can either talk to me or continue to destroy school property. Your choice."

"I hate him!" Kylie spat, shoving her books into her locker so hard that they hurt her delicate hands.

"Who is it this time and what did they do?" Sonia questioned.

"Steve Katz. He started spreading rumors about hooking up with me last weekend at Mayan's party. I wasn't even at Mayan's house that weekend. Why waste my time on that wannabe? I was with TJ at the mall," Kylie said, starting on a furious rant. "Who does Katz think he is, anyway?"

"Just forget him. He's a nobody. Not even worth your time," Sonia advised.

"Oh. I'll forget him. I'll bury him mentally in my mind right after I bury him physically in my front lawn," Kylie growled.

She finished grabbing her books for her morning classes before slamming her locker shut. Sonia leaned against the one next to her, licking her bottom lip.

"Y'know, I'm pretty sure nobody will believe him anyway. Everyone would've seen you at Mayan's."

This was true. If Kylie Tosca was at a party, she made damn sure that everybody knew she was there. No exceptions.

Kylie tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder nonchalantly and watched as students began filling the halls again once they knew she was done slamming things.

She sighed melodramatically. "I just wish people would stop making stuff up about me."

That was a lie. Kylie loved the attention. She loved having guys lie about their weekends just to make themselves look cooler. And how did they do it? By involving Kylie Tosca in their plans somehow. Same with the girls too. They'd run around with their friends, saying how they went to the mall with Kylie, or had a sleepover with Kylie, or something else relatively childish.

As if she'd ever be caught in that situation.

Sonia nodded sympathetically at Kylie's statement. "You have it so hard, Kyles," she added sadly.

Kylie shrugged and shouldered her bag, as if she suddenly didn't care that half the school was under her command. "Yeah, well, that's what I get for being me."

Sonia grinned at her friend. "Come on. If we get to physics early I think we'll be able to snatch two seats in the back of the room."

"I hate Mr. Edwards. He's such a douche," Kylie commented as they walked down the hall together, parting the students like the Red Sea.

"Mhmm. If he ever tries to give us assigned seats again I just might kill myself."

"I know, right? Ugh."

They continued their mindless chatter until they reached the physics classroom, where Sonia warned that they had to stop talking for a moment because Mr. Edwards, the teacher/douche, was already at his desk grading papers.

Kylie rolled her eyes. As if Edwards would do anything to her.

One snap of her fingers and she could probably have her dad sue him for encroaching on her freedom of speech.

After all, that was the general rule: if you don't get along with Kylie Tosca, you're pretty much screwed.
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