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Who's B?

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Sorry it's been a little while, but we finally find out who B is!

So, funny story before I begin. My little brother, well step-brother, decided he wanted to grow his hair out over the summer. And my mom made him cut it since school's started again, and I wanted my hair cut too. So, she made us both appointments at the salon I go to, because he's apparently too cool for the barber shop. And we didn't even go together, he went in the morning, and I went in the afternoon. We didn't see each other until dinner. So, long story short, the girl cut my hair way shorter than I wanted, and my brother decided he wanted to look like a member of All Time Low. And now we have the same hair cut. He refuses to change his, and I don't really have anything I can do, unless I wanted to get like a 6 year olds, chin length thing. It's a disaster. There have been a lot of harsh words the past couple days.

So anyway, please review and put me out of my bad hair misery : (

“So, basically, this is where I work.” Katie sat down at her desk and spun around in the chair. “I don’t really have a desk oriented job, so I’m not here that much. I do my online shopping here. That’s about it.” She shrugged, pulling a binder off of a stack on a shelf. “This is where I keep all my records. It’s about as organized as I get. I have a section for each person, and I keep photos of what they wear to each event and photo shoot, along with their measurements and what colors they look good in and what they like to wear. All of the guys have a tendency to wear the same kinds of things, so I keep track so they don’t wear the same outfit to two places in a row.” She nodded. “That’s where I sleep.” She pointed across the room to the bed. Gabe had finally gotten around to moving his crap out of the spare bedroom, so she wouldn’t look quite as homeless on TV. She had decorated a little, and the show producers had come in and redone everything, like a movie set, but it still looked barely lived in.
“Yo Kay, is this peanut butter still good?” Gabe stuck his head in the door.
“Peanut butter doesn’t go bad. And stop trying to get on TV.” She chuckled, throwing a pencil from her desk at him. She turned back to the camera. “He wouldn’t know what to do without me.”
“Yes I would!” Gabe exclaimed. Katie shook her head.
“If you don’t quit being obnoxious, I’ll leave you to buy your own food. Then where will you be?”
“So, how did you get started in celebrity styling?” The producer asked.
“I was friends with these guys, I picked put most of their clothes for stuff anyway. So they eventually just started paying me for it.” She shrugged. People think I do it because I get to hang out with rock stars and go shopping all day.” She laughed. “But I really don’t. I do a lot of research on trends and everything, and I sew a lot of stuff. If I can’t find what I want, I’ll just make it.”
“Did you have any prior fashion experience?”
“Oh yeah. I didn’t just think, hey this will be fun. I went to fashion design school, and I worked for Dior for about a year. I want to be a fashion designer, this is just a step down that road.”
“So, you went to college. Did your sister go as well?”
“No. She didn’t think it was worth her time. I think she figures that she has enough money that she’ll become famous one way or another, then she’ll be set. She could barely finish high school. And I could have done the same thing.” Katie rambled on, almost just thinking out loud. “My family…we have friends that I could have gotten a job with, saved a lot of time and money. But going to school forced me be focused and have a drive. It made me have someplace to go every day and not just get caught in the habit of partying every day. I mean, Dee doesn’t do anything. I have an education. I have a future, I work. What does she even do all day?” She smirked. “I probably shouldn’t have said that on camera.” She wrinkled her nose.
“And you’re having a party tonight?”
“Yeah, I guess. It’s not really a party, a bunch of our friends are in town and they’re coming over to hang out. You guys can stay if you want. We’re probably just eating pizza and watching movies.” She shrugged and glanced at the clock. “Oh, crap. I have to pick up my laundry and the dry cleaners closes in 20 minutes.” She stood up quickly. The producer and camera guy shuffled out of the room after her.

The apartment was filled with the members of Cobra Starship, The Academy Is and Fall Out Boy. With the addition of the camera and crew, and the lights they had set up for the filming, the place was pretty cramped. They hadn’t left her alone all day, and even now the questions continued. The only time she’d had any privacy was when she went to the bathroom. “So do you and Dylan have a good relationship?” The producer asked from the opposite side of the kitchen counter.
“Absolutely not. We used to be close when we were kids, but when we hit high school, she went one way and I went the exact opposite. She doesn’t really talk to me that much, which is why I don’t get why she wanted me to do this show.”
“When you’re together, what kinds of things do you talk about?”
“Um…she criticizes a lot of stuff I do, I mercilessly mock her. She’s incapable of talking about anything without making it about her. She just quit smoking and thinks she’s gotten kind of fat. So we talk about that a lot. Are you sure you don’t want any?” She held out a slice of pizza.
“No. So, these are most of the people you style?”
“Yeah, I dress everyone here. But how hard can it be when they only wear skinny jeans? Although, see the dress that Vicky-T’s wearing? I made that.” She grinned. “It’s pretty easy, they wear whatever I say. They’re all pretty easygoing.”
“I hear you’re getting a TV show too.” Pete slung his arm around her shoulder, squeezing his way into the camera shot.
“You have NO shame, do you?” Katie laughed. “Where’s Ashlee?”
“She stayed home, she had some stuff to do. And she’s not really supposed to fly this late in the pregnancy.”
“Makes sense. Tell her I said hi.”
“Sure. So when are you going to come design something for Clandestine?”
“I’m not.” She shook her head.
“Come on, will you at least model for me, it’ll make a good episode.” He nodded towards the camera, trying to sound as convincing as he could.
“No. And that just sounded pervy.” She giggled.
“Why not? You’re hot.” Sisky leaned across the counter, stealing the slice of pizza off her plate.
“Who’s hot?” Joe looked up from where he was beating Alex in a game of Mario Kart.
“Katie.” Patrick chimed in from behind them.
“Oh, sure. That’s nothing new.” He nodded.
“Guys, seriously.” She ducked out of Pete’s grasp, blushing.
“She’s shy.” Sisky whispered at the camera. She weaved her way through the crowd as her friends distracted the camera, trying to get on TV. She made her way to her bedroom and closed the door. She flopped down on the bed, sighing as she heard the door open and shut again.
“You look like you could use a drink.” Victoria said, wobbling slightly and handing Katie a half empty bottle of vodka.
“It’s been two days, and I’m already so over this show.”
“Maybe if you’re really boring, they’ll cancel it for you.” Victoria giggled.
“I can only hope. But those guys out there are making it all interesting.” Katie chuckled, taking a large gulp from the bottle as a loud crash and a wave of laughter erupted in the living room.
“Whoa, what’s this?!” Victoria leaned over a giant pile of shopping bags in the corner of the room.
“Yesterday, they made me and Dylan go shopping together, to show that we at least tolerate each other. I don’t even want most of that stuff, but the producers paid for it, so I’m not complaining. If you like anything, you can have it.” Katie gestured to the pile, sloshing alcohol on her bed. “Oops.”
“Sweet!” Victoria dove into the first bag, labeled Chanel. “So, what’s with all the boyfriend secrecy?”
“Not you too.” Katie groaned.
“I’m just asking because everyone’s asking me.” Victoria shrugged.
“I mean, I don’t really even know what we are, but we have to talk about it. It’d be better to get it out when the cameras aren’t around than wait until someone slips up.”
“Good call. What is this?” she pulled something round and silver out of a Sharper Image bag.
“I have no idea, but it lights up.” Katie laughed, starting to feel the buzz as the level of liquid in her bottle lowered.

Gabe woke up the next morning with the sun glaring in his face through the window and what felt like an army stomping around inside his skull. He looked over at the clock, 10:45. It was surprisingly early for how late he went to bed. Once Katie disappeared into her room, the camera crew soon left for the night. Everyone hung out and partied until 3 or 4. He climbed out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom to look for something to dull his headache. He heard a giggle as he passed Katie’s door and snorted. She was probably on the phone with the secret boyfriend again. He glanced into the living room, remarkably everyone had found their way home. No one was passed out on the couch. He grabbed the bottle of Advil out of the drawer, only to find it empty. Groaning, he tossed it in the trash and headed to Katie’s room. He pressed his ear to the door and didn’t hear any more talking. Figuring she was done on the phone he swung the door open. “Hey Kate, do you have any Ad-Holy ass tattoos!” He spun around, covering his eyes and facing the wall at the sight of naked arms and legs sprawled across the bed.
“Go away!” She shouted, pulling the blankets higher.
“Sorry. Katie…Butcher.”
“Hey, how’s it going?” He yawned.
“Proceed with…what you were doing.” Gabe tiptoed out the door. “Wait.” He stuck his head back in the door, still with his hand over his eyes. “What happened to mystery B? Did you guys break up?”
“Seriously?” Katie sighed, snuggling closer.
“He’s…you’ve been mystery B the entire time?”
“Uh…I guess so.” The Butcher chuckled.
“Why didn’t you guys say anything?”
“I don’t know. Can you go away now?” Katie prodded.
“Right. Sure.” Gabe stuttered, bolting out of the room and slamming the door behind him.
“Awkward…” The Butcher grinned.
“So, anyway. Where were we?” Katie bit her lip, rolling on top of him.

By the time Katie and the Butcher emerged from the bedroom, everyone from last night was back in the kitchen. This time, nursing very large cups of coffee. “What, did Gabe call a team meeting or something?” Katie chuckled.
“You know, this is kind of anti-climactic. I thought it was going to be someone better.” Alex shook his head.
“Hey.” The Butcher frowned.
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I think it’s cute.” Michael grinned.
“Everybody just shut up. It’s too early to be sarcastically defensive.” Katie groaned.
“Some of us have been up for hours.” Joe raised his eyebrows.
“Someone delivered this for you this morning. Catch.” Gabe picked up and envelope off the counter and tossed it to Katie. It bounced off her forehead before she had a chance to react.
“Ow. Didn’t anyone tell you not to throw stuff at people?” She opened it, pulling out a DVD. “Whoa.” She said, looking over the note attached.
“What is it?” The Butcher looked over her shoulder.
“Is it something dirty?” Pete smirked.
“No, they already have the preview of the show. They’re going to start airing it on TV tomorrow.”
“Well let’s watch it. Maybe I’m in there!” Sisky grabbed the disk, jumping over the back of the couch to put it in the player. They all gathered in the living room, claiming whatever spot they could, on the couch, chairs, floor, even the coffee table. The group let out a collective ‘aww’ as the Butcher wrapped his arm around Katie’s shoulders.
“See, this is why we didn’t say anything. I knew you guys would get all weird.” Katie glared at them.
“We ready?” Sisky asked as he pressed the play button on the remote. There was a montage of images from the past week of Dylan laughing, going to lunch and dancing in clubs with a group of friends, and Katie shopping, bossing people around and giggling with most of the guys in this room, from the party.

[ A/N this is the dialog from the commercial. Katie is in italic, Dylan is in bold. ]

“I dress everybody. Skinny jeans? I made that!”
“Life is one big party. Why wouldn’t you want to be in on the action?”
“I get to hang out with rock stars and go shopping all day.”
“Should I buy both, or just the green one?” Dylan held up two leather purses.
“How much are they?” Her friend asked from off to the side of the screen.
“$1,200. I’ll just get both.”

“They wear whatever I say.”
“I wish I had an accent. You know like Swedish, or Texas or something exotic like that.”
“He wouldn’t know what to do without me.”
“Yes I would!” Gabe exclaimed. Katie shook her head.
“If you don’t quit being obnoxious, I’ll leave you…then where will you be?”

“Katie’s a bitch. She thinks she’s better than everyone.”
“She’s gotten kind of fat.”
“She’s got bad hair, too.”
“She doesn’t DO anything. I have a future. What does she even do all day?”

The dialog that ran over top of the images, Katie recognized as a lot of the stuff she had said just the night before, but taken out of context and given an entire new meaning.
“Huh.” Bill huffed when it was over.
“That was…”Patrick tried to come up with something.
“Your outfit looked good. And you don't have bad hair.” Victoria pointed out.
"At least Dylan looks like a shallow idiot." Gabe nodded. "And I got some screen time!"
“Was I really that drunk that I didn’t notice you hitting on everyone last night? Because I totally would have taken you up on that. Before I knew about this, of course…” Joe said, gesturing between her and the Butcher.
“Dude.” Andy shook his head for him to shut up.
“They turned me into the bitchy slutty one.” Katie gasped. “I’m going to fucking kill Dylan.” She stormed out of the room, slamming her bedroom door.
“We should probably go.” Alex nodded, standing up.

Hope you liked it. I was actually torn between whether B should be Bill or the Butcher until...well I still am. That's part of the reason I didn't post this yesterday. But in the end, I really wanted to use the line 'holy ass tattoos'.

And if you reread the beginning part of the chapter, you can see where they twisted her words. I wrote it like that. 'Cuz I'm smart.

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