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Morning Wood

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In which our hero wakes up with a problem…A very big, rock hard problem…

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Morning fucking wood. It's so inconvenient isn't it? Only really one solution to it right now though. I'm lying on my back, knees up and legs spread, my head resting on the pillow and my hand stroking up and down my throbbing cock, hard and fast.

Well? What would you do?

If I bite down any harder on my lip it'll probably bleed. I'm trying so fucking hard not to moan at the sheer bliss of a nearing orgasm. A strangled groan escapes my throat and in a panic I open my eyes and look over to my side. Good, he's still asleep.

That's the bad thing about having such a tiny, shitty house. Sharing bedrooms, which means sharing beds too. I mean, he's my best friend and all that but come on. Sometimes a little privacy is favourable. Especially when you wake up rock hard.

My breathing's getting raspier and I can feel the little beads of sweat dripping off my forehead. Slipping my eyes shut again, I stroke even harder, willing myself to just fucking come already.

And then I feel it. A soft hand gently squeezes my balls and a tingle shoots through my spine. My eyes snap open only to be faced with those green eyes I know so well. My hand stops and my mouth dries out in a second. Fuck!

He pries my hand away from my aching cock and replaces it with his own. He strokes gently for a moment before he lowers his head and takes my whole length into his mouth. My body suddenly remembers what to do and I let out a well-earned moan. Fuck he is good!

His throat closes around my cock and I can't hold back any longer. Arching my back up off the bed I come, right down his throat. He swallows it all up gladly until there's not a drop left to drink. He sits back on his heels and smiles down at me and I can't help but notice his cock is hard and throbbing.

I pounce on him, pushing him backwards so that he's sprawled on his back now. I bite his lips before kissing him hard. He tastes of me and it tastes damn good. Raking my fingernails down his body I slither down to his cock and start stroking, making him moan and writhe beneath me. I'm obliged to return his favour so I lean down and wrap my lips around his cock and let my tongue swirl around the hot piece of flesh. Up, down, up, down...

Well? What would you do?

The End.
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