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Danger Zone

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Rated PG13 for language. What happens when Black ghost comes back and kiddnaps 5 girls with born powers to make the 1st organic cyborgs.

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Diclaimer: The only thing I own here is Melissa, Tracy, Gina, Kimberly, Lacy, a teacher, a director and on actor. The other movie's, plays or musicals and two actors, I do not own. I also do not own Cyborg 009 and if I did I would be one happy person.

They were the top actress's of their age group. Their plays always made millions, no madder what they were. They stared in plays and musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Macbeth, The First Wives Club, Fiddler's on the Roof and were currently working on the play Romeo and Juliet. They were three of the finest performer's on Broadway. Three girls. Two of sixteen years of age and one turning fifteen. These young ladies had a wonderful future awaiting them. Offers piled in from top acting agencies, offers worth billion's. Melissa, Kimberly and Tracy were the most talked about people in the streets. What was it that made their plays so magical? People always wondered. No one could explain the magic that surrounded these three, especially when it came to the special effects. How did Melissa manage to look to deceitful as the witch from Sleeping Beauty and why did she always insist on trying to burn the audience? How did Tracy make the closet from Beauty and the Beast look so life like and real? How did Kimberly make the Genie's magic look so real and spectacular? No one could answer these questions except for maybe Black Ghost.
For about six months now, Black Ghost has been eyeing these young ladies and two of their friends, Lacy and Gina. He watched as inborn power's emerged from these girls, making them perfect specimen's for his organic cyborg study. He made it his priority to find at least five people with natural born power's. He's been aware of their abilities since they were just toddler's and started to show interest now. His sudden interest in them come's from the betrayal of his first nine 00 cyborg's. In Black Ghosts' eyes, those 00 nuisances were to be destroyed by the young ladies that will soon be under his control. He knew the full extent of these girls powers. He knew what they were fully capable of and not even the girls themselves knew. All they knew was they had special gifts, curses that they were plagued with. They used their powers fight evil even though two of them could be questionable on how good they actually were. Kimberly and Melissa were the nicest yet evilest people around. They would always pull pranks on people. Weather it would consist of paint, itching powder, or maybe a trip to the emergency room, it didn't madder to them. They just wanted world domination er.. I mean to have fun and they always had a good laugh. Melissa is the dangerous one of the group. She's very lethal but controlled, except when she gets angry. That's when the other girls tell her to get anger management and run for their lives. Tracy is the serious one. It usually takes her awhile to understand a joke. She can be very silly at times and she's pretty paranoid, but she's a great friend. Lacy is the fighsty one. If there's a fight that she can be in, she's there in a heartbeat. Gina, the sweetheart of the group, is very nice. She loves to chill with her friends and watch the plays. Kimberly, is the hyper one. She has many characteristics that make her mysterious in a way. She can imitate anyone and anything to perfection. She's always there for her friends and is the one person that people go to for support and advice. She can be a jerk sometimes and a bit evil to, but she always makes everyone laugh. No one really understands or knows what her true nature or personality is, but they try.
Tonight was a big night for Melissa, Tracy, and Kimberly. Today was the opening of Romeo and Juliet. The theater was packed with people. Black Ghost and his men hid themselves all over the theater. Once the play was over, they would catch their victims. Also attending the play were the 00 cyborgs. "I know that you like these stupid things but did you have to bring me along?" Jet glared at his friend angrily. "Aw lighten up 002, a play wont kill you. You might actually like it. " "I highly doubt that." Jet looked all around him. "Man this sucks! I wanna get out of here. I didn't come to New York to be bored to death."
"Relax 002, we all have to be here. Just do it for 007."
"Easy for you to say 009. You actually don't mind this crap."
"Quit your whining, besides you might actually like it."
"Doubt it"
"Guess would you be quiet, it's starting," Pyunma looked at them for a brief moment and then turned his attention back at the play.

Two hours later
"Hey those two fighter's are girls!!"
"What was that 002?"
"Those fighters are girls."
"Oh you mean Mercutio and Tybalt. Yes the are female. I'm surprised, normally those character's are played by men, the these girls are getting the job done anyway."
"007 look at them, they're awesome. That Mercuo ..."
"Yeah whatever, she hilarious and Tybalt is my kind of person." 002 watched the fight carefully. Their movements were precise, it was as if they were really fighting. Then the unthinkable happened, Tybalt killed Mercutio. "No Mercutio, you were the best. Why did you stand behind Romeo?" The other 00 cyborgs, including Dr. Gilmore, stared at Jet. Pyunma put a hand on Jet's shoulder, "Don't worry 002, it's just a play." 002 didn't like this reaction, "I'm not worried about this stupid play. It's just one more sucker dead to me."
An hour later the play finished. The cyborgs headed back stage to meet the staff with their VIP backstage passes. They were all excited. Most of them had never been backstage of a play before, or met any other actor's except for G.B. and maybe Francoise. They approached the backstage. Actors and actresses were everywhere.
A man in a black suit, approached them, "Why hello there. Are VIP's."
"Yes we are," Dr. Gilmore stepped forward.
"How lovely," He smiled. "My name is Antonio Portes. I'm the director and it would be my pleasure if you would allow me to give you a tour."
"Oh we would enjoy that so much, thank you Mr. Portes," Francoise shook his hand.
"Very well then follow me," He took them through the set, the through the forbidden parts of the theater and last to the dressing rooms. "This is Samuel Archer. He was our Romeo."
"Please to meet you all." He shook hands with all the cyborgs. They struck up a conversation with each other. It didn't last long before they heard a loud crash. "KIMBERLY I'M GONNA KILL YOU." "Now, now Melissa, you wouldn't want to do that again today would you. " "Sure I would MERCUTIO." "Dude you need anger management... oops." "Now you're really dead!!" "Eep!!" Kimberly came out running with Melissa on her tail. "Mr. Portes, HELP!!" Kimberly screamed while making circles around the cyborgs.
"Will you two stop?" The director grabbed both girls by the collars.

"She started it," They said, pointing at each other.
The director sighed and looked at the cyborgs, "Do you see what I've got to work with?" The cyborgs chuckled a little. The director pushed Kimberly forward, "Anyway this is the clown of the group and this is killer," He said pushing Melissa forward. They all looked at each other strangely. "Here they'll finish giving you the tour of the dressing rooms. I've got something important to attend to." With that the director left.
"Ok follow me. Oh and by the way this is Melissa and my name's Kimberly." Kimberly was a very tall girl with red hair and blue streaks. She had blue tiger eyes and she wore black baggy pants, a dark blue shirt and spikes on her wrist and neck, she was basically in Gothic attire. Melissa, was slightly shorter than Kimberly. She had brown hair and reddish evil looking eyes. She wore a red shirt, some blue jeans and a jean jacket. The two took the cyborgs through the rest of the place, eventually ending up at their dressing room. "Ok so this is where we dress and prepare. This here is where we keep pictures of famous theater actors and actress's, with the exception of a few movie actors/actress's like Marilyn Monroe and today's person Johnny Depp." "Hey guys," Kimberly and Melissa turned around to see their friends at the door. "Oh hey," Kimberly then turned to the cyborgs. "This is Tracy, she played Juliet and these are our friends Lacy and Gina." They each mumbled a low hi.
They all got into another conversation as Jet decided to look around the room himself. He spotted some paper's on one of the tables. "Hey what are these?"
"Jet don't be so rude," Joe scolded him.
"No it's ok. That's my report." Jet looked at Kimberly, "Report? On what?" "I have to write a report on an actor that disappeared about sixteen or seventeen years ago in England. No one knows what ever happened to him and there's barely any info on him."
"I think the teacher hates you," Tracy said suddenly. "Man I totally agree. The damn woman has been on my back since day one. Now I'm stuck doing a report on someone who's disappeared and this is half of my grade." "Why isn't there any info?," Joe asked, now curious. "This guy's got a bizarre name. Every time I try to research him I get info on his country. It's driving me crazy. All I have so far is a page of his work and his picture." "Yeah what was his name again?" Melissa loved torturing her friend. Kimberly growled and mumbled an answer. Melissa put a hand behind her ear, "What was that?" "His name is *mumblemumble*." "I still can't quite hear you." "His name is Great Britain. Now leave me alone," She answered, hearing Tracy, Gina and Lacy laughing and glaring at Melissa who was smiling brightly. The cyborgs looked at G.B. who was white. Tracy looked at her best friend, "Don't worry Kim, you'll get this done. Just make up and ending to his life like, he jumped off of the London Bridge." "Or maybe he joined the CIA or the secret service or something like the MIB," Melissa joined in. "I doubt the teacher would by that. Anyway, with my luck he was probably captured by a secret organization and turned into some kind of super human." "Oh like that robot anime show." "Exactly Gina. Maybe I should stop watching so many cartoon's." "Why, you managed to convince Ms. Galleo that cyborgs exist and that they lived in the Empire state building." "I know. That was the best prank ever. Especially when we told her that if she stood there in front of the building that they would come out and say hi. Man she was there all night for the next three nights. Hey let's go see if she's still there!"
"Yeah let's go. That woman is so stupid and gullible. I'm surprised that she's a teacher." Melissa glanced over at the cyborgs that looked rather pale. "Are you guys ok?"
"Um yeah, we're ok. Here's your report back, actually it's your report." Jet handed the paper's back.
"We better be leaving. These guys have a big day tomorrow. Thank you for the tour." Dr. Gilmore eyed the other's to leave. They all said their goodbye's and left. The girls hung around getting ready to leave. They gathered their things and left through the back door.
"Man I can't wait to go home."
"Yeah, I know right," Lacy said looking at Gina with her sparkling emerald green eyes.
"Too bad you girls wont make it home." The girls turned around behind them and saw a tall dark figure approach them.
"Aw great, another maggot who thinks he can take us," Melissa said, glaring at him.
"Don't take me lightly little girl," The so called man taunted them.
"I'm not a little girl."
Kimberly narrowed her eyes, "You do you think you are?"
"I'm Black Ghost, and these are my creations." Suddenly out of no where, about fifty men showed up in weird looking outfits. The girls got into their fighting stances. "Attack."
"Guys JUMP!!," one of the girls screamed, but it was too late, the soldiers got them.
"Let us GO!!" Kimberly said, as she struggled to get free.
"We've destroyed dynasty soldiers, but we can't get away from some robots! This is pathetic." Melissa yelled trying to use the fire power that she discovered she had about a month ago. But her effort was useless and so were the efforts of the other girls and their power's. As they struggled they disappeared, possibly never to be heard from again.
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