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Walking Past Heaven's Gate

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After Fin Fish's betrayal of Kusakabe Maron, Maron is ready to give up her position as Kaitou Jeanne, no matter what the price. Noin Claude, the devil, offers her a way out of her position. [Warni...

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It was a trust that transcended humanity.
A gift from the heavens just for me.
An unwavering cry for Jeanne d'Arc,
The angel sobbed out her request.

I didn't help her because of God.
I didn't help her to be thanked.
I merely helped her because I loved her.
In return for loving me.

A slap in the face, I fell to my knees.
What I believed all along, falling out of place.
She had been the one who always smiled despite it all.
But now she was smirking at me from above.

The angel. The devil. An accomplice to all I hated.
Not only her, but what I had become. Not strong enough.
All had returned to the way it was. Weak lonely me.
An empty home to return to. Friends nearby, yet too far away.

Withdrawn from it all, I was lost without my angel.
A masculine smile from an enemy offering me solace.
To remove from me this curse from the heavens.
I could only fall from grace and accept his hand.

I had once been deceived by a devil with white wings.
I had once been lied to by a protective man in costume.
With a torn heart I lied to a detective, my best friend.
And now that would end when I spend the night with the devil.

Pressing my hands together in prayer, one last bout with God.
I whispered, "I'm sorry," then walked past heaven's gate.
I felt His wind. The Kamikaze. An unnerving sacrifice.
The soul of Jeanne d'Arc would no longer belong to me.

The shackles of heaven fell from my form.
Only to replaced by the devil's crushing embrace.
Those moments of blissful freedom; "Maron," from his lips.
My own name sounded foreign. To him I was always "Jeanne."

Devil. Human. Knight. Teacher. Rival. Friend.
Each a facet of the one who took away the extra soul.
I was not Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, I was Maron.
Hidden behind Jeanne's exterior, I was always strong.
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