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not a chapter in the story... just French words you should know that will come up a lot in the rest of the story!

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(Note that all accents above letters are not added because I don't know how to add them!)

Bonjour - Hello
Salut - Hello, Goodbye
Au revoir - Goodbye
Ca va? - How are you?
Comment va-tu? - How are you?
Comment-aller vous? - How are you?
Tres Bien - very good
bien - good
Comme ci, comme ca - so, so (okay)
mal - poor
tres mal - very poor
Tiens! - Hey!
Tu connais...? - Do you know...?
La-bas - over there
copine - friend (girl)
copian - friend (boy)
amie - a friend (girl)
ami - a friend (boy)
une - a
la/le/l' - the
mon/ma - my
ta/ton - your
oncle - uncle
tante - aunt
mere - mom
pere - dad
frere - brother
soere - sister
cousin - cousin(boy)
cousine - cousin (girl)
grande-pere - grandpa
grande-mere - grandma
chein - dog
chat - cat
monsieur - sir
madam - woman
mademoiselle - young lady
dame - lady
garcon - boy
enfant unique - only child
j'ai ____ ans. - I am _____ years old.
elle - she
il - he
est - is
de/d' - from
americain - american(boy)
americaine - american(girl)
canadien - canadian(boy)
canadienne - canadian(girl)
anglais - brittish(boy)
anglaise - brittish(girl)
londre - London
moi - me
aussi - too/also
tu/vous - you

(If any of these words come up in text there will be vocabulary at the bottom of each page they are on. If any words are not on this list that I may use at a later time this list will be updated and those words will also be at the bottom of the page on which they appear. Any questions, email me or review.)
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