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To be true unity... [Youhei/Kouhei]

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Title: Unity
Author: Grasshopper (A.K.A. The Undertaker's Muse)
Rated: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi; twincest; very slight citrus, I suppose.
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Spoilers: None, really. Unless you count the fact that these two /exist/.
Pairings: Tanaka Youhei/Tanaka Kouhei
Summary: To be true unity...
Author's Notes: Well... How do y'all like my first completed Tenipuri fic? This was pretty much just something I had to get out of my head before sleeping, so I'm not sure how coherent it is. grins I do so love this pairing, though, and the possibilities that could entail. And, unlike many other 'ships of mine, the seme/uke dynamic doesn't matter here; in fact, it has no place here, really. It's odd that I wrote this when I did, though. I hadn't been reading anything Tenipuri, only some Schuldich/Yohji (/Weiß Kreuz/) fic and I reread Love Mode while BitTorrent-ing /I'll [Generation Basket]/. That reminds me, I should go and work on my 30 kisses fics...
Disclaimer: All things Prince of Tennis belong to Konomi Takeshi. All that the Grassy owns around here is the plot.

A breathy sigh against sweaty flesh... Lingering kisses teasing slender thighs... Harsh gasps breaking the night's silence...

Here. Now. Together, like this... One was the other; he was himself, but he was also /him/, and they were the /same/. Youhei was Kouhei; Kouhei was Youhei, and in the moon's dim light they were mirror images. Reflections of one singular being.

It hurt and it ached, but it was /perfection/. Two became one and it didn't matter who was who; they wouldn't know themselves, were there someone around to ask.

Their surroundings faded to shades of grey, leaving only themselves silhouetted in the moonlight. Sliding in, around, on top of one another with no real destination in mind other than to be united as one.

To be true unity.

But night bled into day, washing the room with light and color. Youhei became Youhei; Kouhei became Kouhei. They slid away from one another while ignoring the part of themselves that was torn apart; the part of them that was /one/. The one that was Unity.

Kouhei glared at Youhei before storming away to shower. Youhei glared at Kouhei while changing the stained bed sheets.

And a new day began, just the same as the last.

The End
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