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You're Just A Phone Call Away

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The friend thing with Maddie was going much better seeing as I hadn't seen her in two weeks. If I couldn't physically see her body I didn't really crave it.

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Chapter Fifteen

2 weeks later:

The thing you need to realize about Warped Tour is it's pretty much a long day every day. We would play sometime between noon and eight during the day and then also have a signing. Other than that it was a lot of sitting around and wondering why Pete watched so much America's Next Top Model.

The friend thing with Maddie was going much better seeing as I hadn't seen her in two weeks. If I couldn't physically see her body I didn't really crave it.

"Okay, you need to listen to this," I said to the phone placed strategically on the couch.

"It's not another cover of Prince again, is it?" Maddie's voice emitted from the small speaker.

"Just shut up and listen," I retorted adjusting the guitar on my lap. I heard Maddie sigh and knew it was time to play her the rhythm I had been working on all week. I strummed a few chords before loosening my arms and starting to play. When I had begun working on it, most of what I had thought about was how my life had changed so much in the past month. It was weird to actually think a month ago my mind was cluttered with record sales and photo ops. Now all it was, was Maddie, babies, and oddly I had begun to dream about Tyra Banks declaring I was not Top Model material. I blamed the last part on Pete. I let the last chord die as I let the ringing in my ears stop.

"That's good," Maddie said quickly after a short silence. "But what about the lyrics?"

"I don't write lyrics anymore," I said quickly. "I know I'm no good at it."

"How do you know that?"

The question Maddie had imposed did send my head reeling. I just knew I wasn't good that was all. Pete was the writer, not me. "I just know," I decided on answering. "Pete's a writer, not me," I added setting my guitar aside and choosing to pick up the phone.

"I see," Maddie said as I heard some apprehension in her voice. "Well I guess if you say you're no good, I believe you."

For some reason that sent doubt to my mind, not satisfaction.

"But anyway, I have something exciting to tell you," Maddie cut into my thoughts. "I went to the doctor today…"

"Is everything okay?" I asked quickly thinking a trip to the doctors only meant death and sickness.

"Yeah everything's terribly wrong that's why I said it was exciting news," Maddie said sarcastically.

"Look, don't get mad at me for being worried."


"Whatever…Maddie, I'm playing my part as the worried father," I tried.

"Worried father?" Maddie repeated. "Stop pretending to be something you defiantly are not."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Look, this isn't where I wanted this conversation to go," Maddie said instead of answering my question.

"Fine, continue…" I said frustrated my question had gone unanswered.

"Thank you," Maddie said clearing her throat. "As I was saying, I went to the doctor today and I found out the sex of the baby and…"

"No, no stop!" I said jumping of the couch sporadically. "Don't tell me! Don't tell me!"



"Patrick, knock it off," I heard Maddie yell over my attempt to drown her out. "Fine, I won't tell you," she finally said as I calmed down and returned to me seat. "Geesh, what's the big deal anyways?" She asked annoyed.

I sighed and answered. "I just want it to be a surprise."

"This isn't a Christmas present."

"You use analogies so well."

"Oh haha," Maddie said mocking my well attempt to cock her off. "I guess this conversation is over then."

"I guess it is."

"Okay, goodbye!"

"Goodbye," I answered stubbornly. I kept the phone on waiting for the end of the line to drop the call, but after a bit it didn't happen.

"Patrick?" I heard Maddie's faint voice say.

"I'll call you later," I answered before a smile crept on my face and I hit the end on the phone.
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