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Chapter 33

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Okay, I managed to get writing a little bit, and I'll give you a full explanation at the end of the completed chapter, which will be up by Friday, as to why this chapter is so random and stupid.

Sorry for taking my time with this. It's been really hard to deal with, and I'm opening doors I've kept shut for so long, just thinking about opening them makes me break down.

OH! And please check out my new story. It's a new idea I'm playing with, and I'd like your feedback on it. It's called "Like Only FOB Can".

xox Emmi

I looked down at my feet, seeing where I was heading so I wouldn't be a complete klutz and trip over anything, when I noticed that I didn't have feet. No, instead I had paws, was a foot and a half tall; covered in black and white fur, and sitting in a basket while Ryan Ross was dressed in a flowing silver ball gown, wearing two inch stilletto's and his hair curled and placed on the top of his head along with a tiara. And if that wasn't all, he had enough pink make-up on his face to make a gay man scream bloody murder, and when he hitched his dress up to take a couple of steps, I noticed that his legs were waxed. I giggled upon noticing this, when of course, my owner scolds me.

"Toto, be nice to the woman. All she did was ask if you were a witch or not," my owner spoke in a gruff voice. I looked up to them, expecting to see a young man, maybe in his early twenties, in a pair of daggy sweats and an overused hoodie. Instead I was met with a 28 year old man with Spanish heritage, in a white frilly shirt covered by a blue and white pinafore, with little blue bows pinned into his short locks. Gabe Saporta was Dorothy, my owner.

"So is he a good witch, or a bad witch?" The... Ryan was asking.

"Toto is no witch. I mean, witches are supposed to be old and ugly," Gabe replied in an overly high-pitched voice. Ryan giggled at this statement.

"Only bad witches are ugly. The good ones are quite beautiful actually. In fact, I am a witch. My name in Glinda, and I am the good witch of the north." Okay, so the cross-dressing Ryan had a name.

"Well, Miss Good Witch of the North, where are we?" Gabe... sorry, Dorothy asked.

"We are in Munchkin land, home of the Munchkin people."

"But what are muchkins?" I was as confused as Dorothy... not hard, considering I am a dog.

"They are small and friendly, and blue is their favourite color." Okay, what is the point in telling us that little... people I guess, liked the color blue? "Come out little ones."

And then of course, true to the movie/stage play, Ryan Ross as Glinda burst out into a chorus of "Come Out", and dozens upon dozens of little Brendon's came out of various hiding spots around me. If a dog could faint, I would have a thousand times over by now.

The tiny Brendon's started singing, and I couldn't help but bop my doggy head to the beat..........
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