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Confrontations II

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Major Confrontations between Kagome, Yusuke, Hiei, Inuyasha, and Kurama. What will happen?

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Chapter Two: Confrontation II

The following day Kagome got out of her bed, her mind still reeling over the fact that her cousin was Lord of the Southern Lands and his friend was Lord of the Western Lands. She knew only one person that could quell all her questions and that was Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Grabbing her clothes, she decided that she would sneak back to the Feudal Era in her priestess garbs. After taking a quick shower she dressed and quietly snuck out to the newly rebuilt well house.

‘Hopefully Inuyasha won’t destroy this one or else Yusuke is going to have a fit,’ thought Kagome as she jumped down the well, unknowing that she had been watched the whole time by an unknown spectator.


Kurama awoke to the sound of the shower running and figured it was just somebody getting an early start on the day. Still something at the back of his mind puzzled him; there was something that was bugging him. Normally nothing would bother him this much and it would eventually pass, however this time it stayed. When he heard the shower turned off he rose from his bed and went to shower too, but when he saw Kagome run down the stairs quickly in priestess garbs, he quickly decided to follow her.

‘What could she be up to?’ thought Kurama as he found that what was bothering him was Kagome and whatever she was hiding.

He watched her go into the newly rebuilt well house, hoping that Yusuke had done a decent job in rebuilding it. However as he watched Kagome, he saw her jump down the well and a bright glow came from it. This puzzled him even more as he rushed to the well and saw that it was empty.

‘What kind of well is this?’ thought Kurama.


Feudal Era – Kaede’s Village

Kagome climbed out of the well and rushed towards Kaede’s village. When she arrived she saw Sesshomaru watching Rin play with the village children.

“Lord Sesshomaru,” started Kagome carefully.

“Yes?” replied Sesshomaru not taking his eyes off of Rin.

“Has any of the others explained to you about the well?” asked Kagome.

“Yes,” replied Sesshomaru again.

“Then I must ask you, could you recognize a Youkai Lord or acting Youkai Lord?” asked Kagome as Sesshomaru’s gaze turned quickly to her.

“Why do you ask?” asked Sesshomaru curiously.

“The well leads to another time, roughly five hundred years in the future. In my time I heard my cousin and his friend talking about Naraku,” said Kagome as she gained Sesshomaru’s full attention.

“Go on,” replied Sesshomaru.

“They said that he disappeared when a person known as Sensui became a Tantei. My cousin’s friends’ mother was killed by Naraku. However afterwards I heard my cousin’s friend say he was a hanyou, but not by normal circumstances. My cousin called him a Toushin, who was the Lord of the Northern Lands,” said Kagome slowly.

“The Lord of the Northern Lands is Raizen; however it seems that this Toushin is the son of Raizen and a human woman,” said Sesshomaru, “The only way that this Toushin is not a normal hanyou is if the Toushin’s Youkai blood was dormant. Which in few cases leaves the being completely human, however once the Youkai blood is awakened then the being either becomes full Youkai or half Youkai.”

“I see. Then how is it that he hasn’t been cast from his throne, being a hanyou?” said Kagome confused.

“He is very powerful,” replied Sesshomaru about to walk away.

“Wait Lord Sesshomaru, I have two questions left,” said Kagome. “Can a hanyou switch from his or her human to Youkai form at will?”

This stopped Sesshomaru as he turned to her, “Why do you ask?”

“My cousin’s friend and my cousin himself both said that he could switch his forms at will, from human to Toushin and back again,” said Kagome.

“It is extremely rare… extremely few have ever been able to do so. However these few were also very powerful humans, with very dormant Youkai blood. If this Toushin is able to do so, then he or she was an extremely powerful human, before their Youkai blood awakened. Not even those in the past were able to ascend to the rank of Youkai Lord of any lands. If this Toushin can do so then he or she may very well be more powerful than Naraku at current time,” said Sesshomaru.

“I see, one last question and then I shall leave you be,” said Kagome politely. “During their conversation, they never mentioned the Lord of the Western Lands. However they did say that they were both in alliance with the Lord of the Eastern Lands, a female Youkai by the name of Mukuro. How long do Inu Youkai live for on average?”

“Interesting question miko, very well I shall answer it. Inu Youkai live for about two thousand years on average, however that is the typical Inu Youkai, the more powerful ones can live up to five thousand years. I myself am only five hundred years old,” said Sesshomaru casually.

“I thank you Lord Sesshomaru,” said Kagome as she bowed to him and left.


Meanwhile Yusuke was busy in the Makai having a battle royal with multiple strong Youkai that had decided to try and terrorize the Ningenkai. Even though he had back up with him, he insisted on taking this fight alone and was having a lot of fun pulverizing them Youkai. After a half an hour more the Youkai were bruised and bleeding as they retreated back to their homes.

“You should have killed them,” said Hiei.

“Nah, let them run back to their homes like the sniveling cowards they are,” said Yusuke as he sat down on the ground. “They can be used as prime examples of a fate worse than death if the attempt to terrorize the Ningenkai. Besides if they try it again, you can have a shot at them Hiei, let them know what it feels like to know true terror.”

Hiei smirked at the image that had formed in his mind of them facing the Dragon of the Darkness Flame and run screaming for their lives as it incinerated them. “Yes perhaps next time I will.”

Yusuke nodded as they closed the portal and headed back to the Reikai top report back to Koenma about the portal. When they arrived however they were confronted by King Enma’s royal guards.

“Alright, what have we done this time?” demanded Yusuke.

“You are trespassing on the palace of King Enma, ruler of the Reikai!” said one guard.

“We work with Prince Koenma you idiot,” said Yusuke as they continued forward only to be stopped by another guard brave enough to do what he did.

“You are not welcome here, be gone and you shall be unharmed,” said the guard as the other guards roared in agreement.

“You all really are glutens for pain, aren’t you?” said Yusuke through narrowed eyes and clenched teeth, as Hiei backed him up.

“I said leave at once or feel the wrath of King Enma’s Elite Royal Guards,” said the guard again, as the other guard roared in agreement again.

“Why don’t we take this outside, because you just ruined my whole day,” said Yusuke as they left the palace.

“You will be sorry you ever decided to fight us,” said one guard.

“Hiei, show them true misery,” said Yusuke, as Hiei smirked, removing his cloak and the headband that kept the Jagan Eye covered and concealed.

“You should have listened to the detective fools. Now you will feel the wrath of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame!” roared Hiei unleashing the dragon upon the guards.

The dark fiery dragon roared as it slammed against the guards, consuming them, leaving nothing behind but charred corpses. After all but one guard was gone the dragon turned to him, causing him to run in terror and cry for his mother, as it gave chase to him, eventually forcing him to join his comrades as charred corpses on the ground.

“Nice job Hiei, I’d say they won’t be bothering us again and neither will King Enma,” said Yusuke as they reentered the palace and made their way to Koenma’s office.

“I see you finally made it,” said Koenma. “Did you really have to do that to them Hiei? Do you know how hard it was to find men with their ranking and dedication?”

“Hn,” replied Hiei.

“Don’t really care Koenma. Tell your old man to back off or next time it’s going to be him,” said Yusuke.

“I’ll be sure to have one of the ogre’s deliver that message to him. Anyway how did the assignment go?” asked Koenma dully.

“Closed the portal, pulverized the ones responsible, and took out at least a dozen annoying Elite Royal Guards,” said Yusuke summarizing it all up into one sentence.

“Very well, I don’t have any cases for you at the moment. You can go if you wish, and Hiei your passport to the Ningenkai has been revoked,” said Koenma.

“Koenma if you’re joking then I’ll be sure to do to you what I did to Toguro and Sensui,” said Yusuke menacingly.

“I’m sorry Yusuke, but my father revoked it and there is–”

Yusuke had left, swinging the doors open so hard they crashed through the walls. Making his way down towards King Enma’s office he smashed open those door as well.

King Enma was surprised to say the leas to see Yusuke Urameshi just barge into his office without invitation or appointment. However upon inspection, he saw that Yusuke was very angry and pissed off.

“Can help you Mr. Urameshi?” asked King Enma.

“Oh you can help me all right,” said Yusuke. “You have two choices, one: reinstate Hiei’s passport to the Ningenkai and quit sending those damn guards after us, two: you don’t reinstate Hiei’s passport, stop sending the damn guards after us, and deal with me.”

“Or I can choose option three and have you executed for treason,” said King Enma.

“Wrong choice,” said Yusuke as he shut the doors and grinned at King Enma making him extremely pale and worried for his health.

Yusuke grabbed King Enma’s desk and threw it across the room into the TV monitor and proceeded with his plans for King Enma.

Hiei and Koenma had run towards King Enma’s office when they had gotten word at what Yusuke had done or was about to do. When they arrived the door was attempting to be broken down, but with little progress.

“Out of the way weak fools!” yelled Hiei as he unleashed the Dragon of the Darkness Flame upon the door causing it to explode into burnt splinters.

When they got inside they found King Enma against the wall with a bruised and swollen face, with blood running from his nose and a black eye. Upon closer examination they saw that King Enma was seriously injured and bruised up.

“Now sign the damn statement and put your seal on it before I decide to see what your innards look like!” said Yusuke as King Enma signed it and stamped it. “If you decide to go back on this deal Enma, I swear I will send you to Hell and back again! Do you understand me asshole!”

King Enma nodded as Yusuke left the room, tossing Hiei’s now reinstated pass to him. When they saw what the room looked liked they were horrified, except Hiei who was smirking at the damage. It was a hazard zone, worse that what had been done to Yakumo’s palace after Yusuke purified the Power Sphere and used it against him.

“Are you okay sir?” asked an ogre.

“Let everyone know that he is not be provoked or else it will end in a painful manner or worse,” said King Enma limping out of his hazardous office towards the hospital wing, muttering about going on vacation.


When Kagome returned she changed into her normal clothing. She was going to have some fun with her friends today and show her cousin around town, before she attempted to carefully pry information from him.

“Hey Suichi are you ready to go yet?” called Kagome from downstairs.

“Just a minute Kagome,” said Kurama as he finished putting his coat on and walking down stairs. “So what do you have planned for today Kagome?”

“Oh, I’m going to show you around town and if we run into my friends I’ll introduce you to them,” said Kagome cheerfully.

“Very well, on one condition,” said Kurama.

“Oh? What’s that?” asked Kagome.

“I won’t have to nor will I carry any of your bags, nor your friend’s bags from any shopping. I will carry my own bags only and anything I get for my mother,” said Kurama slyly as Kagome pouted, but agreed to his terms. “Good then let’s go.”

Four Hour’s Later

After showing Kurama most of the sights in town they stopped by a burger stand, where they ran into Kagome’s friends and Hojo.

“Hey Kagome!” said Eri (one of Kagome’s three friends in the Modern Era).

“Hey Kagome, who’s this?” asked Arimi. “Is this that two timing boyfriend of yours!”

“No! That’s just gross! This is my cousin Suichi Minamino,” said Kagome a bit angry. “Suichi these are my friends, Eri, Arimi, and Yuka.”

“Nice to meet you ladies,” said Kurama politely.

“Suichi this is Hojo, a fellow classmate of mine,” said Kagome.

“Nice to meet you Hojo,” said Kurama extending his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you as well Suichi. Aren’t you the one who scored the highest in the entire city?” asked Hojo curiously.

“Yes, though it is not something I talk about,” said Kurama politely.

“Oh, okay, hey Kagome, do you think we could go see a movie this Saturday?” asked Hojo.

“Sorry Hojo, I can’t, I have to help out around the house and well it’s not been a very good week for me and my family,” said Kagome.

“Oh, is your back hurting again?” asked Hojo. (What an idiot!)

“No, a close friend of the family’s passed away this week and we’re helping her son out with a new place to live,” said Kagome.

“Oh, I see, who exactly might this person be? Maybe we can help out,” said Hojo.

(Yep, he's definitely clueless and a major idiot.)

“His name is not important,” said Kurama quickly. “But thank you for the invitation, but we have everything under control.”

“Alright, I’ll see you around Kagome’s,” said Hojo leaving.

“Suichi, what was that for?” demanded Kagome and her friends.

“You know as well as I do Kagome about his reputation and his short temper,” said Kurama sternly.

“Short temper?” said Yuka. “This wouldn’t happen to be the two timer would it Kagome?”

“No! This guy is even worse than that arrogant jerk!” said Kagome as he sat down angrily.

“Then who is he?” asked Eri.

“I’ll tell you if you promise several things: One: Don’t annoy him with many questions. Two: Don’t give him any reason to start a fight with you. Three: Don’t bring up his parent's; that is dangerous ground. Four: Don’t ask him about his love life; that is also dangerous ground. Finally: Don’t under any circumstances insult those he considers his friends. Follow all five of these rules and you’ll be safe,” said Kurama.

“Hey Suichi, I’ve done some similar things to him, why didn’t he try anything with me?” asked Kagome curiously.

“He was in a good mood, his mother was still alive, and you’re my cousin,” said Kurama carefully.

“Oh,” said Kagome.

“Okay, we promise, now tell us who he is!” said Yuka.

“Yusuke Urameshi,” said Kurama casually as the three of them froze.

“The Yusuke Urameshi, the one that can summon an entire gang of bikers, just by whistling?” asked Eri.

“Yusuke doesn’t whistle and he doesn’t need an entire gang of bikers to back him up. He has single handily secured the Sarakaishi School District as his territory. He has even had the teachers their terrified of him since he was in Junior High,” said Kurama as Yusuke walked through the door in a bad mood.

Yusuke was abruptly shoved out the door by someone bigger than him who was the main bully and punk around the parts they were in.

“Give me your money and you’ll walk away unhurt,” said the bully.

“Scram, I’m not in a good mood,” said Yusuke.

“Apparently you didn’t hear me, boys teach this little punk a lesson,” said the bully.

“Gladly boss,” said one of the punks.

“I tired to warn you, but no you just wouldn’t listen!” yelled Yusuke as he slugged the guy on his right straight into a garbage can.

The guy on his left went down hard with a fist implanted in his stomach. The rest of the gang charged Yusuke, but went down hard with one his to each of them. The leader of the gang then attempted to stab Yusuke with a knife, but soon regretted it as he made a comment about his mother.

“TAKE THIS!” yelled Yusuke as he began pulverizing the guy relentlessly.

He stopped when Kurama grabbed him and slugged him hard in the right cheek. Yusuke regained his senses and punched the nearest garbage can, sending it flying into the wall.

“Scram and don’t you ever bother me again or say anything about my mother! DO YOUN UNDERSTAND ME!” said Yusuke as the guy wet his pants and ran cowering down the street.

“I take it that our employer put you into a bad mood today?” asked Kurama.

“You could say that, he tried to pull a fast one, but he learned the hard way,” said Yusuke as he walked inside the restaurant to be greeted by applause.

“Man, I’ve been waiting for somebody to show them their place!” said one guy as he shook Yusuke’s hand. “You’re the best!”

This had calmed Yusuke down considerably seeing as how he was being treated with respect and not feared. “It was nothing; he caught me in a bad mood and talked trash about my mother,” said Yusuke.

He sat down with Kurama and Kagome and noticed the way they stared at him.

“What!” he demanded.

“Nothing, it’s just I never expected you to be so cute,” said Yuka.

“YUKA!” cried Kagome, Eri, and Arimi simultaneously.

“What?” asked Yuka innocently.

“Nothing,” they all said unbelieving at what Yuka had just said.

“Err… um… thanks,” said Yusuke a bit nervously, not used to girls just coming out and saying he was cute, especially in public.

“Look at the time we better go Suichi,” said Kagome.

“What time is it?” asked Yusuke.

“Four o’clock,” said Kurama.

“Shit!” said Yusuke as he jumped over the table and ran out the door.

“What was that all about?” asked Yuka curiously with stars in her eyes as he thought about Yusuke.

“He is supposed to be at work by four thirty and it’s a thirty-five minute walk from here,” said Kagome. “He works at my family’s shrine.”

The girl’s just nodded as Kagome and Kurama left the restaurant. Along the way back to the shrine Kagome decided it would be a good time to interrogate Kurama, for some answers.

“So Suichi, what exactly do you and Yusuke together at work?” asked Kagome.

“We handle minor disturbances that the Police don’t usually handle,” said Kurama.

“Like what?” asked Kagome.

“Disturbing the peace and occasionally a fight with a gang or two,” said Kurama carefully, as not to reveal too much.

“Really, who exactly are you employed under?” asked Kagome.

“Suddenly you seem to want to know everything about me Kagome. Are you trying to interrogate me?” asked Kurama slyly.

“No, it’s for a school project so I can bring my grade up. I have to interview someone related to me if possible or someone I’m close to about what they’re like and what helps shape what they’re like,” said Kagome quickly.

“My mother,” said Kurama. “I have taken this job to help protect my mother. She came close to dying once, but by a miracle she survived and her health grew better. This was about the same time Yusuke and I first met.”

“Right,” said Kagome as she tried to think of more questions. “Have you ever come home injured?”

“Yes and no, I have come home injured, but it is usually minor injuries such as a minor cut from bushes. But I have had more serious injuries which are usually taken care of at the medic part of our headquarters. But I am a fast healer and have often come home unharmed,” said Kurama telling the truth, yet he wasn’t, at least not all of it. “Are there any more questions?”

“Not right now, I’ll ask you again, if I can think of some more. Otherwise thanks Suichi,” said Kagome as they continued to walk to the shrine.

When they finally did arrive at the shrine they saw Yusuke working on the well house roof, grumbling about how he just built it and he was already repairing it. Kagome just shrugged and went inside to help with dinner.

Kurama himself decided to inform Yusuke of what he knew about Kagome and some of her secrets. Climbing onto the roof he handed Yusuke some more wood and nails.

“What did you find out Kurama?” asked Yusuke as he continued to work on the roof.

“Kagome is a very secretive and mysterious girl. Apparently the well itself is some type of portal. To the Makai, Reikai, or another part of the world or even the country I do not know. I believe she may have overheard part of our conversation last night, she attempted to interrogate me on our way here,” said Kurama as helped Yusuke strengthen the roof.

“I take it you evaded the questions with answers that were believable, but not too detailed, if at all,” said Yusuke as he put the last piece of wood in place.

“Yes, however I believe we should be on our guard against anything that may happen, especially with Naraku running around. I was able to borrow some information from the Reikai archives on Naraku,” said Kurama with a mischievous tone.

“I see, so what’s the arachnid’s record like?” asked Yusuke with obvious hatred in his tone of voice.

“He has killed numerous humans and Youkai in the past, but mainly Youkai these days. Strangely though he does not live in the Makai or Reikai, he lives in the Ningenkai, however not in this time. Apparently Enma has a time portal, which he sends messengers through straight to Naraku, but they hardly ever come back alive. Enma is using this portal to bring Naraku to this era and have him search the Mekai ruins for any hint of a powerful object or objects,” said Kurama.

“You know Kurama, I’m starting to like what I did to Enma today,” said Yusuke.

“What exactly did you do to him?” asked Kurama curiously.

“Ever heard the saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat’?” asked Yusuke.

“Yes, however I am not a cat or cat Youkai, I am a Silver Kitsune. However I have a human body now and understand humanity much better. Thanks to practice, I can transform into four different forms. My current human form, my fox form, surprisingly a hanyou form, and my Yoko form,” said Kurama as they climbed down from the well house rooftop.

“You sure like to gloat, you know that Kurama,” said Yusuke as he put the tools away. “I think your dinner is ready.”

Kurama nodded and went inside to wash up as Yusuke followed to give a report on his work on the well house rooftop. Once inside they found Mizu (Mrs. Higuraishi) setting the table for dinner.

“Hello Suichi, Yusuke, is everything alright?” asked Mizu.

“Yes, everything is fine Aunt Mizu, I just came to help with dinner,” said Kurama politely.

“Okay, can you watch the food on the stove while I finish setting the table?” said Mizu.

Kurama nodded, as he turned the heat down on a pot that was about to over flow.

“Well Mrs. Higuraishi, I finished the work on the well house. You might want to have your property checked for termites though,” said Yusuke.

“Hmm, alright, I’ll do so. Heaven knows when the last time this property was checked for termites and other pests. I’ll sign your work sheet now,” said Mizu as Yusuke handed it to her. “Why don’t you stay for dinner Yusuke.”

“Thanks, but another time, I have a previous engagement that can’t be rescheduled or blown off,” said Yusuke as he left.


Elsewhere, unknown to Yusuke or anyone else they were being watched by a spy. Enma was not happy about what Yusuke had done to him. So he decided that the only reasonable way to pay him back was to hit him where it hurt the most, so he dispatched a stalker and a spy to watch him. However since Yusuke’s family was dead, that made the job a lot harder. Especially since his and Keiko’s argument and break up, this left them civil to each other most of the time, but still very spiteful towards each other. That ruled out harming her, but still the Higuraishi family seemed to have become friends with Yusuke for the most part, he would have to find ways that he could use that to his advantage. But there was a gnawing feeling in the back of his mind that disturbed him about the Higuraishi family.

Three Days Later

What disturbed him most about the Higuraishi family now, was that they were relatives of the Youkai Lord of the Southern Lands, Yoko Kurama. This made things much more difficult, since three quarters of the Makai were allied with each other. If one was attacked, then the other two would be drawn in through their treaties with the one being attacked, unless it was the Lord of the Western Lands that was attacked. However something bothered him about that, the Western Lands held powerful, yet mysterious Youkai. He would have to report back to his partner with the news and then they could go straight to Enma with the news of what they discovered, however unknown to the spy, his partner had been unfortunate enough to have a critical case of horrid luck and wouldn’t be able to help the spy.

‘Damn, where is that stalker, he’s late,’ thought the spy.

“Well now, what have we here? A spy or perhaps something else?” said a voice behind the spy, causing him to spin around quickly.

“Yes, a spy indeed,” said the voice.

“No! Not you! Oh please not you!” cried the spy.

“Yes, me, I’m sure you know who I am,” said Yoko.

“Yes, you’re the infamous Yoko! The best thief the Makai and Reikai has ever known,” said the spy as Yoko smiled pleased and begun his torture of the spy.


Meanwhile at the Higuraishi Shrine, Kagome was just finishing breakfast when she heard the scream from the woods surrounding the shrine.

“Ah! NO, PLEASE NO! NO MORE!” said the scream of a terrified being.

Kagome being who she was grabbed her arrows and ran into the woods to try and save the person who was being tortured. When she arrived in a clearing she saw a man with long silver-white hair in a white tunic standing there.

“Hey!” yelled Kagome.

This caught the attention of the man as he turned to her.

“What?” asked the man.

“Who are you!” demanded Kagome as she saw the badly beaten Youkai behind him. “And what were you doing to him and why!”

“My aren’t you a very demanding pretty young maiden,” said the man as she blushed from the comment, but still glared at him. “And stubborn I see.”

“Just answer the damn question!” snapped Kagome.

“My such a dirty mouth you have, but very well I shall let him tell you who I am,” said the man as he picked up the Youkai spy. “Tell her who I am or the forest shall feed on your carcass.”

“Yes sir,” said the spy as the man threw him to Kagome’s feet. “He is the infamous and wanted criminal–”

“You little wretch, you dare try and lie your way out of this!” snarled the man angrily. “I am the infamous Yoko Kurama, the best thief there ever was. Now you spy are going to pay for your transgressions! I gave you a chance to live and tell Enma what you know, but now he won’t ever find out!”

“That’s what you think fool! Did you really think he would send only one of us? I have a partner!” said the spy as he started to laugh thinking what Yoko had done was fruitless.

“You mean this partner?” asked Yoko as he revealed the spy’s partner bloodied and beaten, who now hung dead by the tree’s vines.

The spy paled considerably as he realized he had signed his own death certificate by his words. “Oh no,” whispered the spy.

“Indeed,” said Yoko as he slashed the spy’s throat, leaving him to slowly die.

“You didn’t have to kill him!” snapped Kagome.

“He lives… for now,” said Yoko.

“You… will not go… unfazed thief…” said the spy slowly gasping for breath in-between each fractured sentence. “You are almost drained… you will revert back… to your other form… she will know…”

“I will know what?” asked Kagome confused.

‘Hmm, he is right, I need to revert back in order to sustain my energy. However I cannot revert back in front of Kagome,’ thought Yoko.

“Nothing that concerns you maiden,” said Yoko as he began to walk out of the clearing only to feel a sudden stab of pain shoot through his whole back. Turning he saw the spy smile smugly before falling back to weak to stand. “Fool.”

With the snap of a wrist the spy’s wound on his neck, opened he worse than before as he started to drown faster in is own blood. Yoko removed the knife from his back and drank some antidotes in case it had been dipped in poison or potions that could do him serious harm or could eventually cause him serious injury. That was when he felt it, he was too weak to escape and revert back. It was already happening because of his wound, inflicted by the now dead spy.

“The fool knew what he was doing after all,” mumbled Yoko.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kagome.

“Nothing that concerns you, now go!” said Yoko.

“Why did you kill him?” asked Kagome.

“To protect your family as a favor to a friend, he helped me and I was going to return the favor. However even as I have done so, the fool knew too much about me and him to live,” said Yoko as Kagome noticed his height was growing a bit shorter.

“What’s happening to you?” asked Kagome.

“I’m reverting back, I had hoped that my training would help me, however I am still not close enough to that pinnacle to switch at will without side effects. I had hoped to leave, to try and preserve this secret, but alas I can’t. Funny that I Yoko Kurama, Lord of the Southern Lands would be out done by a sneaky and persistent spy,” said Yoko lightly chuckling at his words and thoughts.

“You mean you’re going back to your normal form?” asked Kagome.

“Kind of, it is more like a form that was necessary at the time and I grew to like. Because of the circumstance under which it happened, I have four forms,” said Yoko as his eyes changed to an emerald green and his hair began to show hints of red throughout it.

“You’re bleeding from your head!” said Kagome shocked and worried.

“No,” said Yoko softly as he summoned the last bits of his will to speed the reversion process up as to make it less painful, this caused a slight glow to surround his body.

After several minutes, the glow faded away and revealed Kagome to somebody that she cared deeply for and was close to.


Yusuke had arrived at the Higuraishi shrine in time to see a faint glow come from the well house and the roof gaining a new hole in it. Growling upon seeing the man who came from the well house he chased after him into the woods. After several minutes they came to a clearing, where they saw Kagome and Kurama sitting there.


Growling at seeing the other man leaning on Kagome he charged them, his claws outstretched as his rage took over. He smelled blood on Kagome, but failed to notice that it wasn’t hers. However Kagome saw him and froze as she watched him charge her, she was for the first time in her life, truly scared of Inuyasha and what he might do to her. Closing her eyes, she waited to feel the searing pain that was to come, however after several seconds she opened her eyes to see Inuyasha slammed into a tree and then slammed into the ground afterwards.


Yusuke saw what the other man did, but he knew it was not as it seemed. Kurama was injured and Kagome was helping him. But when he saw the other man charge Kagome and Kurama his instincts took over and he chased after him. Being faster he was able to reach him and slam him into the tree rather hard and afterwards he slammed him into the ground even harder. Picking him up he pulled back his fist and slugged him so hard, he was knocked unconscious from the blow.

“Kagome, lets go, you have a lot of explaining to do!” said Yusuke as he picked the other guy up and threw him over his shoulder. Looking back he saw Kagome fuming and couldn’t help but smirk at her. “You know Kagome, anybody ever told you you’re real cute when you’re angry?”

Upon seeing the blush grow across her face, he smirked and they headed back to the shrine. There questions would await all of them, along with answers to those questions. And hopefully a second chance and new outlook on those previously judged, along with a new respect for others.


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