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Chapter 9

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Dad Issues

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“Hi sweet pea.” Dad started off smoothly. The boys tilted their heads. “H-Hi Dad…” I said sounding calm although on the inside I wasn’t calm at all. “I watched you perform tonight. I never knew you wanted to be a singer.” his words were stupid. “Well I’ve told you before.” I replied. “Really? Huh…I guess I just don’t remember.” he shrugged. I kept my hands below the desk, so no one could see them shaking. I noticed that the boys had tensed up. “Sorry to be a bother but could I talk to you privately?” he asked. “No you may not.” Joe said clenching his mouth. “Ya Dad.” I answered. Dad shot a glare at Joe and then walked away with me.
“What do you need Dad?” I asked as if this was just a normal conversation. “Well I seen you perform tonight and you were pretty good.” he was still playing it off smooth. “Thanks. I didn’t even know you were going to be here.” I shrugged. “I was thinking about the last time we talked and we ended it kind of bad. I was just thinking that maybe we could restart. Maybe we could even be a team together, you the singer and me your manager.” he offered. Just the thought of that made me want to vomit. “Uh no Dad. I already have a manager.” I answered, leaving out my rude thoughts. “Oh…” he trailed off.
It was silent for a few moments. “So I’m guessing you don’t love me anymore?” he said out of the blue. “Huh?” I was taken aback. “I’m guessing you don’t love me anymore. I mean you obviously don’t want me in your life.” he spoke as if it was evident. “Dad…I love you.” the words were true, but hard to say. “If you loved me then you would want me to be a part of your career.” I knew my dad was a jerk but this? I couldn’t say anything, I simply shook my head. “That’s not true…” I finally spoke. “It is! You hate me!” he began to overreact.
I took in a breath. “Dad stop acting like this! I love you, I always have! But good God, for once think about someone other than yourself!” everything was pouring out, “You have never cared one bit about me, but now that I’m semi-sort of famous you want to be in my life! Its ridiculous Dad!” I yelled. “No. I am not being ridiculous! You are! Why do you always think I’m a bad person?” he demanded. “Because you are Dad.” I whispered. “What?” his voice was arrogant. “You are a bad person. I love you, I really do, but you are a bad person.” I spoke with confidence, something I had never done before.
My dad’s face scrunched up in anger. “How dare you say that?” he began, “You are despicable.” his eyes were cold. “Whatever Dad.” I just rolled my eyes and began to walk away. “You were a mistake. Neither your mom or me wanted you.” his words were harsh. “What did you say?” I turned back around. My dad had told me many times before that I was a mistake and he had never wanted me, but telling me that my mom didn’t want me? That was too far. “You heard me.” he held back a grin, he knew he had gotten to me. I walked over to him, “Mom had always wanted me.” I took my hand and smacked his face. “Always.” I repeated and turned away.
I thought it was done and over, but then he did something I never thought in my life he would do. He whipped me around and smacked me. The pain pricked my skin. “How dare you disrespect me?” he kept a hold on my wrist. Tears were welling up in my eyes but I held them in. “Answer me!” he yelled. “Never, ever, hit her.” I heard Joe’s voice. “Stay out of this!” he barked at Joe. “No, you stay out of this. Can’t you see you’ve done enough damage to her? She finally gets back on top and you come and ruin everything. Do you really think that was a good thing to do?” Joe questioned. “Well…” my dad couldn’t think of anything to say.
I winced as my dad’s grip tightened. He had never physically hurt me, it had always been verbally or emotionally. Joe glanced at me and noticed. “Let her go and leave, or I will have you removed.” Joe’s voice stayed calm. “How are you going to make me little boy.” Dad challenged. “Big Rob!” Joe called. I watched as Big Rob walked outside. Rob’s face became alarmed. My dad dropped my hand. “One day you’ll realize how badly you messed up.” Dad gave one last threat and left.
I wanted to thank Joe, but instead I just fell to my knees. I began to sob. “Big Rob will you tell everyone to give us a moment?” Joe asked politely. “Yes.” Rob’s deep voice replied and then he went back inside.
I felt Joe’s arms embrace me. He pulled me up on his lap as we sat on the ground. “Shh…” he whispered holding me. “Oh Joe…” I murmured through the tears. “Its ok Aubrey.” he just held me tighter. I sobbed continuously, each sob only getting louder. I was completely vulnerable. Joe didn’t say anything, he simply held me. Somehow he knew that words were pointless at the moment. I knew that we had been out there for an awfully long time, but I couldn’t quit crying.
“I’m so sorry Joseph.” the sobs began to slow down. “For what?” he asked. “For all of this. I didn’t mean for it to happen.” I clarified. “Aubrey, look at me.” he tilted my chin to him, “It’s not your fault. Nobody thinks that it is.” he stared into my eyes. “Not just about tonight. I’m sorry that I told you I couldn’t love you anymore, I’m sorry that I started talking to Kyle, and I’m sorry about this whole ordeal tonight too.” I rambled about everything I was sorry for. He paused for a moment. “Aubrey I know why you said you didn’t love me. If it had been the other way around I might’ve said the same. It’s ok that you started talking to Kyle, I know that you were hurting and needed a guy. Lastly, tonight was not even near your fault. There is nothing you need to be sorry for.” he wiped the last tear from my cheek.
I looked in his eyes. There was nothing insincere in them, there was only honesty. “Joe I want to work this out. I want us to be together again. It may take a little bit for me to get over everything that has happened, but I want to give us a second chance.” I bit my lip. “Thank you. I’ve been wanting, no hoping, for you to say that. I can wait, all I want is to be with you.” he smiled.
All had been done and said that was needed and now it was time to go back in. Everyone rushed up to me with worry on their faces. “I’m fine, a little shaken, but I’m fine.” I assured everyone. I could tell that my mom wasn’t completely convinced, but there would be time to tell her.
We were all heading back to the hotel. I was happy that we had a concert in Kansas City too. Mallory seemed to be very content. Mostly she stared at the Jonas Brothers or asked them every question her strange mind could think of. But I think that it was ok since the boys seemed to be enjoying her too. They laughed at her strange comments and of course they made her laugh, they made everyone laugh.
At last we were up in the hotel. We signed in and went up to our rooms. I had to say one of the many benefits of being with the Jonas Brothers was the really nice hotel rooms you got to stay in.
The look on Mallory’s face when she seen her room was priceless. She even jumped up and down a few times. “This is my room?” she asked while jumping. “Yep Mals, this is your room.” I laughed. “Awesome.” she smiled and then quit jumping. “Well I’m going to bed so I’ll see you in the morning.” I hugged her goodnight and then went off to my room.
I heard a knock at my door. “Come in.” I answered. My mom stepped into the room and sat down on my bed. “I just came in to say goodnight.” she hugged me. There was a moment of silence. “Do you want to talk about tonight?” she finally asked. “Sure Mom.” I nodded.
It was nice getting to talk to her in person. I knew it was a little bit pathetic, but I had missed my mom terribly. At the moment, it was almost like being at home when we would talk in my room. Even though what we were talking about wasn’t a good thing, it still felt so nice to get to talk to Mom again. “I’m so sorry my bambina.” she held me close. I knew that it hurt Mom as much as it hurt me. It had always been that way with Dad. “Its ok Mom.” I smiled at her. She looked in my eyes to make sure I was telling the truth and then she said goodnight and went off to her room.
For awhile I just thought about it all. Everything had been so crazy tonight. The good news was that I had one more day with my mom and Mallory. I turned off the small lamp beside my bed and shut my eyes, too tired to stay awake.


I was so sorry about what Aubrey had to go through tonight, but at the same time I was ecstatic that she still loved me. She had said she wanted to wait until she was comfortable with being with me again, but there’s this little idea that might work.
I continued to think about everything. “Oh crap.” I whispered to myself. “Janelle.” I shook my head. I began to pace my room. Janelle was a pretty and wonderful girl, but there was just no one that could be better for me than Aubrey. I had known all along that we were meant to be. Now the only thing I had to think of was how I could let Janelle down easy…
I dialed her number. “Hello?” a guy’s voice answered. “Uh…is Janelle there?” I asked. “Who is this?” this time the guy’s voice was a little angered. “Joe…” I replied. I heard the phone getting whipped around. “Joe?” it was Janelle. “Ya.” I said. “Who was that guy?” I asked. “Um…well…you see…” she stammered over words. “He’s my boyfriend. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, you see I thought he was still in France.” she tried to explain herself. “Ok…” I was confused. “I’m sorry Joe. We can still…” I heard her walking and then a door shut. “be together.” she finished her sentence. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I kind of don’t want to be with a girl that already has a boyfriend.” I still couldn’t believe this. “Oh…well fine. You know what Joe, you really aren’t as great as I thought you were going to be.” she hung up.
I began to laugh. I was expecting that I would hurt her feelings and then feel bad about it, but I mean come on, she had a boyfriend! At last my laughing went away and then I got into bed. Today had officially been the weirdest day ever.
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