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Missing the point(one-shot)

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What happens when Angie gets an unexpected visit from a friend.

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That night Angie was selfish, tired and horny as she laid over to the other side of the bed, with her boyfriend huffing on the other side. She sighed as not even an inch of guilt overwhelmed her. Yes, she had done wrong by only satisfying herself, but other nights she wouldn't have a chance. Other times there were limits, no kissing, no foreplay, no pleasure what so ever, which made her think he was fucking someone else. She sighed as the weight on the other side of the bed lifted and the door to her room slammed. He left. And by the way she acted tonight she wouldn't expect him to come back.

Next morning she woke feeling as she did the night before. unsatisfied and angry. Whats wrong with me? she thought. She sighed and sat up to place her head in her hands. Several minutes passed. She grabbed her clothes off the floor and threw them at the hamper. She walked into the bathroom and started the bath water. She removed her underwear and hopped in. She breathed in a heavy amount of the peppermint scented air and didn't dare release it. She groaned, and released it by force as the door bell rang. Cursing beneath her breath she slowly got out and grabbed her robe off the bathroom door and stepped downstairs. She walked to the door.

"Who is it?" She questioned.


She rolled her eyes and opened the door. He immediately grabbed her in a hugged. She jumped at his touch. Seeing that they hadn't spoken in over two years, she wasn't expecting much.

"Woah, someones jumpy!" Andrew smirked.

"Well, you'd jump too if I just showed at your doorstep after two friggin' years."

"About that...Look I'm sorry." He said nervously.

"Two years, Andrew! And not one phone call, not one text message, not one e-mail!" She said almost screaming. It could have been the night before that made her so angry. It could have been Andrew.

"I figured you wouldn't want to speak, that, and-"

"Don't..." She trailed off.

"What say 'us'?"

"I had a rough night and now you come here to rub it in my face how you fucked me two fucking years ago! How I was probably the easiest girl in college!" Angie spoke on the verge of tears. How could he have broken her in less that five minutes.

"Angie? We were friends! Don't you think once puberty hit it was bound to happen?" He said with a sigh. "I came here to tell you. You were an amazing woman. Still are. And yes, it took me two years to figure out, how much you meant to me. Mean to me, still.

"My boyfriend, could be upstairs right now and you still have the guts to say this?"

"Your, right. But if their was a boyfriend wouldn't he be downstairs by now." He said pointing to her robe.

Looked down and fumbled with the robe and fixed her posture. She had in fact forgotten she was bare under her robe. It made her turn red at the fact he could of been picturing her naked.

"Exactly. Theirs no one." Andrew said when she failed to respond.

She bit her lip. Hard. "Your here standing at my doorstep hoping for?" She said gesturing him to speak. Please be here to take me out of hell! please! She thought.

"I guess, what I came for was a waste of time." He began to turn around. What!? NO! She thought.

"Wait!" She called grabbing his shoulder. When he turned around they were deadly close. So she back away. "Please! I've been in hell for so long." She said trying to choke her words back.

His gaze burned holes through her. She closed her eyes and hoped this would be over. She hoped it would end-
Instead she felt his arms wrap around her thin body. She tensed up and he seemed to notice. He kissed her nose and she couldn't help but play a smile on her lips.

He smiled back. As he snuggled her gently she said, "You know what?"

"What?" He answered back.

"Now would be a great time to kiss me."


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My first one-shot. Kinda short. But I bet ya liked it!
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