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Something To Live For

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When Gaara visits the leaf vilage, will he realize how much he cares for a certain blond boy?

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Something to Live For
By: Kandierain15/ Comatose_Angelic_Devil
September 4, 2008

In my world, there is no such thing as losing and living. It’s
either you live and win, or die. But tha-that boy, he grew up in the
perfect world. He lost many times, and people never threatened
him with death. That is why I despise him.....though I know
nothing about him. My name is Gaara Subakuno. I am from the
village of Suna. There they do not give little children hugs when
they fail, they punish. But in his land, they encourage children to
try and try again. I sometimes wonder that if I had grown up
there, would I have become like him? -Gaara(Personal Journal)

“Temari. Gather Kankuro and tell him we’re leaving for
Konoha,” Gaara ordered, briskly walking away after telling her.

The elder sister rolled her eyes and went to go find her
brother. She had to wander through most of Suna before finding
her brother by the brothel. “Kankuro! Gaara is telling us to
leave. Come on and stop flirting with those common whores.”

“You’re kiding?! He actually told us he’s leaving before
doing so himself? Hmmm...I wonder what’s gotten into him?”
Kankuro pondered. He cast a sullen look towards the brothel
before sighing. “Bye girls. I’ll be back in a couple of days. I’ll see
you then.

“Bye Kankuro,” they said in unison. “We can’t wait for you
that long. We might just die if we don’t have you soon,” the
whores said batting their eyelashes.

“Well, Tamari can you just tell Gaara that I can’t go?”
Kankuro pleaded.

“No! I sure as hell arn’t letting you stay here and get some
more deseases by these sluts,” Tamari grimaced. She then pulled
his ear roughly and pulled him towards the Suna gates.

“Hey, don’t be so mean,” he pouted at her. Once they were
far away from the brothel she let go of his ear.

“And for your information, I can be meaner. You know
that,” she said smirking.

“I know. That’s what scares me so badly,” he shuddered
and looked around the gates of the village. “Where’s Gaara?”

“I’m not sure. Do you think we could have gotten here
before him?” Temari asked him.

“Could be. I mean,” he looked around to make sure he
wasn’t anywhere near there. “He is pretty short.”

“What was that Kankuro?” Gaara whispered in his ear.

“AGHHH!!!!” Kankuro screamed. Temari giggled and
after taking one moment to pause, burst out laughing.

Gaara smirked and walked to where he was standing right
in front of Kankuro. “Did I scare you, “big brother”?” Gaara
teased him.

“Oh my god, Kankuro you should of heard yourself. You
sounded just like a girl,” Temari said holding her stomach.

“Come on. We need to get to the border of the Land of Fire
by night,” Gaara ordered.

“Are you serious?” Kankuro asked him. “That’d be
eighteen miles in one day.”

“Yes I am serious. I have matters to discuss with the
Hokage,” Gaara coldly replied.

“Psst...All he wants to do is stare at Naruto some more
while he still can,” Temari whisperd to Kankuro.

“I can hear you,” Gaara glared with a slight blush marring
his cheeks.

“Sorry Kazekage,” Kankuro bowed. When Gaara was
mad, you did not want to disobey him!

“Come then, you do want to sleep tonight do you not?”
Gaara teased.

Once Gaara had gone up ahead Temari and Kankuro stuck
their tongues out at him. “I saw that too.”

“Eep!” and they ran to catch up to him.

Gaa/Naru Gaa/Naru Gaa/Naru Gaa/Naru Gaa/Naru Gaa/Naru


“Iruka-Sensei! Iruka-Sensei! Come on. I’ve been away for
so long. I’m hungry,” Naruto complained to his former teacher.

“I know. You’re going to spend all my money again arn’t
you?” Iruka asked.

“.......,” Naruto really didn’t have an answer to that.

“Hahahaha,” Iruka laighed heartly. “It’s fine Naruto. You
just need to tell me so I can ask the Hokage to cover your fine.”

“How is Grandma Tsunade doing anyway?” Naruto asked
between bites. They had gotten to the Ramen Shop and the
owner had already prepared a bowl for him.

“She’s fine....did you know that she finally settled down? I
heard some housewives talking about it this morning,” Iruka
asked him.

“NANI!? With who? Please tell me he’s her age!” Naruto
practically begged the man.

“With Jiraiya,” is all Iruka said.

“What!.....please tell me you don’t think he’ll cheat on her,”
Naruto said thinking of the pervert’s habits.... “But that means
she could get prgnant and have kids.”

“Yes and there have been even more rumors that she’s
already pregnant,” Iruka nodded his head

“What are you two talking about? You should hurry up and
come over to the entrance gates. The Kazekage is here for a
visit,” a young female said to her friends sitting a few seats away.

Naruto looked longingly at his ramen, but then looked
towards the gates. He sighed and started to talk.
“ you mind if we continue this another time? I
really havn’t seen Gaara in a while and I’d like to see him before
he leaves.”

“Go ahead Naruto. I’ll stop by your apartment later on if I
have to,” Iruka excused him.

Naruto ran off to the entrance gates. ‘Yay! I havn’t seen
Gaara in such a long time!’ When he got to the gates and saw
Gaara, his mouth dropped.

For some reason, Gaara had gotten cuter...stratch that, he
had gotten hotter. Way hotter. Why was it suddenly too hot in the
breezy spring afternoon?

Temari caught him staring at Gaara and smirked.
Aparently the Naruto kid had a crush on her little brother too.
This was going to be fun to tease him later with. She smirked at
him and he instantly blushed.

“Hey Naruto! Get your ass over here! We know we’re
beautiful so stop staring and come talk to us,” why wait to tease?
Why not just start now?

Naruto ran over to them like a puppy and when Gaara
noticed him, he put full attention to him.

“Hello Naruto. Who were you staring at?” Gaara asked

“ one in why are you visiting
Konoha?” Naruto answered avoiding the question. “Do you have
a meeting with Grandma Tsunade?”

“Yes I do but I also came here to visit you. I have not seen
you in months. I thought you might enjoy spending time with me.
Was I wrong?” Gaara asked him.

“No! You’re fine. I really don’t mind spending time with
you,” Naruto said blushing. ‘Yeah but you’d really like to spend
time with him in the bed,’ Kyuubi laughed at him.

“Haha. Looks like Gaara has a secret admirer,” Kankuro
joked when Temari pointed at Naruto behind her back and away
from Gaara and Naruto’s eyes.

“Wha! I nev-I never said I was admiring him,” Naruto
nearly yelled.

“Down boy. I was just kidding kiddo,” Kankuro replied
ruffling Naruto’s hair.

“Is Lady Tsunade in right now?” Gaara politly asked me.

“No she’s not. She is in the land of Waves right now and
isn’t due back for another two weeks. I’m sorry Gaara,” Naruto
apoloized. “Would you be willing to stay here for that long? And
you Temari and Kankuro?”

“Sigh I guess I’ll stay....does you village have any
brothels?” Kankuro asked. Naruto shook his head at him and
frowned. “It’s at the very other end of the village.” Kankuro
walked off to that direction.

“And I don’t mind at all. I have Shikamaru here and I have
to play matchmaker for someone too!” Temari exclaimed, also
running off.

“And you Gaara?” Naruto asked him. He didn’t want to be
rude to the Kazekage after all.

“I do not mind at all...but I do not have a place to stay?”
Gaara questioned.

“Well our inns arn’t that good so if you’d like, you could
maybe stay at my place?” Naruto offered blushing a bit.

“You would do that for me?” Gaara asked suprized.

“Yeah sure. Why wouldn’t I?” Naruto said.

“Well I guess I’m not used to people actually liking me,”
Gaara blushed deeply looked down at the ground.

Naruto lifted Gaara’s head up and looked him in the eye.
“You don’t ever say that! You’ve never been alone. You’ve had
Temari, Kankuro, and Me with you all this time.”

“I’m sorry Naruto,” Gaara muttered staring at him. Naruto
breathed in his smell unwillingly. He smelled of rain and honey.

Gaara’s eyes closed partly as he came closer to him. They
were now only a cenimeter apart. Naruto could smell his scent
and it made him weary. “Gaara.....” Gaara didn’t for him to
finish before attacking his mouth. Naruto moaned and pressed
him mouth closer to his. Gaara licked Naruto’s upper lip asking
for addmision and Naruto parted slowly, enjoying the tsate of
Gaara. It was even better than Ramen.

Gaara wasn’t much better. He was feeling faint and pressed
his whole body into Naruto to keep himself from falling. He didn’t
realize he had pressed his crotch onto Naruto’s until it was too
late. Naruto pressed right into him. Gaara was in complete
heaven...but it was soon taken away.

“Gasp! Naruto? Kazekage-sama!?” Shizune cried out,
dropping the books she held in her hands onto the ground.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this!” Naruto begged her.
He soon realized he was still embrancing Gaara and jumped
away from him.

“Were you two doing what I thought I saw you two doing?”
Shizune asked, scared a bit.

“If you mean making out while molesting eachother, then
yes,” Naruto muttered. Shizune heard him though and crumbled
to the ground in a dead faint.

“Come on. We need to get out of here and to my
apartment. Once someone sees her passed out and she wakes up,
rumors will go around about us that won’t be good!” Naruto said.
“Now come on!” Naruto grabbed Gaara’s arm and pulled him to
his apartment. Once they had gotten in there though they
realized that they were all alone with no one to seperate them.

“Umm....did you mean what you did?”Gaara asked
hesitently. “Or did you just do it in the heat of the moment?”

“Of course I meant it. I...well I like you Gaara. A lot. And I
would never do anything to make you sad and angry,” Naruto
said. “At least not meaning to.”

“I’m glad.” Gaara said smiling. “Umm Naruto?”

“Yeah Gaara what is it?” Naruto said smiling really brightly
at him.

“Would you maybe k-kiss me pl-ple-please?” Gaara

Witht hat Naruto pulled Gaara to the couch where he made
out with every part of his body.
Naru/Gaa Naru/Gaa Naru/Gaa Naru/Gaa Naru/Gaa Naru/Gaa

Hello! This story is over and phew am I glad it’s done! Don’t you
just love that limeness?! Yum! Hope you enjoy and please, R&R.
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