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Screaming in my head
Praying for death
I can't take your SHIT
So I SCREAM for today
The pressure applied
The work possessed
I SCREAM for it all
I pray for it to END
Weather it be death or not
Just Fucking END
I sit, I wait, I pray
I wish for them to leave
The world shall end
I won't fucking care
With antagony
Just crying for a day
I SCREAM in pain
I cry in lust
I wish in hope of
I work in dreams
The edge of my rope
The boy in my heart
The confusion and yelling
I SCREAM for today
PRAY for tomarrow
The PISSED me swearing
The LOVING me crying
The CONFUSED me wishing
The TIRED me dying
So fucking sick of it ALL
I SCREAM praying it will help
I CRY praying i'll die
I HURT praying it will cut
I RUN praying it will leave
I run for me
I SCREAM for them
I HURT for her
I CRY for him
So confused
So lost
So fucking pissed
Dying on the inside
Crying on the out
Nothing ever goes right
No one ever knows
The darkness I face
The space that is unfilled
The hopes I crave
The lives I hate
The hearts that die
Mine is one
SCREAMING in hopes of today
HURTING from his words
DYING from the emptyness
I'm lost with myself
I'm SCREAMING to live
I'm LIVING to die
I'm DYING to create
This world is so fucked up
I'm SCREAMING for her
I'm LIVING for then
I'm WISHING for it
I'm DYING to live
To dream beyond these walls
To walk beyond this land
SCREAMING with antagony
The father of tomarrow dissappears
Leaving five children alone
Hurting their development
They cry in their hearts
SCREAM for today
CRY for tomarrow
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