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The Heavenly Soulmate

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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2008-10-04 - Updated: 2008-10-04 - 113 words - Complete

Walk in into the light
Of beautiful rainbows
Find your soulmate in the clouds
The fluffy soft clouds
As you walk through the heavens
Theres a pond
The light water trickles off her back
As she swims through the water
The water in the clouds, so soft, So touchable
The smell of rain wanders in
'Pure water,' her voice rings through the heavens
Beautiful world
So pure, so innocent, she is.
The curves of her body
The glistening water drops that roll
The tastes of her lips
Innocence sings, Screams out to you
Her touch warmthens
The sensational feeling, overtakes you
Her deepened eyes
Your soulmate in the clouds.
The Heavenly Soulmate.
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