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If I Had My Chance I'd Never Let You Go

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Frank has a bad dream and Gerard comforts him.Uber cute.Frerard one-shot. Ahhh it's good to be back. :]

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HOLYSHIT.Wow.I haven't written anything on here in...7 months.I had a chapter fic going.I don't know what I'm going to do about that.I might get back into that,but I'm not sure.I don't know what kept me away from here.I've been reading like a motherfucker and I've been writing stuff to myself but I haven't uploaded anything.AND OMG.They have a little bold and italics thing. :,D
That's new! Fucking fancy.That's exciting man. XD I fee like a princess.Anyways.I'll just improvise.Something to bring me back.Sorry,if amyone remembers me,anyways goes. :D

I sat up in bed with a loud scream.My breathing was terribly heavy and uneven.I was covered in a thin sheet of sweat.I felt cold,but my skin was burning.I felt like I was on fire,yet the cool air was freezing me.I frantically looked around.
"Frankie?" came a beautiful voice.It was frantic and scared.
I felt warm arms slip around my hips and pull me.I immediately felt warm,smooth,dry skin against my burning,sweating body.I felt dry,cool chest against mine.My breathing slowed.My heart slowed and matched the one that was just through a few layers of flesh from my own.
"Shh.What's wrong,baby? Calm down..."
I exhaled.Inhaled.Exhaled.Inhaled.Exhaled.
I felt the sweat slowly start to disappear.
"It...'s just a dream.Only a dream." I answered and reminded myself,as well.My voice was merely a whisper.
"Oh Frankie.Not again.Shh.I'm here.You're safe.I'm safe."
"I-I know.I'm sorry."
"Don't be.It's fine baby."
He was sitting up next to me.I was turned to him as he held my waist and caressed the moist skin of my back.My chin was on his shoulder.My arms hanging around his neck.Bare skin was on bare skin.His hand raised and caressed my hair.He ran his spidery fingers through the long,brown ,wet strands.
"Do you want to tell me about it?"
"I never want to think about it again."
I tried to erase the horrible pictures from my mind.Just months ago,Gerard had been in a terrible accident.He's lucky he's alive.I'm lucky he's alive.We were in a comic book store.Then the place was robbed.They had knives.They were heading toward the register and Gerard was in line.I was standing with him.They got Gerard in his side with a knife.There was blood everywhere.His unbearably beautiful face was twisted into a grimace of agony.I couldn't help him.Someone called the police.He was screaming.The painful sounds were pouring from his perfect mouth.Each scream was a knife in my heart.If that hadn't been the most horrible moment in my life,the one a few moments following would have been.
I ran with the people that were pulling the love of my life away into an ambulance.They wouldn't let me in with him.
"Fa-F-RANKIE!" he managed to screech,with all of his might.
"That's me! I'm Frank! Let me come!"
"Family only.Are you family?"
"No but I-"
The door shut in my face and drove away.
"I'm going to be..."
I shuddered trying to erase the thoughts from my mind.Gerard had healed and he was fine now.It was me.I'm the one who had to take therapy for it.I don't go anywhere with Gerard without letting him out of my sight.I don't go anywhere and let go of him for one second.I hold onto his hand or ride his back or something.I always have to be touching him in some way.For reassurance that he is still there.I never let him out of my way.I even follow him to the bathroom when we are in public places.I don't like being in crowded areas with him.I don't like letting him go out alone.I rarely do.If I lost him,all the therapy in the world couldn't fix me.I would be a broken heart walking.If it weren't for all the times of me promising Gerard I would never kill myself,I would die with him.I know I'm starting to get to him.I know that he has to be getting irritated with me,because we are basically glued together.He is just so heartbreakingly beautiful.He is just so gorgeous and perfect.He is an angel.I have become terribly obsessed with him.I have to be with him.I just can't...let him go.
"I know I'm becoming a burden..," my voice shattered the invisible wall of silence.
"No.You're not."he said softly.Gerard was now laying on his back.I had calmed down from my cold-sweat.I was on my side with my right arm tucked underneath me.My left arm was laying aross his torso,gripping his hip.My head was just above his shoulder on his pillow.My face was nuzzled in his neck.I was studying his his jaw line and the smooth,flawless skin of his neck through the dim light of the moon showing through the window.I have been paying so much close attention to every small characteristic of his body lately.Every small little habit or microscopic mark on his body,I knew so well.I'm always staring at him.But for some reason,he just never seems uncomfortable with it. We were both awake.We both knew it.Our eyes were still open,both lost in our thoughts.His left arm was holding me around my back.His right hand was stroking my neck,caressing the skin.I was breathing against his skin.
"Don't you miss...the...privacy..?"
"I like being with you,Frankie.I love the fact that you are always there.I don't think you have the slightest idea of how much I think of you.I feel like the burden.I feel like you could get bored with me any second and give up on me.You spend so much time with me and I cherish every moment.Every touch.I'm afraid that you'll realize every moment you spend with me is the same and I'm not giving you everything you deserve.I can't be any more than I already am and I wish I could be ...for you.I want to be more for you.Everything you do for me is a blessing and I am so happy I have you and you always want to be there with me.I love you Frankie."
"No.Nononono.I'm not bored with you.You are all I ever want and I don't want you any different. I want you the way you are forever and always.That's why I'm always stuck to you.I never want to lose you and I get so scared.I'm scared everyday of losing you.I can't let you out of my sight because I'm afraid and I just-I love you so much.I can't let you go and I'm sorry-"
"Never be sorry for that Frank.Ever since it happened,I've only felt closer to you and it's an amazing feeling.I love it.I love you there.And you won't be losing me any time soon.I promise.I'll always be here for you,sweetheart."
There was a silence.It was a good silence.Everything that needed to be said was said.I tightened my grip on his hip and pulled him closer.So close.The feeling of his warm skin against mine felt so good.I basked in his embrace.It was beautiful.He was beautiful.
And he wanted me here with him.I squeezed him closer.As close as I could get us without being on top of him and without hurting him.He never minded.I breathed in his warm scent.
"You are so beautiful Gerard."I breathed.
"You are beautiful Frankie.Now get some sleep baby.We should get up in a few hours."
"mmm."I mumbled into his chest and I fell silently asleep holding him close to me.

My eyes fluttered open.I felt a loss of warmth.I panicked.I looked around in my empty bed.
I knew he was here somewhere but it was my instinct to panick and I couldn't help myself nowadays.
"Gerard? Gerard?!"
I scrambled out of the bed to my feet and headed towards the door.The door then opened and Gerard came racing to me.
"Frankie.Sh.It's fine.I had to use the bathroom.I'm right here.I'm sorry I left."
I held Gerard close to me.He was still only in his boxers,as was I.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him tightly to me.His hands slipped to the bottom of my spine and encircled my waist.
"Shh..." he mumbled into my neck.
"I'm such a wreck.It's fine.I'm fine."
I pulled away from my embrace to look at his face good for the first time today.
Don't even get me started before I get too carried away.
But I...he was amazingly pale.His eyes were so bright compared to his pale skin.Hazel.Sparkling.Unbelievable.Indescribable.
His breath was so sweet as he exhaled against my face.My eyes flickered to his beautiful mouth.
He moved his hand to my face.The skin touching mine was amazing.
I looked back up into his eyes.
He leaned forward.
His smooth,perfect lips touching mine gentley.Oh god.They felt so good and warm and perfect.
My eyes shut.I can't believe how terribly lucky I am.I carressed the angelic skin of his neck.He began working his mouth against mine.
I had become embarrassingly sensitive to any kind of intimate gesture with Gerard.I actually told Gerard about it.He told me to not be embarrassed.He thinks its adorable.He likes it.It makes him feel like he's doing something right.
But he does everything perfectly and it's still embarrassing!
But it makes him feel good and it makes me feel unbearably amazing.
I worked my mouth back softly.Small wet sounds were heard through the room.
I felt a wet warmth at the crease of my lips.I gasped.He smiled into the kiss.
"Please."he mumbled against my mouth.
Of course.
I parted my lips to accomodate the most delicious thing and taste on this earth.His tongue was so cool and fit in my mouth perfectly.I felt him enter into my mouth.He felt around my mouth.
"mmmmmmmm."I moaned quietly.
The muscle then met mine.
I whimpered quite audibly.
The taste.The feeling.It was all so beautiful and perfect and too good to be true.His tongue worked and lapped against mine.I gasped and whimpered as I tried to keep up with his kissing.His tongue.His taste was so sickly sweet and wonderful.I tangled my fingers in his shaggy black hair and pulled his mouth closer to mine.We both opened our mouths wider to get more of each other.Our tongues swirled as I continued to pull his face harder to mine.The more of his taste I got,the more excited I got.The texture of his tongue was so nice.Ughh.Just the thought of feeling his taste buds against mine made my head swim.I wish we were glued at the mouth all the time.His hands pulled my hips harder to his.Our bodies were smashed so close together,not a bit of air could escape between us.
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It was amazing.His body was so hard and beautiful.His hips bones dug into mine.It was painfully sweet.I felt his bulge poke at my thigh.I gasped into his hot,delicious mouth.His hands raomed over my back.He touched every inch of exposed skin he could get his wonderful hands on.
I mirrored his actions.I touched him.I touched him anywhere I could.I touched him everywhere I cuold.A field of naked skin was slayed before me and it was all mine.I wanted it.I wanted all of it.In my hands.Inside of me.I wanted this beautiful man inside of me.I wanted to feel him.
His hands slipped down to my hips.He put a finger in the edge of the elastic at my waist.He ran his finger gently along the rim of skin exposed just above the fabric.
"Mhmmm." I mumbled and nodded against his mouth.He pulled the fabric and let it fall from my hips.I was cold,immediatley.I felt my member,slowly heat and get harder.It was pressed against the warm exposed skin of Gerard's lovely thigh. He gasped into my mouth.
Ungh.It turns me on so much when Gerard makes sounds when he is turned on.It turns me on when he is turned on in general.
Our kiss died softly.Our tongues swirled a bit more gently.Our lips pressed together and released with a wet sound.I didn't like the loss of warmth in my mouth,but that feeling would soon be replaced.I moved my hands down his sides.I looked into his beautiful eyes and slipped the only garment that seperated us down his thighs and then let it fall to the ground.My eyes flickered really quickly down his body and back up.I felt his hard twitch with the sight of me looking him over.I almost had tears.This man was too good for me.
He glanced down at me as well.
"Frankie,you will never know how beautiful you are to me."He spoke sincerely whilst looking into my eyes.I smiled slightly.He grinned.We pulled each other faces together,gently.Our lips worked delicatley at each other.So soft and perfect.Gently kissing as the cool air surrounded us.He pulled me closer to him.Our exposed middles met.We both gasped at the contact.Our pulsating members were heating.The feeling of them touching was envigerating.Gerard pushed his hips into mine,gently.I whimpered.
"G-Gerard.I want you so badly."I squeked.
"As you wish."he whispered.
He backed me up to our bed.I sat down and scooted back.I layed my head against the soft pillows.I looked down.Gerard slowly crawled on his hands and knees up to me.He moved over my body and his face now hovered over mine.
"I'm going to make you feel good."
I nodded quickly.
He leaned down and connected out lips.So gentle.He bit my bottom lip gently and sucked it into his mouth,nibbling softly.He sunk his teeth into it delicatley and pulled back,releasing my lip.I looked up at him.His mouth was red and swollen from the kissing.Sensitive.It was like he read my mind and gently pecked my lips once more.Innoscence.He trailed kisses down my neck.He moved to the middle of my body.He went down over my chest.A wet trail was made slowly over my abdomen.My muscles tightened.He began licking and sucking and kissing the skin just above my crotch.He kept pecking down.I felt a loss of warmth.
Then I felt the most amazing wet warmth slowly lick up my shaft.I whimpered loudly.Warm hands were held at my hips.I dug my head into the pillow behind me.I felt him push his soft tongue as hard as he could against my slit.I moaned.He sucked my head into his mouth.I felt his tongue graze over the slit gently,repititiously.He moved his mouth farther over me.Warth and wetness enveloped me.
He sucked with more pressure.I whimpered and moaned.He pulled his mouth of of me.I gasped at the cool air that clung to the moisture around my cock.
"Don't come yet.I want you to come with me,beautiful."
I slowed my breathing,which I noticed I was breathing very heavily.
He came up to me and slipped his tongue through my lips.He massaged mine with his own.He sat back on his knees.He ran his hands up my thighs.He raised my hips over his lap.
"Are you ready?" he breathed.
"Please.Take me." I moaned.
I felt his head at my entrance,the feeling odd.But I knew what was to come.We had done this before.I felt him push further into me.He stopped and let me get used to him and get ready to accomodate the rest of him.He looked into my eyes.I nodded.He then pushed the rest of the way in.
"Oooooh."we both moaned simultaneously.Nothing compared to what I was feeling at this moment.The feeling of this beautiful man.His raging hard on inside of me.The heat I had enveloped around him.It was unbearable.
I nodded.
"Take me Gerard."I gasped.
His warm hands held my waist.I could feel the dark coarse hair against my ass.I could feel his thighs against my ass.
I breathed heavily.He leaned down and pecked my lips gently.
He started to move.My eyes went wide.He thrusted gently.He thrusted again.I could feel my hard growning.I wanted to come so badly but I had to wait.He thrusted again.Slowly.He rotated his hips gently inside of me,pushing in further.He pulled back.Another slow thrust,finding his way all the way in me.I reached around and grabbed his back,digging my nails into the flesh.He moaned.
He thrusted a bit faster and harder.He thrusted again even faster.He found a steady,but fast tempo and began to move.He went inside of me deeper and deeper.He grinded his penis into my ass,as his crotch met my ass.Things got even more heated.He sped up his pace.He went even faster.He began rolling his hips into me,hard but gentle.
As rough as Gerard could be,he was always gentle wether he meant to be or not.
He rolled into me roughly.He grunted and groaned.He continued moving faster and harder.
"Deeper,faster.ungh....split me in half!"
That did it.He went impossibly fast.He slammed his hips into me.Slam.Groan.Gasp.Moan.Slam.Groan.Gasp.Moan.
This feeling.Ecstacy.Happiness.Sweet,sweet pain.
I felt my muscles clench.
"I'm-m almostt...UNGH!"
"M-me too."
He thrusted slowly and fucking hard.
"Come with me,beatuiful."He moaned.
I have never turned Gerard down and I wasn't gonna start now.
He gripped my raging,pulsating hard.He pumped fastly.With another thrust and a few pumps...
One last time.
He slammed into me and hit my spot,so hard.So roughly.I spilled all over his hand and across his stomach.I gripped around his cock as my ass clenched.I felt his warm liquid fill my insides.I felt so full and so complete.
We moaned simultaneously.
He collapsed against my chest.His chest was heaving against mine.Sweat covered his body and his face.I slipped my arms around him and pulled him so close to me.So close.And perfect.
He breathed against my exposed skin.He layed on me.Our bodies so close.He just layed there and I absolutely loved it.He was completely spent and the feeling of him on top of me just made me feel so complete.
"Frankie I love you so much."
"Oh Gee...I love you too.More than you'll ever know."
We basked in our warmth and closeness.He slipped off and beside me.
We were high on each other and that's the wat it should be.
I held him way too close to me and watched his soft angelic features.
I will never let him go.

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