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A dormant hero must be thawed to aide a world in peril.

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Final Fantasy VIII
Sleeping Saviour
Warning: Mention of past character deaths.


Squall Leonhart's body has been in the ground for nearly fifty
years. The years had been good before old age had claimed first
Rinoa, then Zell, and then himself. The others had followed
shortly afterward. For Zell, it had been a heart-attack while
he had been training a group of SeeDs, long after he should
have retired. Rinoa had died of old age. But before she went,
she needed to pass on her power.

Breaking with tradition, she paid a visit to the Lunar
Station, when Laguna Loire slept, and passed her powers to

Squall's great-granddaughter, Loiraine, had been named after
his parents, whom he missed, though he'd never really known
his mother, and his father was still very much alive.

The last time they had been together, Squall had been on his
deathbed, and Laguna, who had asked to be awakened from his
frozen slumber when his son passed away, so he could say goodbye,
had sat by his side, holding his hand one last time. To anyone
who did not know them, Laguna and Squall looked respectively more
like grandson and grandfather than father and son.

After the funeral, Laguna had returned to stasis, and had been
asleep ever since.

Loiraine had eventually married Seifer's great-grandson, Zell
Almasy and had taken up residence in Esthar. Their daughter, Sidney,
was currently enrolled in Loire Garden.

And above them all, Laguna Loire, Eternal President of Esthar,
slept on.

But that sleep was not to last.
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