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Think of Me

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Albel walks in on Cliff in a questionable position, and decides to play a little game. Will Cliff ever come out of this with Dignity?

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"Am I interrupting something A/N: This is just a little oneshot I did for fun. If people like it enough, I may turn it into a not-so-serious series. Feedback is much appreciated.

Disclaimer: All things relating to Star Ocean, including the characters Albel Nox and Cliff Fittir, belong to Square Enix. This is a work of fan fiction, and in no way portrays what really happened in the game.

Think of Me

"Am I interrupting something?"

The blonde, who was currently situated on the hotel bed, with his hand pumping away at his hidden arousal, and a deep flush in his cheeks, didn't bother looking up. He already knew who it was and frankly, he was far too into his fantasy to allow such a cold stick figure to take it away. So without giving so much as an acknowledging glance, Cliff continued to pleasure himself. Whatever that guy wanted, it could wait until he was less... occupied.

Albel Nox sauntered around the room until he was right in front of Cliff. His eyes drifted over the scene, finding it amusing that the Klausian was too wrapped up in his own thrills to even become aware of being watched at such a beautiful vantage point. The speed of which the blonde worked that swollen limb only managed to pique the former captain's curiosity. So it was true that Klausians had remarkable reflexes...

"There is a matter I've been wanting to discuss with you."

Startled that the voice came from so close, Cliff opened one eye, but still did not halt his process. He wanted Albel to know just how comfortable he was about himself so that not even the cruelest words would affect him in any way. Of course, he had to admit that he was feeling a little self conscious. "I'm busy."

"I can see that. I hate to be a nuisance, but I fear this matter really is important." The look of pure wicked mischief tainted Albel's cocky smirk as he delicately placed his partially gloved hand on his hip. "It's about the boy."

"Fayt?!" Cliff jerked up, his fist abandoning its post as his eyes bore into the unwanted guest. Upon catching sight of the ruthless expression, his brows furrowed in suspicion. "What did you do to him?"

Faking a look of hurt, Albel touched his chest where his heart would have been. "Why do you assume it was something I did? I didn't even say I was talking about Fayt." The hurt look faded back into the pretentious mocking smirk. Indeed this little interruption had no real purpose other than entertainment. "Perhaps I was speaking of the rodent boy. What was his name again?"

Groaning upon realizing this wasn't important at all, Cliff's hand drifted back to its respective place of work, and started again. Of course, he was really turned off by all this, but he wasn't about to admit it. Voice deep, and only somewhat expressive of his intense annoyance, Cliff suggested, "Go away, Nox."

Ignoring the words, Albel kept talking. "Yes, well, the rodent seems to have gotten his tail stuck on a blade, and his helmet stuck on another. It looks to me like he went a little too far with trying to seduce the Aquarian worm."

"So why didn't you help him out?" Cliff asked, even though he already guessed either it was all a lie, or Albel didn't care enough about anyone to bother helping. The first was more possible, considering if the story was in fact true, it was hard to imagine the Black brigade captain would even waste his precious time reporting to anyone about the incident. "What do you really want, Nox?"

A moment of silence passed. It was almost as if the man was trying to come up with a reason to stay, now that he realized his originally story wasn't working out. Once seeming to set his mind on something, he smiles down at the blonde's lap. "I guess Klausians can't be impressive in all aspects. Tis a shame."

Cliffs hand froze, and his mouth gaped open, shocked by the bluntness of the other man's words. That would have hit close to home if he wasn't aware that he had nothing to worry about. Most men only dreamed of being as well-endowed as he so obviously was. But still... "Oh yeah? You talk big, pal. Does that mean you think you could show me up, or are you just trying to get a rise out of me?"

"Of course not. I can see that you are quite capable of doing that yourself." Albel's eyes gleamed with malice. "I was just surprised. I had thought that since everyone likes to go on and on about how perfect you are, and judging by the shape of your body, you must be... well... I had no idea you'd be average."

"Average?" Cliff scoffed. "Get a tape measure!"

"Don't be ridiculous. I do not care about your size, I was merely curious, that's all, and I really don't care to argue about it. I've got more important things to do."

Cliff narrowed his eyes, and paused for a moment, studying the twiggy man. "Wait a minute... Let me get this straight. You have been thinking about my package before all this, and came in here just to see if your suspicions were right?" Figuring that would just earn him another form of insult, and the train of thought turned against him, Cliff sighed and changed the subject as he pulled up, and zipped his pants. "Tell me the truth. What do you want?"

"I grew bored of listening to Fayt and that fan girl squabble like newlyweds, and you're just so jocose, that I decided to pay you a visit."

"Jo-whata?" Cliff frowned in an almost pouting manner, and shook his head. "So you came to poke fun at me? Alright, I getcha. But don't call Fayt and Sophia newlyweds. They're cousins. They fight like siblings. I don't know if the idea of cousins getting married is ok in your backwater home, but where I come from, it's not exactly ideal."

"And whose ideals do you speak of?" Albel cocked his head slightly and regarded the blonde inquisitively. "Yours? Do you have some moral outlook on life that you haven't been showing?" He leaned over the bed, a hand on either side of Cliffs lap as he continued with his voice silken and seductive, "Would you condemn anyone whose love was not ideal? Lustful affection between family? Love between man and animal? Love between adult and child? Love between men?"

Somewhat perturbed by the forced closeness, Cliff moved back a little. "I ain't condemning anyone. I just said not to say that about Fayt. Don't turn this into a debate over morality."

Albel moved closer, his eyes lowering to Cliff's lips as he whispered, "Alright, fool, so what were you thinking about before I came in?"

"That's none of your business."

"You were thinking about Fayt, weren't you?"

"No." Cliff grinned, finally deciding this was his chance to call his new ally's bluff. Two could play that game. "I like Fayt, and would give my life for him, but let's face it. He's cute but not exactly a turn on... I was thinking about you."

The statement was not taken seriously, and therefore the calling bluff idea failed. With a roll of the eyes, Albel lazily played along with it anyway. "Is that so? Well that's the last thing I'd have suspected, considering my presence has only succeeded in turning you off. Tell me more about your thoughts, maggot."

The smirk that quickly replaced Cliff's grin caught Albel off guard. Of course, the blonde was always good at Arrogance, but that smirk wasn't arrogant at all. It was Daring... and playful. And twisted that perfect Klausian face to an almost seductively attractive extent.

Cliff leaned forward, challenging his aggressor's advances. "Actually, I was thinking of all the possibilities on the field if you didn't wear anything under that skirt of yours. I mean, the things I could do to you without anyone knowing..."

"Well I've got news for you, maggot." Albel bared his teeth in a broad matching smirk. "I -don't- wear anything under it."

"Aw man, you're turning me on again... You'd better take responsibility for this!" Cliff paused, following Albel's gaze as it drifted down his body and to his zipper. "Please... Don't make me beg."

Albel tilted his head slightly, eyeing the growing bulge being framed by the chaps. "Responsibility? How do you suggest I do that? I will gladly take the credit if that's what you mean." He leaned forward and whispered into Cliff's ear in the most seductive voice the blonde had ever heard, "tell me what you want."

It took a moment for Cliff to place together coherent speech after that. His eyes closed as he melted within that voice. "I... I want inside you."

"Inside?" Albel chuckled cruelly, yanking the fantasy clear away. "You're talking about sex? Do you really think I would allow you to corrupt me in such away? To pull me down into your own sin? Let me tell you a little secret, maggot. I know for a fact you were thinking about that blue-haired worm, but from now on, you won't be able to get me out of your mind.*

"Wha... What the heck are you talking about?"

Albel moved away, swaying his hips playfully as he went toward the door. "It makes me glad to know what crosses your mind when we're on the field, though. See you later, fool."

Cliff growled and stood up. He ran after the brigade captain, who, in turn, speeded out the front door of the inn. "You goddamn tease! You think you can just turn me on and flee? I'll show you what crosses my mind!" As he shouted it, he burst through the front door and halted.

There, standing outside was Fayt, his hands on a dagger that was pinning Roger's tail to a tree... Both Fayt and Roger were staring at him, wide-eyed and blushing at those words, both figuring that was not a conversation they wanted to be hearing. And off to the side, Albel leaned against a building's wall, laughing whole-heartedly.

--- End ---
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