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To Your Room...

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[Waycest Oneshot] Gerard catches Mikey watching porn. HIS porn.

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Gerard pushed the door open slowly and slipped through, praying it wouldn’t creak. It didn’t, and he tip toed through to the hallway silently, putting his shoes down gently before moving on to the bathroom. He moved like a ghost past his parents’ room, while holding his breath. He crept into the bathroom and shut the door behind him before turning on the lights.
He peered into the mirror before him, and splashed some water onto his face, before walking across the room to use the toilet.
When he was done, he washed his hands and left. He thought triumphantly of how stealthy he’d been, and headed down the hall to the stairs, but stopped when he saw the bluish glow of the T.V coming from his brother Mikey’s room.
It was unusual of Mikey to be awake that late at night, and Gerard was going to go talk to him, and was about to open the door when he heard something that brought him to a standstill.

It sounded a lot like, well… Sex, Gerard thought. He stepped closer and peered in. Mikey was sitting on the ground against his bed, so Gerard could only see his head. On the T.V screen, much to his amusement, Gerard saw a woman moaning loudly, laying spread legged while a man kneeled in between her thighs.
He backed away from the door and stifled a laugh. With his hand stuffed over his mouth, he moved closer and peered in again.
The woman on the screen moaned some more, and Gerard knew that if he didn’t address Mikey over it, he’d probably end up laughing so hard their parents would wake up and they’d both be in trouble.
He knocked once, coughed lightly, and walked in.

Mikey whipped around and then scrambled to the T.V set and turned it off. This sight alone was enough to break Gerard’s ‘concerned big brother’ act, and he found himself giggling uncontrollably. Mikey went bright red, which only made Gerard laugh harder.
Mikey sat back down facing the T.V and said nothing. “Aw Mikes,” Gerard started, suddenly feeling guilty. He knew he shouldn’t be teasing his fourteen year old puberty plagued brother; Gerard had gone through something very similar a few years earlier.

Mikey just turned around and scowled at his older brother. It was Gerard’s room where he’d found the video anyway, so he didn’t know why it was so funny.
He went to press eject on the VCR, but Gerard swatted his hand away. Mikey turned and looked at his brother curiously. He raised his eyebrows as Gerard pressed play and sat cross legged on the bed, and patted the space next to him.

Mikey sat next to Gerard apprehensively; keeping what he thought was a sensible distance. When the tape started Gerard hit Mikey lightly “This is mine, you twat,” He said, scowling. Mikey shrugged and looked at the screen. “So, uh… Sup?” he said, eyes still to the T.V, hoping for an explanation to why his older brother was watching porn with him, adding to an already most uncomfortable situation (For Mikey, anyway). Gerard shrugged, also looking at the screen, where a busty blonde’s clothes were being removed slowly. “So look, I don’t wanna be rude or anything, but why are you here? You can take the porn if you want…”

Mikey’s blush was slowly fading, but he didn’t feel any less awkward. He didn’t want Gerard to know, but it was the first time he’d ever seen porn.
His friends at school had been so shocked when he was disclosed that information, that Mikey decided to see what all the fuss was about. He snooped around until he found a stash in Gerard’s room, the basement. He’d taken it with the intention of returning it in the morning while Gerard was showering.

And as odd as it was, he’d watched it with a mild interest, like a show about different types of dirt on the discovery channel.
He wanted to be normal. His voice had deepened, his shoulders and chest were broadening, all the things that were normal. But if Mikey was normal, he reasoned, then why was he breaking a sweat watching his older brother run his hands through his hair beside him when minutes ago a naked woman on all-fours taking cum-shots had bored him.

“Mikey, if you want me to leave…” Gerard said tentatively, still fiddling with his hair. Mikey swallowed and shook his head. “I think this is called like, bonding or something.” Gerard said. Bonding. Fishing, camping, baseball came to Mikey’s mind, followed by Gerard in a pair of khakis with a fishing pole. Gerard barely left the house, and if he did it was to 7/11 for cigarettes. Mikey giggled and looked at Gerard, who smiled back before returning his glance to the T.V.

Mikey couldn’t help but to stare at Gerard, who couldn’t help but notice. He could feel Mikey’s eyes on him as his own were taking in the images from the video. And even though his favourite bleach blonde cherry lipped D-cup had begun to strip, he tore his eyes away to look at his little brother. “What’s up?” He said, turning completely to face Mikey, knowing that otherwise his eyes would flicker back to the T.V involuntarily. At first Mikey didn’t reply; his eyes glazed over in a blank stare. “Hello,” Gerard said, waving an impatient hand in front of his brother’s face.

Mikey snapped out of his mini-coma, and followed his first impulse, which was to grab his big brother by his shirt collar and kiss him.

Gerard had long ago come to terms with his bisexuality, and while he was just as inclined to like a boy as he was a girl, he couldn’t help but realise that his kid brother Mikey had grown to be a rather attractive teen. But when girls flocked his way, Gerard had noticed that Mikey shied away. Gerard hoped it wasn’t just his influence rubbing off on a confused kid, but he suspected that Mikey just wasn’t interested in the girls, or he was just too young.

The boldness of Mikey’s kiss surprised his brother, who was shocked, but didn’t pull away. Mikey savoured the feeling of Gerard’s warm lips before slowly moving back and away from him.
“What was that?” asked Gerard shakily.
Mikey shrugged and fiddled with a loose thread on his shirt, ignoring the loud moans coming from the T.V. “Well,” said Gerard “Don’t start something you can’t finish, Mikes.” Mikey looked up at his brother, astounded. This time Gerard leaned in, with his hand on the back of Mikey’s head, and kissed him slowly.

It wasn’t wrong, Gerard figured, if it was just harmless fun. They weren’t breeding or anything and it’s not like it’d be a reoccurring thing, he thought.

The boys fell down into the sheets, their bodies entwining as their lips moved against each other’s. Mikey had one hand on the small of Gerard’s back and the other in his hair, pulling slightly. He felt Gerard bite at his bottom lip and let out a small exhale that turned out to be a moan. He could feel Gerard’s hips grinding into his own and it was driving him crazy. Gerard pulled away and grinned down at him before rolling sideways to the edge of the bed. He pressed eject on the video, took out the tape and stood up.
“Stay out of my room, Kay?” He said cheekily. He winked at Mikey, before turning on his heel and walking out, and down to his room.

Mikey scowled after him and rolled over in bed, his eyes on the black T.V screen. He made a note to find some better porn, before falling asleep with a smile on his pretty face.
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