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Silent Letters.

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Short one-shot. Maybe this will hold you off till I get another chapter of "Cause Everybody Hates You" up?? :D

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This letter will never be sent. You will never get it. You probably wouldn't understand anyway. I need to write this for me. To express the feelings I cannot show. To express the things I feel, that you do not know.
You are more amazing then any other person I've ever met. You can make me happy without even trying. I don't think you know this, but I love you. I really do. I knew I did since the first time I ever had the pleasure of setting my eyes upon you. I now know that love at first sight is not impossible. I hope that somewhere, deep down inside of you, you realize my feelings. I don't want you to know, for the fear of rejection that is sure to come. I have never felt anything so strong. It's never been like this, not with anyone. I feel so close to you, even though you may think I try to keep my distance. I feel that I could tell you anything, and it would be safe from the outside world.
I wish you knew. Maybe if you did, then you would realize that you feel the same. Probably not. But its worth a shot, right? But for now, this is it. Silent letters. Never to be read.

I love you.


Make up your own 'to.' That adds to the effect. Make it anyone you want.
Hell, even Mikey.
Or, pssh, yourself.

Hope you like it. I wrote it in Spanish. It's actually a true 'letter' about what I feel for someone. So that kinda adds to the aspect of it. :]
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