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Chapter Two - No Sense In Catching Us Now

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The life of Frank Iero. His thoughts, quirks and habits. His friends, foes and lovers.

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Mum had told me to go over to the Way's house for the afternoon.

I wasn't to sure what was happening, but at the age of ten I knew, when Jake wasn't happy get the hell outta here.

I wish mum would have never met him, he's ruined everything, even more than my father ever had.

I grabbed my jacket and left the house to the sound of him screaming at my mother, he really was a waste of oxygen.

We were playing hide and go seek and Gee was it, counting inside. Mikey and I had to hide in thirty seconds.

Hide and seek wasn't that fun anymore, after four years of playing we all knew where to look. I liked playing in the dark much more but Mrs Way always gets worried we'll hurt ourselves.

We probably would.

" 15 " I heard Gerard call.

"Damn!" I ran outside looking around, deciding to climb up the closest tree.

I swung myself up to stand on the lower branches, and then quickly made my way up to the very top of the fig tree.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Gee screamed.

He hadn't come out yet, poor Mikey, Gee was looking inside first.

"Oh well", at least I wasn't up next.

Looking over to my house, I could see mum and Jake inside. Jake didn't look that happy. I think he might of lost his job, maybe mum would get rid of him, he wasn't a good boyfriend.

My gaze landed on my Rocky's grave, I really loved my dog...

"Ha ha Mikey, found ya", I heard Gerard shout out.

Soon I could hear the back door swing open.

I sat, head down and a grin across my face. It shouldn't take to long to find me, there weren't many places to hide out here.

"I see him, I see him!" Gee was standing under the tree, smiling wildly.

The branches started to shake, Gerard was trying to climb up, he was never a good climber. Mikey was telling Gee to be careful, he was still trying.

Ohh, the tree was moving faster now.

"Damn it Gerard, I'm gonna fall", he wasn't listening, he thought I was saying it so he couldn't tag me.

He was up, the tree was shaking, my hand was slipping and I was falling.

I hit the ground, there was no sickening thud, nope, I didn't make a sound. Mikey stood there like a deer in head lights. Gerard was yelling.

I was in shock, then I felt it, the pain washed over me. It hurt like hell, for a moment I thought maybe my arm had been ripped off, but no I still had an arm though the bone now jutted through the skin.

If it hadn't been so painful I probably would have loved it, the thought of it still makes me smile.

I let out a squeal, not unlike the sound Rocky made just before he was hit, well I assumed it's what he sounded like, I'd never seen it happen and I doubt I ever would want to.

Mikey was next to me, tears in his eyes.

I was screaming now.

I heard the back door swing, I saw Donna race towards me. Gerard gently picked me up, rushing me towards his mum, I could see the fear in his eyes, but I didn't care, I couldn't even think straight, everything was hurting so badly.

Donna was rushing back inside, she needed the phone.

"I'm so sorry Frankie, it's all my fault", Gee sobbed.

I passed out.
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