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i love this guy? why?

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"Alex get the fuck out of my house," Bam, my brother yelled.

"I didn'd do anything wrong dumbass, and it's my house!" I yelled back at him.

"Hell no it aint!"

"I bought it," I ran to my room searching for the papers.

"Bam, just let it go. It was all my fault," Ville said, "I thought," Bam cut him off.

"Ville shut up, Taiylor so stole my house!"

"No I didn't, you had no right to," I stopped.

"You're right i had no right to own my house," he yelled.

"Whatever Bam," i rolled my eyes, "stop being a twat pocket."

"It's my drive way!"

"NO its not," i threw the papers at him.

"Okay so it is yours."


"Can i still stay please, I love you taiylor!" he hugged me.

"Yeah yeah yeah whatever," I pushed him away.

"Taiy, I am going to get going okay see you tomorrow, friend," Ville said kissing my cheek.

"Bye Villie," I said.

"Oh and Love," Villie walked over to me, "If Bam hurts you i will take care of your brother."

"Thank you," I turned around to see Raab.

"You dating Ville?" he asked.

"Yeah are you?" Dico got in my face.

"No," I yelled.

"YES SHE IS SINGLE!" he yelled.

"I have a boyfriend, dumbass," I whispered.

"Yeah right," Dico rolled his eyes.

"She does," Raab put and arm around me, "Me!"

"You so wish," Bam pushed me ou of the way before storming upstairs.

"Whatever," i said.

a couple minutes later Bam came out smiling, "you are single now."

"What did you do?" i yelled at him.

"Told him that i walked in on you and Jimmy Pop," he giggled, "and yo man don't like Jimmy at all so Ha Ha!"

"Oh," my voice cracked.

"You okay?" Raab asked hugging me.

"Just fine," tears began to fall, "JUST FINE," I ran upstairs.

i know its confusing but it will explain it's self later
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