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Chapter 7: I Could Get Used To This

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An night Andi will never want to forget.

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Chapter 7: "You wake me with a kiss, I could get used to this. You think I look the best, when my hair is a mess. I can't believe you exist. I could get used to this..." -The Veronicas

*Patrick's P.O.V.*

We lay out beneath the infinite sky, the sparkle of the stars replacing the fading lights of the city across the valley, her body turned towards me, fingers still entwined with mine. Her warmth brings a calm over me like nothing I've felt in a long time and I can't seem to wipe the smile from my face. I am more than happy to stay laying there with her as long as she'll have me; unfortunately the buzzing from my front pocket has other plans. I carefully disentangle our fingers and move to retrieve it, glancing down briefly to find her cheek smooshed softly against my chest, nostrils flaring cutely with each breath in and out and her closed eyelids twitching softly. From the looks of it she is asleep and the last thing I want is to disturb her, she is so serenely beautiful when she sleeps.

I bring the phone up, finding 2 new texts waiting. I quickly skim over them, my free hand resting gently on her lower back, thumb tracing the exposed skin between where her shirt ends and her pants begin.

Pete: Trickster where you at dude? With Andi if everything went as well as I know it did. Hate to break up the lovefest, but buses leave in 15. Lates.

Saporta: Waaaasssuuuuup, you seen Peteunia? Damn lollipop guild member disappeared on me, holla!

I snort softly, responding to both with a very simple message.

Be back soon. P.S. Gabe, I'm stealing her for the night.

I slip the phone back into my pocket, bringing my hand back up, tracing the curve of her cheek before brushing a few stray strands of hair away and leaning down a bit to kiss her forehead. "Hey...And...we gotta go back now." She groans, her full lips pouting cutely as she snuggles closer to me. "Mmm...I don't wanna..." I chuckle, giving her a gentle squeeze. "Me either." Her lids flutter open and she tilts her face towards mine, a crooked smile occupying her lips. "So we can stay?" I shake my head slowly, running my fingers through the ends of her hair. "Not exactly, but I promise to tuck you in." She giggles softly, leaning up and brushing her nose over mine. "Deal."

My grin spreads and I hug her closer, rolling us over a bit so she's partially pinned beneath me and nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck, blowing a huge raspberry on the soft skin there. She tries to squirm away from me, her laughter echoing out into the night. "Eeeeee, that tickles!" I let up after sneaking in a few smaller raspberries, pushing myself to a standing position and pulling her up with me. "Why thank you good sir." She says with a curtsy and somewhat straight face, grabbing both the blankets and tossing them over her arm, then handing me the pillow. I tuck it under my arm as she had earlier, and then slide my arm around her shoulder, enjoying the way she leans into me as we make the trek back to the buses.

All the lights inside the Cobra bus are off when we reach the parking lot, and a lone one shines in the back of the one I share with Pete, the rumble of the engine greeting us with a purr. I can feel her body pulling from me slightly as she starts in the direction of her bus, my fingers dragging softly down her arm. I catch her hand, shaking my head and starting to walk backwards towards the open door of my bus.

*Andolyn's P.O.V.*

I feel his arm slipping from my shoulders when I head towards the bus, frowning softly, and looking back at him as his hand catches mine, our fingers lacing. My eyebrow arches curiously when he shakes his head, my lips perking up into a crooked sort of smile as he starts pulling me towards the bus behind him. "I thought you were going to tuck me in." He grins, his green eyes sparkling mischievously when he pauses to help me up the first step as we reach the open door. "I am." I bite down on my bottom lip, an excited shiver tickling its way down my spine as he guides me past the kitchen area and through the door to the bunks.

He closes the door softly behind us and I stop chewing on my lip, smiling again. He tosses the pillow into one of the empty bunks and I do the same with the blankets, my insides swarming with butterflies as I look around. "Which one is yours?" He starts to unzip his sweatshirt, hanging it on a hook to the left of him before pointing to the bottom bunk closest to us. I nod, my own fingers moving to the zipper of my hoodie, dragging it downwards, then pulling it off and hanging it with his, kicking my shoes off next. "I like your sheets." I say with a playful smirk, fingering the exposed material printed with images of Yoda, Hans Solo, and the rest of the Star Wars gang. I can almost see the red tingeing his cheeks in the dim light and I reach out, brushing my fingers across his cheek before pulling the hat from his head, placing it on my own,”Don't be embarrassed. I love Star Wars." My smirk grows a bit wider and in a moment of fearlessness I start to unbutton my jeans, hooking my fingers into the waistband and shimmying out of them before turning my back to him, and pointing out the depiction of Yoda and Darth Vader on either cheek of my adult underoos. "See?" I glance over my shoulder at him, doing my absolute best not to giggle, the rush I'm getting from standing there so exposed to him making me a bit light headed.

He responds with a shy smile, the blush even more apparent in his cheeks now. "Cute." I can't help but giggle now, turning back towards him, part of the way at least, and taking a seat on the edge of his bed, adjusting my knee high, rainbow colored toe socks. "I know..." I glance back up at him grinning before lifting the rest of my body onto the bed and rolling myself deeper into the bunk, wiggling around until my lower half is safely under the covers. I turn on my side, adjusting while he shimmies out of his jeans before shutting off the light and slipping under the blankets with me. Even in the darkness I can feel him studying me and my skin grows hot at how close we are, his breath mingling with mine every time I exhale. "Night Patrick." I whisper softly letting my lids fall shut, my arm slipping over his waist as his slides around me, pulling my body closer to his. I let out a barely audible sigh, completely content and feeling safer than I had in a long time. "Night Andi." He breathes against my forehead before kissing it gently, his fingers moving lightly over the back of my neck, lulling me back into sleep.

I don't know how long I sleep for, but I do know it's the best sleep I've gotten in a while, and I smile as my dreams alowly start to fade and the sound of Patrick’s voice becomes more prominent. "Morning..." He greets me in a hushed voice as I peer back at him through still heavy lids. I can't help but smile, snuggling closer to him, happy to find we'd managed to entangle our legs and arms at some point during the night. "Mmm...Morning..." I breathe out contently, careful not to breathe directly on him with my morning breath. But that was a wasted maneuver, because practically as the words leave my mouth I feel his nose rubbing against mine, his own breath warm against my lips. I giggle softly, slipping my hands under his shirt, fingertips dragging lightly across his lower back as his [fingers] trace the curves of my ear before getting lost in my hair. "You know...I could get used to waking up like this. You're going to spoil me." He gives me a lazy grin, tucking my hair behind my ears and leaning in again. "And I'd do it happily..." And with that he places the simplest of kisses on my lips.

You know those life altering moments, where you can feel everything change? Well that's exactly what I find in this kiss.

Sorry that took so long guys, was having a wittle bit of Writer's Block. You can thank the boys for curing that though :P If you haven't heard "Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet" & "What a Catch, Donnie" yet, search them out and treat yourself. And as always reviews make my insides all happy and pretzel-ey, much like Patrick's voice hehe. MUAH!!
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