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Ch. 8; Discharged

{{Gerard's POV;}}

It had been about a week since Gerard had been taken to the hospital and he felt a lot better than he had in a long time. The doctor occasionally stopped in and checked in on him. They said Gerard could be released if he could keep a meal down since his heart showed remarkable signs of recovery as his heart rate stayed around average. He was anxious to leave and to get back to Jersey.

Frank's arms were wrapped tightly around Gerard as he soundly slept. All week Frank had been by Gerard's side and each night they slept together in his hospital bed. Mikey, Ray, and Bob would visit them each day but they learned to wait until both Gerard and Frank were awake. It seemed to bother Mikey that the two would be in the same bed together all the time but neither Gerard nor Frank cared because they were happy.

"Frankie..."Gerard said softly to him."Time to wake up." Gerard ran his fingers through Frank's hair. Frank just groaned and squeezed Gerard tighter without opening his eyes at all. Gerard sighed and pulled himself up into a half sitting position."Frank! Move your ass!" He suddenly yelled and Frank flew up, falling backwards off the bed. Gerard laughed and sat all the way up."Glad to see you're awake." He said to Frank with a smile.

"Asshole." Frank mumbled as he got off the cold floor. "I was having this great dream." He told Gerard through a yawn as he stretched his arms out wide.

"Yes well I wanted you off me." Gerard said with a cocky smile.

"That's a first." Frank replied while climbing back on top of Gerard to go back to sleep.

"Come on Frank, get off." Gerard said pushing Frank who was already half asleep again. Gerard just sighed and began to talk to Frank again. "Come on sleeping beauty." He whispered to him. Frank just whined and kept his eyes shut. Not knowing what else to do, Gerard bit Frank which caused Frank to again jump up but he stayed on the bed this time.

"Ow! What the fuck Gerard!" Frank said rubbing his ear where Gerard had gnawed on him

"Oh look, you're up again." Gerard said with a smile. "Now get your ass off me!" He yelled kicking Frank.

"Stop it!" Frank said half laughing as he put his arms up to stop the blows. Gerard continued kicking him, half laughing himself. "Ok, I'll get off." Frank said climbing off the bed and stretching. "What's the rush anyway?"

"I want to leave." Gerard said calmly. "Plus, the boys should be here soon. I doubt they want to see you on top of me," he said with a slight laugh, "again."

"Who cares what they think." Frank said bending down and kissing Gerard. Frank's lips were like candy and Gerard was like a small child who just couldn't get enough of the sweet treat. As they were sucking face, Gerard heard the door click open and he knew who it was.

"Christ!" Mikey said annoyed. "Do you two ever get off each other?" Frank shook his head and continued making out with Gerard. Even though he didn't want to, Gerard pushed Frank's head away so he could talk to everyone else. Frank just climbed on top of Gerard yet again but Gerard didn't feel like kicking him off again and let him sit there.

"Morning Mikey." Gerard said to his brother with a smile. Mikey just rolled his eyes and walked farther into the room, followed by Bob and Ray. Gerard was suspicious about Frank who was sitting unusually low on Gerard but he just ignored Frank to talk to the rest of his friends.

"You get to go home today!" Ray said with a smile of amusement. He usually was happy and goofing off. "You happy?"

"I'd say so." Frank said amused while he rubbed Gerard's thighs. Gerard smacked Frank and turned back to Ray, who was trying not to burst into laughter.

"I've had enough of it here. I can't wait to be back in my own bed so I can get a good night's sleep."

"You seem to have been getting by just fine here." Mikey said under his breath and Bob smacked his arm. Bob always tried to keep peace among them since someone had to. Frank continued to rub Gerard while they talked and Gerard tried multiple times to get Frank off him before it got out of hand but Frank had no intention of budging.

After a while Mikey whispered to Gerard. "Can I talk to you?"Gerard nodded and asked that Ray and Bob go get him coffee since he was dying to have it anyway.

"And take this with you too!" He said to Ray who walked over and pulled Frank off Gerard then dragged him out of the room after Bob. Gerard moved over in his bed, putting a pillow over his pelvis since Frank was no longer covering it, and told Mikey to sit down. "What's wrong Mikey?"

Mikey hugged Gerard tightly and began to cry. "I was so fucking scared when you left and even more so when they found your stuff. All I could think was, 'he's gone forever'!" Gerard hugged Mikey and rubbed his shoulder to comfort him.

"It's ok Mikey, I'm fine." He was trying to comfort his little brother. "What I did was really stupid and I regret it deeply. I never meant to cause you and everyone else pain. That's the whole reason I left in the first place." Mikey just hugged Gerard.

"I don't want to lose you Gerard." Mikey choked out. "You're my big brother." He told Gerard. "My best friend." Gerard's shoulder was soaked with Mikey's tears.

"Shhh, calm down Mikey before you make yourself sick." Gerard hated when Mikey was upset because it always made Gerard feel upset. "I'm not going to leave you." Gerard told him calmly and quietly to calm him down. "I promise." Mikey was still choking a bit but he was calming down. Gerard just continued to rub Mikey's arm until the tears stopped. At that point Frank had returned followed by Ray and Bob who each carried cups of coffee.

"Hey!" Frank said with a teasing smile as he saw Mikey and Gerard. "That's my spot!" He sat in the chair in the corner and pretended to pout. Gerard just gave him that 'fuck off' look while Mikey wiped his eyes and took a cup of coffee from Bob. When Mikey was off the bed, Frank stood up to resume his position again when the doctor came in.

"Well Mr. Way, if you feel fine I see no reason for us to keep you longer." he said with a smile. "You can leave." He handed Gerard a slip of paper with a prescription on it. "I just want you to take one of these a day until the bottle is gone." He told Gerard who was confused. He thought he was leaving the drugs. "It's just to help keep you strong while your immune system rebuilds itself. You may get nauseous so take them with food." He smiled at everyone else before heading for the door. "Just take it easy for a few days." He said looking from Gerard to Frank. Both Ray and Bob began to laugh. "Good day."

"Why'd he look at me?" He said innocently. Ray and Bob continued to laugh while Mikey looked away unamused. "Because of," Frank said with a suspicious smile, "this?" He suddenly jumped on to Gerard and threw his arms around Gerard's neck, forcing Gerard to fall backwards as Frank rammed his tongue down Gerard's throat. Frank's hands went from Gerard's neck to under the pillow that was on top of Gerard's waist.

"I'm going." Mikey said with a heavy sigh. Ray and Bob, still laughing, followed Mikey to the door.

"We'll meet you in the lobby!" Gerard called after them, pulling away from Frank. Frank turned Gerard's head back to him with the hand that wasn't down Gerard's blanket and began making out with him again.

"Is this easy enough?" Frank asked with a laugh.

"That might be too easy." he told him running his fingers through Frank's hair. "I mean, you got me all worked up." Gerard gave Frank an incising smile.

"Well, we'll have to fix that." Frank said working the rest of himself slowly down Gerard.

"Why don't you blow me?'" Gerard said with a laughing smile. Frank nodded and disappeared under Gerard's blanket. Gerard didn't know how he could have ever run away from Frank. All Frank did was make Gerard happy; no matter what it would cost. Frank was perfect in every way; and he belonged to Gerard. Gerard wouldn't let anything happen to him; ever.
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