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RENT- Meet Sara Cohen

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Mark Cohen and his sister, Sara, rebel against their abusive father. (I made up his mothers and father's name)

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Chapter 1

Before their seventh birthday, life in the Cohen house was pretty good. No large amounts of chores, no beatings, nothing to upset them except the usual groundations. But after that...

An eight-year-old boy ran hurriedly home from school. If I don’t get home by three, he’ll kill me! He looked at his watch. It read 2:58. “God dammit!” the boy said. Suddenly, he came in view of his house. “Yes! I made it!”

As he maid his way up the porch stairs, he saw his dad, John Cohen, ready to punch him when and if he walked in late. “You made it,” John said, lowering his fists. “Where’s Sara?”

Sara Cohen is Mark Cohen’s twin sister. “Oh! She said she’d be home a little late.”

“What?!?” John exclaimed, kicking Mark in the knees. “Why didn’t you stop her?”

“I didn’t think of it! I’m sorry!” Mark exclaimed in between kicks.

John didn’t reply, except for kicking him in the shin and the stomach.

“Dad! Stop!” a voice said from the door. It was Sara. "It's not his fault I was late!"

John stopped, hatred glowing in his gray eyes. "Explain then, young lady."

"It's not required by law that I explain myself to a heartless bastard like you, now is it? My life is my own," Sara retorted.

John walked up to Sara and gave her a punch in the face. Sara punched him back. Soon, a full-fledged fight broke out in the living room between Sara and John. But, as usual, John's bigger size gave him an advantage. Sara was unnaturally short, about three inches under her brother and only weighed sixty pounds. Most of her weight was muscle.

"Mark!" John huffed. "Go to your room now!"

Mark hesitated. "What are you going to do?"
Slap! GO!

Continuing to hesitate, he stood his ground. "Not until you tell me!"

"I'm gunna kill your sister! Get it now? Go before I kill you too!"

As Mark continued to hesitate, John grabbed a switchblade out of his pockets and put it to Mark's wrists. "Die slowly asshole!" Slash!

Mark dropped to his knees and began to cry. Then he stood up and ran out the door. "Help! Someone! Help me!"

Oh shit! John thought, chasing after Mark and forgetting to put the knife down. Alone, Sara regained her strength and ran out the door.

"Help! I'm bleeding!" Mark cried. A police officer, driving by, sees Mark's wrist, stops, and runs over to him.

He looks at Mark's wrists. "How'd this happen?" The officer asks, seeing John walk up.

"Well, he didn't want to-" John started.

"Let the boy speak for himself!" the officer snaps.

John gave Mark a "say-it-and-die" look, forcing Mark to stay silent. What John didn't notice was Sara looming over John and saying, "He did it."

The officer looked up at Sara, seeing her bloody and bruised. Then he looked at Mark's wrist, bruised with a slit in his wrist, and then he looked at John, gritting his teeth with a bloody knife in his hand.

"Please believe us, officer. Why else would Dad have a knife in his hand?" Sara asked, walking over to Mark with a cloth and pressing it to his wound.

The officer nodded, standing up. "Mr. John Cohen, I am placing you under arrest for child abuse and attempted murder."

"But, the knife belongs to Mark! I took it away from him because he was trying to kill himself! Who do you believe more, me or the kid?"

"The kid."

John backed up, trying to run, but Sara gripped his shoulder, preventing him from running away. The officer then grabbed him and stuffed him into his car. "I'll be back! I'll get my revenge! You'll see!" John threatened as he dissapeared into the distance.

12 Years Later

Mark dropped to the floor, attempting to avoid the items being thrown it at him by Sara. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it was that time again!" Mark exclaimed.

Sara hit him with a frying pan. "It's not! I'm just mad because you ate all my chocolate! Don't do it again!"

Before Mark could respond, Roger walked in. "Are you two trying to kill each other?" Roger asked, confused.

"Yes," the two Bohemians responded. Almost at once, they all broke out laughing. Sara stopped and picked up her sweatshirt. "I'm going to the Life Cafe. I'll be back soon." Sara left.

"I'm going to get the paper. It should be here today," Roger said, walking out of the loft. Mark was alone.

I wonder how Mom and Cindy are... Mark thought.

"Hey, Mark!" Roger called, entering the loft. "Someone got killed yesterday, and I think it's your mom."

"What's her name?" Mark asked worriedly.

"Leah Cohen."

Mark dropped to his knees. "Mom is dead? How'd she die?"

"Murder." Roger said. He added, "They don't know who it is, but it was a man because she was raped."

Mark couldn't handle it any longer. He bursted into tears, and Roger hugged him tightly. "I wonder how Sara will react."

"Sara!" Mark exclaimed. "I gotta find her!" Mark stood up, but he collapsed from exhaughstion.

"Don't worry, Mark. I'll find her. You stay here." Roger left. Before he turned twenty, Roger and his ex girlfriend, Mimi, had a huge fight and broke up. Roger thought he'd never love again until he met Sara. In short, Roger Davis is in love with Sara Cohen.

"I have to find Sara," Roger thought aloud. "Not just for Mark's sake, but for mine as well."

Roger kept running until the Life Cafe came into view. He saw Sara leaving with another man, holding a knife two inches from her neck, behind her. "Sara!" Roger yelled, running towards her. "Look out!"

Sara turned around, catching a glimpse of the man's face before Roger pushed her out of the way. She stared at the man until he ran away.

"You okay?" Roger asked.

Sara stood up, shaking slightly. "I need to go home. Now."

Roger didn't ask questions and nodded, walking Sara swiftly to the loft. When they reached the loft, they found Mark asleep on the couch.

"He must've worried himself to sleep," Roger said, grabbing a blanket to cover his friend.

"He's gunna worry more when he finds out what I have to tell him," Sara thought out loud.

Roger notices the worry in Sara's voice. "What's wrong?"

Sara hesitated, then spoke. "It was who was trying to kill me. My dad... He was very abusive when we were kids, and he said he was going to get his revenge. He's keeping his promise, Rog! He's gunna kill us!" Sara's voice rose to a panic.

"Sara, calm down!" Roger said. "I won't let him kill you or Mark."

Sara didn't seem relieved, but she lowered her panic level. "What would I do without you, Rog?"
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