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Your damned pet

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It should go under games but there is no section for "Absolute Obedience" as I would guess, not the most popular of games for fanfics etc... anyways this is Kia and Louise doing what they do best, ...

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“Sir,” Gallagher was looking very nervous as Louise Hardwich walked through the mansion door, “it’s about young master Kia.”

“What has he stolen or destroyed?” Louise kept the smile on his face despite a slight twitch from the corner of his lip.

“Sir it’s his dog Tigg.” Gallagher always ended up being the bearer of bad news being Louise Hardwick’s personal chauffeur and attendant. “Your study Sir is quite the mess.”

“Send Kia to me I will see him in my room.” Louise ordered before dropping his bull whip to the side and heading up the stairs to his wing.

Kia WelBehenna headed in and didn’t even bother to knock. He was crude and obnoxious but the two men worked well together. He itched absently at the scar on his arm gained when he was ten and his father, a sordid drunk, had tried to throw burning wood at his mother. He sighed as he looked around. Louise had the social ties and family influence to get what they wanted with their little secret agency and Kia had the streetwise to help pull it off.

“Your dog…” Louise said walking out from his bathroom naked and unashamed, “has caused yet more mess and damage. Kia I have asked that you keep Tigg under control.”

“I can’t take the dog on a mission. When you are going to fuck a guy on a mission the last thing he’s going to fall for is a suit and his shaggy dog. He has to stay somewhere.” Kia snorted looking at Louise angrily.

“Kia,” Louise pushed him on the bed, “leave him in the kennel.”

Kia knew when power games were wanted but Louise was intent on putting him in his place. Louise had known him for long enough to expect and be given what he wished. Kia only ever really let Louise gain full control over him but that was the respect he held for him no matter the pretence of their games.

Kia landed face down on the bed and with a slight ‘oomph’. Louise was already naked and so he did not waste time with the duty of stripping down. He quickly ripped Kia’s pants down from the rebellious man’s ass and whacked his cheek hard.

Kia didn’t make a sound as he knew better than to give in that easily. Louise hated weakness and he gritted his teeth as the second slap reverberated over his cheek. Louise was already getting very hard watching the satisfying red mark of his hand appear. Kia let out his held breath.

“I don’t hear a sorry from you Kia.” Louise said bringing his hand down over the red rump again.

“I’m sorry Louise.” Kia said swiftly. It was met with another sharp slap and his cock stirred to life. Damn it he hated it and yet at the same time a low groan was emitted from his throat.

Louise took the apology and leant over and softly kissed the reddening buttock before he pulled back. Kia didn’t move as Louise ran his hand over his lovers’ backside and then pulled him up to his knees.

“Undress.” Louise commanded his voice a deep purr.

“Louise.” Kia moaned and unbuttoned his shirt.

The army shirt was dropped down over his shoulders, his cock semi-hard hung over the darkly coloured trousers. Louise kept his eyes on him and brushed his own blond hair from his eyes. Kia dropped the shirt to his hands and folded it up before slithering out of his trousers and socks then with a cheeky grin he flicked his ski goggles at Louise.

“You are such a rebellious little soldier.” Louise said with his usual soft voice.

“Yeah and you want it so much.” Kia said his common heritage betraying him as he spoke.

Louise’s cock was growing rapidly as he thought of dominating his friend the way he felt he should be. Kia looked at Louise’s growing length as little eagerly before the blond grabbed his dark tresses of hair. His hand guided Kia’s head to his groin.

“No way.” Kia tried to pull back and the idea of a power game got the better of him.

“Do as I tell you.” Louise commanded in his beautiful German accent.

Kia felt the grip on his hair tighten as Louise stepped closer to the bed and pushed his cock at Kia’s mouth. There was a delicious moment of Kia’s resistance before he opened his mouth. Kia’s lips slid over the head of Louise’ hardening flesh and Louise let out his held breath. Kia’s mouth was a warm, wet cavern which Louise found took his engorged shaft confidently.

Kia closed his eyes and let his blond haired companion guide his mouth as it slid up and down the hard organ. Wet sucking noises escaped as Kia’s mouth eagerly serviced him and Louise’s hips jerked in movement and response.

“You will make me cum and if you are lucky I will let you finish off your own arousal.” Louise told him as he pulled Kia free.

“Too kind.” Kia panted only half in sarcasm, as he pulled away a mixture of saliva and pre-cum trailed from Kia’s lips.

Louise put his thumb to his lips and ran from corner to corner. Giving Kia a moment of tenderness, he could play on well for clients, Louise leant and kissed him. Kia’s tongue met his and the exchange of taste came to Louise’s mouth. Their eyes met briefly as Louise put his hands to Kia’s hips and urged him back into the centre of the bed.

“Like my red buttocks babes?” Kia smirked and pushed Louise back on the bed. “I love making you mad, you know it.”

“Love watching your face screw up when I’ve made you sore.” Louise purred as he looked up at him.

Louise had to admit Kia had him in a vulnerable position and it was sending a wonderful fluttering in the pit of his belly. Kia didn’t move for a moment, soaking in the beautiful appearance of Louise sprawled on the bed, body willing and blond locks cascading around the covers and his shoulders.

After a brief pause Kia slithered down from his mouth with his tongue trailing down over Louise’ throat and chest. Kia sucked on the nub of his nipple and Louise closed his eyes relaxing as he let Kia lead for a moment. Kia had to admit his imagination was running wild with the idea of pinning Louise down but it would mean severe punishment later. Instead his tongue trailed down over his belly down over the nest of blond hair at his lovers’ groin.

“Quality moment here?” Louise chuckled. “You aren’t displaying affection are you?”

“Of course not.” He mumbled before taking Louise’ head into his mouth again.

“Good.” Louise uttered as his legs shifted.

It wasn’t clear what Louise was saying good too so Kia just slid his mouth down further over the swollen shaft, bruising his lips as he moved up and down. Louise listened to the wet sucking sounds of his partners mouth and tongue working him.

Kia’s hand moved to Louise’s balls to take them in his hand and began to massage at them. Louise had to admit Kia’s mouth did wonders for him and right now was no exception. Louise moved and arched up against the hot wet cavern that was sending a ripple through his cock, belly and finally his balls against which he emitted a wonderful groan.

The noise Louise made spurred Kia on and he sank down to the base of Louise’s large offering. The smooth flow down to deep-throat him had Louise call out his name. It was a rare treat to be given such and honour but Kia didn’t stop to discuss it as he moved up and down his partners’ erection more swiftly.

Louise’s balls tightened as he felt the onset of his climax. Kia shifted his hands to either side of the blonds slender hips and drew up and down him relentlessly until Louise let out a beautiful groan and spent hard into his mouth grabbing at Kia’s dark locks and jerking up into his mouth until he was finished.

“Kia play with yourself.” Louise commanded him and let go of his hair.

Most would have looked bashful or even opened their mouths in protest but Kia knew he was attractive and that Louise hated meek people. He pulled free and sat up before straying his hand down his own flat stomach and towards his already firm cock. Kia’s fingers curled around the muscle and having got a grip he liked he began to toy with himself.

“Looks very good.” Louise said still it the warm glow of his orgasm ending.

Kia looked to him and smiled before running his other hand over his balls. He had to stop himself from ejaculating nearly immediately as Louise watched him. The sight of Louise naked was exciting enough. He took a deep breath before he swayed his hips and took another hold.

With a wet shaft and already growing pit in his stomach Kia looked for a sign he could cum. Louise held out watching each stroke and Kia’s concentration as he tried to hold back before Louise gave him a slight smile. Kia’s release was a loud moan of delight as white fluid spilt over his fingers and dropped down on the bed sheets. Louise watched fascinated for the moment as Kia’s face screwed up. He had to admit it was almost cute. Louise looked down at the bed and then to his darker haired lover.

“You can add that to the mess you and Tigg are responsible for too.”

“Louise.” Kia sighed and pulled the sheet off in one move to wrap around him. “I’ll take it with me then.”

“Return it thought.” Louise smirked. “I am sure it can be messed up again.”
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