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The Faces Of Strangers

by SuzSpence 4 reviews

Just a pointless one-shot I decided to write because I was bored. A teenage girl discovers My Chemical Romance for the first time. Sorry if it sucks. Rated PG for a bad word

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The young man stands black-haired and smoky-eyed before the crowd, his heel tapping in time with the music. He raises the microphone to his mouth, having time only to shout out a single word--
--before he begins the first verse of the song, his voice crisp and almost haunting as it echoes through the large venue. The crazed fans scream cheers of anticipation for this composer and his orchestra, most of the female fans attempting to declare their love for the five men, but to one particular teenage girl, they are strangers. She watches, interested, as he sings, pacing the stage, stopping to sing briefly to the bassist, then the rest of the band, then the audience, pushing his hair back with one hand while reaching out to the crowd with his microphone hand. And the sea of faces sing the words back to him like a mirror on the wall. Basically, this guy can't keep still, especially his one free hand which he waves around constantly in dramatic, meaningless gestures. And it's not just him. Both guitarists are constantly moving, one headbanging in time with the music, his fluffy hair swinging wildly around him, the other copying him in shorter, choppier gestures, often changing his stance from feet wide apart to close together, sometimes throwing in a little kick as well. The bassist walks around constantly, calm and laid-back, as bassists are. she notices that he is almost always standing next to the singer, as if for comfort.
Suddenly the singer yells. She misses what he says but it makes the crowd go crazy. She thinks, fuck it and joins in; this band has actually grown on her, even though it was originally The Used she came to see.
When the song finishes, she pumps her fist in the air, giving a rock salute to the sky and this wonderful new band she has discovered.
So yeah. It's short, I know, but I was watching MCR live at the time and figured, eh, may as well. Oh yeah, and I don't own MCR. Please review. Like I said in my profile, I'm a review junkie. Even pointless one-shots like this need love. WHERE IS THE LOVE PEOPLE?!
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