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Can't find IT

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this is a result of boredom and random thoughts

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“I can’t find it.” The frustrated singer said to no one in particular seeing as he was the only person rummaging through his things frantically. Tossing a shirt aside, he growled and got up from his spot on the floor and stalked over to his bed and snatched the covers off of it.
“It’s not here!” He yelled as Izzy poked his head into the room.
“Whatcha looking for?” The shy guitarist spoke softy but still managed to startle the redhead.
“Izzy, thank god you’re here,” Axl said letting out a sigh of relief as he rushed over to the doorway to where his childhood friend stood. Izzy had to brace himself so he wouldn’t fall because Axl seized his shoulders in a grip that he wasn’t expecting. “Tell meh you’ve seen it.” He shrilled. Clearly as his face displayed, Izzy was totally unaware as to what Mr. Rose was speaking about.
Taking note of this confusion, he quickly showed Mr. Stradlin what he was talking about.
“oh, Oh!” He replied, eyes growing with realization. “Do you know where you last seen it?”
“No!” Axl exclaimed and ran his fingers through his already tussled hair. He pushed past Izzy in hopes of seeking help from the other gunners.
Rushing down the stairs faster than his feet could keep up with; he ended up slipping on the last 3 and sliding the rest of the way down.
“Fuck!” He screamed snagging the railing for support. Snickers emitted from the living room and the kitchen. Running over to see what the commotion was about was the jolly tall blonde bassist.
Almost stumbling into the wall himself after his 5th cup of vodka for the day, he still found it hilarious that Axl slipped down the stairs. At least it wasn’t him this time who landed on his ass as usual.
“Shut up.” Axl stressed and reiterated the question to Duff about the location of it.
“What?” He asked puzzled and not necessarily because he was intoxicated. Axl showed Duff why he was looking for it.
“No way man, I haven’t seen it.” The blonde tower said and slowly made his way up the steps.
“Slash!” Axl whined slouching into the living room. “I can’t find it.”
Flipping his raven locks back out his face to get a good look, his eyes widened in horror.
“Holy shyt dude, go ask Stevie.”
On wits end, Axl slowly trekked into the kitchen where the blonde airhead was all smiles and enjoying a nice air drum solo.
“What’s up Axl?” He said and managed to keep his ‘beat.’
“I’m just so upset dude, I’ve searched everywhere for it and it’s nowhere to be found.” He complained leaning on the door jam.
“Aww bummer dude.” Steven replied shaken his head.
At this point Axl figured his search for it was fruitless. His mood was fucked and tonight he wouldn’t just cancel the show, oh no, he would play 2 songs maybe 3. And then, THEN he would complain that he didn’t want to sing no more and storm off stage. Yea! He would make everybody upset just like him. He felt miserable.
Sighing heavily, he went into the bathroom and cut the water on to splash some on his face. Snatching the drawer open to get a ponytail holder he gasped in shock and a big dopey grin formed as his lips spreaded. There it was in many different sizes, why hadn’t he thought to look here?
After selecting the right size to replace the old one, he peeled the wrapping off of the band aid and wrapped it snuggly around his hideous hangnail. Tonights show would go on as planned, he had found it.

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