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The story for two, it ends and begins. There is no true ending, is there? No, never.

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Moi: This is a story that will take a long time to conclude. But this will be one of the best I have written yet. Disclaimer: No, I own nothing but the characters in my new FF 13.

Guy in story pic:

Hope ya like it!

This is the ship. Just black with blood red markings.

"Initiating launch sequence. Boosters at 98%. You are clear to launch. Please enter desired location in the computers GPS now. Location set, Latitude: 31.36739623225206 Longitude: 27.233047485351562 Prepare for launch in.. 10...9...8"

He leaned back in the chair, relaxing and letting his muscles loosen. To long a day it had been, with no break. So many had died, blood splatter, and nothing could stop the SLD from attacking. The Spectral Life Drainers, a chimera like monster that literally sucked the life out of the objects it feasted on. The women and children had no chance, all of them, every last one is now dead because the higher ups are cowering in their homes afraid to help.


Clicking off his outer armor and tossing his twin swords aside, he sighed in comfort. The man soaked it up, knowing that this dread comfort would not last long and all would fall into a chaos.

"Sir, the Distortion missiles are ready for launch as soon as we get out." One of his techies informed. The man buried his hidden face into his hand. His other hand tapped on the black throne of a chair that swirled around so he could observe at every angle. They couldn't see him, for he was enclosed in monitors and screens that appeared to be a black sleek captains chair.


The black fortress shot off the ground leaving black fire to incinerate the chimera's and the human corpses.

"Sir? What are your orders?" another techie asked through his microphone not taking his eyes off of the statics on the screen.

"Fire five DM's and two scatter bombs. I want no trace of this place." His mature voice, deep and smooth rolled out into all of their ears. Some shivered, maybe it was too smooth, too perfect, too robotic.

"R-right away, sir!"

"Sir, incoming call from Auron." His secretary sound in his left ear. He reached up and tapped the voice control.

"Proceed, and make sure no one is listening. Not even you Yuna, and tell Rikku to stay out of the explosives. I do not want another accident, got it?" His voice was in a cold amusement and slight anger.

"Right away sir. And I will detain her, sir." Yuna had gotten the hidden message and sent the call though. Auron's face appeared on one of the many screen in front of him.

"Have you made you decision yet?"

"So, it's time then. And you can't find anyone else?" He toyed, brushing off Auron''s question.

"No, we need more then just Cloud, Vincent, Tidus, and Wakka. It isn't much of an army." Auron growled not liking where this was going.

"Hmm. I thought I was against you. What made you change your minds again?"

Auron sighed, "Her story is ending, and you know what that will do to you, correct?"

His breath hitched, his shadowed face taking a look of pure pain and sadness. "...It's spreading... Oh God what have I done?"

"You know, this is your last chance to save her. No one knows where anything is, and you hold all the power. You might say that with out you, her future is decimated. So what is it VÅLÉN?" Auron smirked at his achievement in turning the tables. (mi: it's pronounced V AL LUN.)

Valen let out a racking breath, and stared at his ring. "Yes, I will change the coordinates to your current location. See you in an hour Auron." Before Auron could get in another word Valen switched off all power to incoming calls, even from his own crew. He redirected the ship manually from his captain's station.

'...Tsuki... Are you truly going to make it this time? You've gone too far.' He looked down at his shaking hands, only then did he know that he was crying, sobbing even. Though his body was unable to make tears, due to his condition. His body was shaken from his despair of seeing his faults bloom before his own eyes.
He saw his reflection in the black, his red eyes framed by the long silver hair and pale face. Body unchanged for over a 40 years when he was created. The new model, the super human. An all compatible cyborg. Able to do everything that other bots had built into them and from then on, his mind downloading all new information and data from the newer models. He was the one, the only, and he had the glitch. He couldn't feel anything but sadness, anger, or nothing at all.
Some may call that the perfect being, unable to feel, the perfect soldier.

His hands clenched into fists around the controls. "I was made to destroy the Spira and the Earth. I did a good job so far, but this hitch is unexpected and soon I will be back on my main mission. Destroy and rebuild." His own reassurance fell on deaf ears as he sped through the air toward his primary problem.

To Zanarkand. The lost city.
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